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Hey guy's just letting you know that my Youtube channels up and running. XDfreezingDX is my channel and stuff. Im starting to put all my animations on there so you should give me some views and thumbs up?

Underappreciated Character of the Week 4/29/11

STARRING..............Billy Hatcher

If you've played this game for Gamecube you'd understand. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg was SEGAs take on the Mario 3D platformer. Structured extreamly similar to Mario games with a base hub and such. What was different though was the monsters you could hatch to assist you in environmental puzzles and battle. Even Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails were available to hatch which was cool.......It was overshadowed, because.........well wouldn't you rather just play Mario?

Late Nights

Ok I'm souly writing this to keep me awake. Its very late, I have to finish this animation, and the process is tedious. Luckly as I'm putting this together I'm leveling up my party in Pokemon. Anyone else have a game like that, that they paly while doing random tedious tasks?

Underappreciated Character of the Week 4/22/11



Figured this guy deserved it. I did research and found out that he was the original Sega mascot, until Sonic became incredibly popular. Poor Ristar. Just recently beating the game I do enjoy his arm grabbing pelvic-trust attack to kill enemys. Poor thing never got a second game due to Sonic probably.

Underappreciated Character of the Week


The nerdiest hero you will ever meet and weilding a beam katana of death, Travis is a force you should never mess with. His trying to be BA, attitude and crazy antics make this character under appreciated. Not many people have tried of even heard of NO MORE HEROES 1 and 2. They think because it's on Wii, that it isn't a good game which is completely wrong. If you get a chance try this game out.

Fearful Reviews about Fear

If you've been curious about the Fear Series I have just bought Fear 1, Fear Files, and Fear 2 for Xbox 360 and I plan to review them. If your curious about them check out my reviews

Nintendo 3DS Review

Bought myself a 3DS and I must review and let people know its faults and its positives. Hopefully this will help you decide if the 250 bucks is worth it.

The Nintendo 3DS is.........a great handheld and a good step for Nintendo, but it does have it drawbacks.

POSITIVES: The Nintendo 3DS boasts great graphics. Better than all of Nintendo's previous consoles/handhelds. The 3D effect is sort of gimicky at first, but now if you think about it, it could be used nicely in some games. Also the 3DS comes with a SD card which is nice. The 3DS now holds nice online options. Similar to XBOX 360 Live. Once you get there DS friend code, you can see when their online and what their playing. I am serious impressed with its online function.

NEGATIVES: The launch games are horrible except for street fighter. There is nothing to hold your time, very dissapointing. Also the 3DS has a wimpy battery life. Only 3 to 4 Hours with 3D effect turned on. 4 to 5 with it turned off.

The system is good, but I would wait for more games to come out if you don't have the cash now

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