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Is "Too Much Good" Bad?

Gears of War 2. Resistance 2. Fallout 3. LittleBigPlanet. Call of Duty 5. MK vs. DC. Banjo-Kazooie. Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band 2. Does this look familiar? That's right, it's the end of the year and every developer has it in their thick skulls to release a ton of great games at the same time. But is too much a bad thing? As Link's little buddy, Companion, would always tell me, "Listen!!".

Last week, I bought LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3, and some others, all which I had been waiting for. Today I'm picking up Resistance 2. In my back log, I have around 30 games I still haven't really 'experienced' for various reasons. Everyone gets to this point, and I express it every year around this time that gaming becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. Is this really the developers fault? No, not at all. It's more of the fault of a combination of things, including marketing, our favorite game website and magazines, friends, and of course, us. We become so materialistic for the games we "need" that we fail to even finish the previous batch of games we need. Some of us do it for other reasons. Some may do it for bragging rights. Some may do it because they're bored already of the previous 'exciting new product'. Me personally, I do it because I have the money and I just want to bathe in the gaming greatness of the end of the year titles. I wasn't always like that. It just happened with this generation of games, really. It's not that they're better than the past generation or the games when I was growing up, it's more that they're more thrown in my face with gorgeous screen shots and videos at every turn and a game addict like myself just can't help and score the newest and latest.

I often like to roll back in my chair and think back to the good ol' days, back to when I was growing up. Those who read my blog(s) know that I often treat gaming like your grandfather treats his stories of war, family, and snow climbing for school. I just love thinking back to when really, I only looked forward to maybe 5 games a year, most of them on the PC. In 2001, I remember the only game I even cared about the whole year was Conkers: Bad Fur Day. I bought a few games in between here and there but that was the game for me for that year, and I managed to beat the games in between as well. I think Paper Mario came out that year too, which was second on my list of 'must haves'. I often try to think of why I was like that back then, where I bought games, finished them, and sometimes finished them again and again (Sam & Max: Hit the Road I've beaten probably 40 times in my life). I can only come to the conclusion that I spent less time worrying about what was coming out and set my scopes on what was on my list. Everytime I see a game coming soon now, I just want it. But is that a good thing?

I'd like to go back a bit, not to memory lane, but to a comment I just made about finishing games. Maybe no one does this anymore, but finishing games over and over has become a thing of the past it seems. The only time we relive games now is if they release some DLC. That really just sucks. I miss going through some of my PC games again and again, but I see it slowly fading from me and I'm sure others too. It's a probably because by the time we get close to even finishing some of these games, another one hits the shelves and we're told we need it, so in our minds, we do need it. We rush there, buy the game, and then finish about 1/3rd of it before we realize we have several others sitting there, waiting to be played. Again, it's not the developers faults for putting out killer apps each year, it just is part of change.

So, this year, when you're trying to impress the school chums/work chums with your new game, remember that you should be playing games for you. Don't overload your schedule with games you'll never finish. We all do it. But if you continue, eventually you're going to feel like this.

-dryvby, feeling like this around this time.

LittleBigPlanet: Level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.


I'm sure everyone on the internets is cooler than me and has already seen this but ha, I'm glad I bought the game tonight. I just got Fallout 3, and while I'm highly impressed with it and want to play it forever, I need to wait until night and I've slept a bit more. I bought the limited edition kit too. My wife said I wasted money on it (althought I've only bought maybe 3 collector's editions of games in my life). I'll show here though when I take this actual Thermos-sized lunch container to work and save money instead of eating cat food at Taco Bell everyday. How the crap am I skinny still??

Anyway, an update to my game/movies collection reveals these tasty treats:

1) Far Cry 2 (PS3)
2) Lionheart (PC)
3) Fallout 3: Collector's Edition (X360)
4) LittleBigPlanet (of course)
5) Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode One (PS3)
6) South Park: Season 2 (lol)

Meanwhile, my Wii continues to collect fabled dust. While I'm playing LittleBigPlanet this afternoon, I will be listening to as much Q'uran music as I can and lighting candels to the Messiah, ACORN's very own Barrrrrrrack Obama.

-dryvby, still hasn't even finished half the games from last quarter

Obama, Where Art Thou?

I'm sorry to even post another stupid political post, but man this country is either full of morons that are racist or ACORN is doing an awesome job at distributing false voting tickets. Actually, it's both. With ACORN finally busted with "thousands and thousands" of fake voter registration tickets, anyone that turned them in and anyone that runs the organization should be brought down for fraud. Because regardless if they didn't steal any 'money', they're stealing votes from real Americans, and that just ticks me off... really much so. There's just article after article about how ACORN has signed up dead people, fake people, and even cartoon characters. I don't know about you, but whoever "Mickey Mouse" is voting for, I'm not voting for him. 'The One', as his supporters call him. Like he's some sort of god. Well, he's the laziest god I've ever seen. Has anyone ever looked at how well his state is doing? That should give you a good idea at how he'll run the country. It's the easier (probably in the nation) to recieve welfare. Hand-outs, in other words. Tax the rich so we can make sure the do-nothins get their stake dinners. Anyone that's worked at a store that serves food, like many of my friends have, you'd know very fast that our welfare system needs to go. Every minute you work, that means some lazy American is not working but eating better than you. When I would come home to TV dinners some nights, but I would see some food stamp trash in front of me with their 9 kids running around throwing a fit because those kids = paychecks, buying them ribs and steaks for the week with my tax money, I became very... angry. Not really at them, but at this system that Obama wants to push around: welfare. Heck, if I was lazy and I didn't really care about not being a bum, I'd sit on the system to.

But, really, regardless of how much I hate his 'share the wealth' campaign, what I can't understand is how liberal-minded Americans who quote the constitution when it comes to someone having a cross at their government desk or when a 'Christmas' tree is displayed, we throw a fit because it's taking from our rights, but we want to elect a man that by no means is constitutionally ALLOWED to run this country. I've been following the lawsuits that your Fox News and CNN aren't reporting, and the best one that's out there is 'where were you born Obama' and we all know it was in Kenya (ironically, where I'm collecting blood diamonds at in Far Cry 2, lol). His campaign trail has admited that his US birth certificate is a fraud.

So remember when you elect Obama, you'll recieve CHANGE. Constitutionally, that is. Now go out there and vote for crooks!

-dryvby, palmtoface motion at liberal mind... too bad McCain is a liberal too.

Some sources to check out: (Fairness Doctrine is being pushed when Obama is elected by the Dems. Dunno if Obama supports it, but these other bunch do! Means that if you own a conservative radio talk show, you're FORCED to put on a liberal to state his view too. This doctrine is UnAmerican and silences free speech! But we want CHANGE!) (About ACORN and their frauds) (Obama and his birthplace) (Article about the polls)

PlayStation 3 Blues

I've been very disappointed recently. All the PlayStation 3 games I've bought are promised the big Trophy support until a week or day before release. Even talking with the developers on Sony's blog is frustrating. I really enjoy the Trophy system. It's not 100% there yet, but with patience comes greatness. Look at the Xbox. It went from the underdog in the last generation to being the best of cl[a]ss in this run. I love the achievement system, and as I've stated, I think Sony just took something like achievements to the next level. Having a profile that levels up is just fun, especially since I'm an RPG fanatic. If every game had a level up system, I'd buy them.

So when I am talking to developers on the PlayStation blog and I (as well as others) ask them over and over "Trophies?" and they say either yes or 'future patch', I expect there to be some Trophy support! Capcom is the world's worst so far. They tricked me twice already. Once was with 1942 and with Bionic Commando. I didn't fall for it with Mega Man 9. I think it's the fact that I have seen no progress for a patch for these games. I highly doubt it's hard to impliment a patch, especially since the concept (achievements) is already in your code for the other guys! Really, if I'd known that Capcom was going to just lie about these things, I'd have rather bought these games on the Xbox 360 and been done with it. It's not that I didn't enjoy the two Capcom games I bought on the PSN store; it's the fact that I have a 360 and could have easily bought it on that system and had my 'fix' with the game.

I bought Saint's Row with word from their devs that the trophies would be at launch. Cool, until I found out the day before some admins on their forums said "Oh, we're not doing that...". C'mon! That's old school bait and switch. I don't have all the time in the world to check gaming sites all day and see if you're word is good. I expect if you announce something, make it happen! Same with the new Brother's in Arms game. I bought the game on the PS3 over the 360 because I have a good enough 360 score and I wanted to bring my trophy score up. Oh, that's right! No support again! This is where Sony needs to wake up and stop trying to figure out ways to beat the 360 in every way, and start saying "These trophies, if we make them popular enough, will be more popular than achievements!". Sony just needs to make them push these patches out. Mandatory trophies for games. For the 360-only fans out there, beating out the competition only means Microsoft will think of a way to make their achievement system even better. It's a win for gamers, not the companies.

There's the internet group that hates achievements and trophies. They don't understand the big deal. Sure, I love games and I can certainly play games without the trophies or achievement system, but all-in-all the achievements and trophies are equal to an NFL star receiving a Super Bowl Ring for winning the big game. It doesn't mean the game they played wasn't fun, it just means that they have something to show for their hard work, even if it's for them. Some things are for you. I hardly have any PS3 fans, but I like seeing my own profile hit that next level. Unfortunately, there's hardly any games letting me level up right now, and that sucks.

On the bright-side, tomorrow Far Cry 2 will give me some new trophies. Then next week, I can sink my teeth into LittleBigPlanet (unless someone has that anti-Muslim edition that I'd rather have). But whatever, Fallout 3 next week and boy oh boy. I'm waiting to see which system will provide the better quality of the game. I'd buy it on my PC but my wife wanted to play through the game with me because she thinks it's like BioShock. I just can't wait to take my Pip-boy Thermos lunch kit to work. I'll be so beat up in no time!

-dryvby, level 4 and 3/4ths.

PS3 Users: New Fallout 3 Theme

I hope you guys enjoy! I used some really cool wallpapers from the official site.

How to Use on your PS3:

1. Go here. (Hopefully using your PS3)

2. Download. (Using your PC, skip towards bottom)

3. Go to PS3 settings. Change theme. Enjoy.

PC Users: Use a CD/DVD/USB/iPod and copy files onto media. Insert into PS3 and copy it over. Actually, I'm guessing. I have no idea how that will work.

For a list of wallpapers used, just go to Fallout 3's website.


October 14, 2008: Update Purchaes

Well, today I wasted a whole bunch of money but it's cool because I took a few days off from work to relax. I bought a few movies, and then I bought a few games. Enjoy reading this, if you must.

1. Species [Blu-ray] - It's a total guy movie, but I like 90s sci-fi films a lot. Terminator 2 is my 2nd favorite movie, right under Rushmore.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas [Blu-ray] - Who doesn't like Tim Burton? Even though I don't celebrate Christmas or Halloween, this is an incredible movie with great songs. I also go the Nightmare Revisited album, featuring remade songs by KoRn, Flyleaf, and more.

3. Curse of the Golden Flower [Blu-ray] - I love kung-fu flicks. I havent' seen this yet.

4. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [Blu-ray] - I saw this in theaters and thought it was okay but I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan, plus I'm giving my grandpa the digital copy on disc so he can watch it.

4. Saint's Row [PS3] - Sucks I have to wait for the Trophy patch, but oh well. This should hold me over until the rest of my three games come out this year (Fallout 3, LittleBigPlanet, and Fable 2). I'm set for the year after this month! I'm still debating to get Guitar Hero 4 since I'm still rockin' it with Rock Band 2. Oh, also, look it up yourself for the link.

I got some other stuff, but it's stuff no one here would probably care about. Strong's Dictionary for reading Greek/Hebrew in the bible, and a book called Restoring the Two Houses of Israel.


Halloween: The Double-Standard Rule (For Christian Readers)

'Tis is the season of Halloween, the day where some of us celebrate mimicking demons, celebrate the fall festivals, and then some of us just don't care. Before recently changing my faith over to a new direction in my walk with Jesus, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I didn't really care about the traditions of the Celtics, or the meaning. I said what most people do today: these are old traditions, and I celebrate Halloween in a different way.

Before I go into the point of this blog, I wanted to explain the direction in where I'm coming from. Assuming Christians are reading this, I'm going to share some passages that explain further my points for later. One thing that the Christians of today have left out of their doctrines and churches is the true biblical definition of faith, and why as Christians (followers of the Messiah) we generally do not believe we have to obey the God that is of Israel and His commands (Torah). I mean, the New Testament tells us in Romans 3:20 " ...for by the law is the knowledge of sin." It's dangerous that we all believe that Jesus is the Word of God, the manifestation of God in the flesh, yet we believe that the New Testament replaces the Old Testament. That is biblical false, but that's for my upcoming writings that I'm still working on. The focus of this is to present a new view of how we see certain holidays as from the 'evil one' and then others as 'holy'.

To start, I'm assuming we take what God says as something to heed to, or listen to. How better do we know what is evil, what is not and what to follow if we do not test it through God? Since the New Covenant of God for man isn't going to go into much detail abut everything already explained in the Old, let's just get right to the point.

Pagan Traditions!
In Deuteronomy 12:30-31, God commands us not to follow the ways of the pagans and He does not want to be celebrated the way they celebrate their gods. Again, we see similar commands in Leviticus 18:30, where God tells us not to associate with these abominable traditions of heathen men. Why does God care? Several times throughout the bible, we see that when man follows this 'small and harmless' traditions, people fall from God and begin to follow other things. Do we not see this even in our Christian churches? The church becomes acceptance to some of the pagan rituals of Babylon, and now we have Christians that think that being a good person allows entry into heaven, that sexual immorality is okay, and that we no longer need God's commands in our life, just the ones of Jesus. Again, I'll go into this in detail later, because that's a different category all together.

The point is we as Christians have become accepting to these traditions by making our own mock traditions for theses holidays. The church over the years from when even I was growing up went from 'ignore this holiday' to 'let's make a church event for this night to lead us away from this devil worship day'. In a sense, that makes a lot of sense, right? But what does the church do? We bob for apples, we put on plays, we have parties, we dress us, and anything else, but we call it a 'harvest festival' or something to that effect. We decorate our pumpkins with crosses instead of witches. We dress up like biblical figures instead of zombies. What have we done? We've done nothing more than renamed Halloween to a new name, changed what we dress up like, and hang out with our church buddies. Doesn't the bible talk about "wolves in sheep's clothing"? We're still celebrating that day, on that day, and making excuses. "We're filled with the holy spirit and preach on this day...". Why not just ignore the day all together? Why can't parents just tell their teenage kids the reasons we shouldn't celebrate these days instead of telling rebellious teens that they can't because 'we said so'. You know what I'm going to do on Halloween night? I'm not going to even acknowledge it as a 'special day', because when you make a big deal out of a day that is flooded with pagan roots, you're making a big deal of that pagan root and acknowledging it has some power of you. I'm going to do what I always do on Halloween, ignore it.

What Does God Say About Holidays?
How about the bible? What does it say about celebrating the traditions of Babylon/pagans/heathens and making it holy? Can you biblicaly convert a holiday into something that it's not? The church tells us yes, but our Messiah and His followers say otherwise. It's not surprising that we add to God's word and think we can change holidays into holy days, since God's people (Jews and Christians) have once again sinned and are following wicked things of the world. Here are some verses from our Holy Bible that warns us about holidays and celebrations.

In Deuteronomy 12:29-32, we're told that when we go into pagan nations, be careful on how you worship God and if it is wicked, cut off from it. Worship Him the way He wants to be served, not the way pagan nations are worshiping. So some of us will not fall into confusion, let's look at the word pagan. Pagan is just another term for gentile, a term we are all familiar with from the New Covenant/Testament. It just means someone that is not Jewish (Christianity is included in this since we are grafted in as Jews; we go from Gentile to Jew). Anyway, God is telling us directly to look into these days that people tell us to follow. This includes our family, which would also include our church family. In 1 John 4:1, we're told to test the spirits that are given to us. How do we test these spirits? I think we can easily answer this through Romans 11:16, where we're told "For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches.". Well, if the roots of Halloween are wicked and pagan, then how can you make them clean? Can they ever be clean?

The story of the golden calf in Exodus seem so outdated, doesn't it? If we read the stories from Exodus 32:4-, we find that Jeroboam had tried to mix the traditions of paganism and God together. Did that mix well? Absolutely not! In fact, we find that if we look deep into the bible with this story alone, we see that this false god worship is a repeated throughout biblical history, such as in I Kings 12:28-30. Could it be repeated again through our Western civilized culture? Do you see a formula Satan has planted in place of God's glory to try and destroy what is His? We'll come back to this in a moment...

Remember in Deuteronomy 12:29-32 where we read that if it is wicked, cut off from it? If the bible tells us to turn away from (repentance) these wicked days, then why are we just changing them? Remember that Romans 11:16 tells us to test these spirits, so by researching these holidays, we can see where the roots are from. If we are lead to believe that we can change the spirits of these days by changing the God we worship these days, then we do not believe that roots are of importance in our walk with Christ. In Matthew 10:37, Jesus tells us not to love man more than Him. He is God, so why do we disobey Him so much by not listening to His warnings? 1 Timothy 4:7 tells us to ignore man's traditions. But then again, we're told in 2 Timothy 4:3 that man will turn away from the true doctrine to follow man's doctrine. Let's further examine man's doctrine on how we should live, or what the church is saying okay that flat out is NOT of our Heavenly Father or His Holy Spirit.

Are Our 'Leaders' Leading Us Astray?
The church tells us we can celebrate these days by making them holy. That is unbiblical. The church tells us these holidays are just old 'fables' or 'traditions' and they're 'silly'. Completely untrue. We're told that our leaders will become indoctrinated with doctrines of demons. That would be anything that is a teaching from the deceiver. Romans 16:17 tells us to disregard anything that is not of the true teaching and not of God's teaching.

I do not believe the church leaders today, at least most of them, think they are doing the will of Satan by just changing a holiday to help our youth. It is hard as a leader, I'm sure, to keep members when it's so easy to just jump on Satan's bandwagon these days, especially here in America. Satan makes everything look so great, and you'd think good can come out of changing things to make them good. But if we look at even the first sin, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God's command because something looked good. God didn't make it anymore easier, but He provided alternatives. Of all the fruit, He said not to eat one. Jesus adds a little bit to the identity of Satan by saying he's a "deceiver" and he comes as an "angel of Light". What does an angel of light mean? Well, light is of God, so he obviously comes as a deceiver to make something that looks good look holy as well. We'll come back to this in the next and last section.

With that being said, again, I don't think your church leaders are deliberately trying to trick us. I think they are blind to what they are teaching and what they are saying. I think it comes from Satan telling us things we do need and what we do not need. But I think God knew this would happen, even in His own church. In Revelations 18:4, we are told to come out of Babylon and turn from her ways (her traditions and teachings) and go back to God again. This verse applies to all, Jews and Gentiles. Again, another thing I'll be writing in the near future, but for now this verse is importance because we as the Christians have turned away from what was God's and followed the fake gods of others. Let me finish this section by giving you a few research verses, then my second point to this long writing.

In Mark 7:5-9, Jesus warns us of holding onto our traditions. Jeremiah 7:17- is a complete story of families mixing with pagan traditions. Deuteronomy 13:13-14 tells us to investigate the people that gives us these days. Could we investigate the Romans and the Celtics, who gave us these days we accept as holidays acceptable to our 'jealous God'? Maybe we should look up the worship of the Sun god, the Apis calf, and other pagan rituals we follow because the church has said it was okay. What do we think when we disobey God and then read about Jesus calling the Pharisee's hypocrites? Are we not in the same boat with our holidays, even our 'Christian holidays' that are no less pagan than this day of Hallow's Eve? 1 Kings 12:25-13:34 gives us examples of how a holiday is created. 1 Thess 1:7-9 gives us an example of people turning from their ways only to follow God.

The Double-Standard Rule
I know it took a while to get to this point, but I find it just as important to gather information about how much God gives us as a warning to mixing His glory with our man made glories. I labeled this a double-standard because I feel in our Western civilization, we've given into the temptations of Satan and eaten again of the fruit that corrupted us in the first place. So, how is Halloween a double standard?

Well, because it's easy to accept that Halloween is a day to celebrate that of Satan, and it's a lot easier for us to give up this day yet yearly, we celebrate holidays and traditions that are dedicated to other gods and give the praise to God, as if He wants those praises. We easily condemn Halloween, yet we still find it acceptable to celebrate Easter and Christmas and have church on Sunday. If you are lukewarm (not acceptable to Halloween, but acceptable to Christmas/Easter), then what's the point? I dug into the roots of Christmas and Easter, and even Sunday, and came to the conclusion that it's no different for a Christian to celebrate Halloween if he/she is to celebrate Christmas or Easter. The church leaders have told us that Halloween is an evil 'pagan' day, but we do not even flinch when we put that Christmas tree up!

Read Jeremiah 10:1-5. How clear does that have to be about tradition following, what we should NOT do, and even the Christmas tree? Paganism has it's ugly hand in our holidays, yet we claim the name of Jesus Christ, then wonder why our Jewish brethren can't see that worship the God of Israel. In Acts 19:24-, we see a story of a blacksmith that has turned to Jesus but doesn't want to give us a festive because he will lose money. The Romans introduced Christianity to the holiday of Sol Invictus, and 300 years after seeing the Romans have great feast, we decided that we wanted a piece of that. Did you even know that Christmas was banned by law in a few states here in the United States because they found it to be a wicked day? Europe did the same thing. Yet Satan came through again and reestablished it through our churches. Remember when we read in Romans about looking at the roots of holidays? Does Christmas have pagan roots or holy roots? Easter, does it? Even the sabbath being on Sunday? Do we 'blindly follow' or do we do as the bible says and

So what holidays DO we celebrate? Well, Jesus doesn't need a birthday gift once a year. He gave US a gift, and we can spread that gift through spreading His word and following His commands (all of them, not just the ones that are convenient). Do as He did, and follow the holidays that He gave before. Leviticus 23 gives us several great holidays that we have chosen not to follow since they are "Jewish". But if we look to our New Testament, 1 Col. 10:14 tells us to keep the feast (which ones? The ones of GOD!), then in 1 Peter 1:15-16 we're told to be LIKE Jesus. Jesus celebrated the passover (read also I Cor. 10:14-22), Jesus celebrate the festivals of God, acknowledged the 'Feast of Dedication' (Hanukkah), and celebrated Sabbath on Friday sundown/Saturday sundown. The early church celebrated 'easter' through the passover, as Jesus know because that Lamb (1 Cor 5:7). We didn't celebrate Jesus' birthday, just as the Jews never celebrated Abraham's birthday or any other birthdays. We should celebrate Jesus' birth daily, not just on a specific day. The corrupter has his hands all over this!

Do not be as 2 Timothy 4:3 tells us and ignore the truth. I am not condemning but showing you the truth, just as His disciples did! For the church leader that gave us these days was named Constantine and from his own mouth when establishing Christmas, Easter, and a universal worship day on Sunday stated "Let us then have nothing in common with the detestable Jewish crowd.", yet our own bible tells us in Acts 28:22 states that we were a sect of Judaism, meaning they followed the same Sabbath. The bible has several verses stating that Jesus is the Branch and we are rooted into the natural root. Why would a branch of an apple tree produce peaches? Then why would a branch of an 'Old Testament God' tell us that it's now okay to worship the way pagans do as long as we replace their names with Jesus? Why would the 'everlasting God' change His mind about these things and then tell us we can pick what day we want Sabbath on? Satan is the anti-Branch, the anti-Christ, and the angel of light, and the deceiver, and through him we are doing the things we were warned about by thinking these rules are 'silly' and think that we can worship/celebrate God the way we want.

After reading this, I hope you see the double-standard rules we give as Christians. Halloween is evil (unless celebrated a certain way), but Christmas and Easter is great! Halloween is evil because of it's pagan roots, but Christmas is different somehow. Let's do as God wants us, drop these evil ways that Babylon has given us (again, Revelations 18:4), and let's praise God the correct way and quit making excuses for our actions. We shouldn't judge one holiday for something if the holiday we say is holy has a few planks in it's own eye.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please pray about the scriptures you read and the words I gave, examine these that I've given and then look to your own heart and see if you see the sin in which we live and call that of Christ, our Lord Jesus.

Please, do not listen to me as if I am a teacher, rather than a messenger. I'm still in a complete learning process and will document my findings as I see, but rather follow the ways of our God. Bring to attention even in your church the questioning of these traditions man has found fit for us. I leave you with one last verse that sums up the importance of keeping with Jesus' rules, teachings and traditions. 2 John 1:9 tells us that if we (you and I) violate His commands and do not continue in the doctrine or instructions of Jesus, then we are not really of God. Makes sense, though, right? Being a Christian means we are to walk in His way, and if He didn't celebrate these days and His followers didn't celebrate these days and these teachings of the 'wolves', then why should we if we truly walk in HIS way and not MAN'S doctrine?


More Terrific Political Non-Sense!

Stuff you won't find on mainstream news. Why is the economy really tanking? Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac covered up by the 'it's Bush's fault' Democrats? Obama (ya know, a 'Christian') bashing the bible...again.

For you thinking I'm some right wing nut-job, heck guys, I lived in Calfornia! I know how Arizona is ran too. Given away to the illegals (who helped cause this economic breakdown, over 5 million illegals ALONE were caught with fraudulant houses during the investigations already). McCain, the guy who says he's for border control, can't control his own. Still, he's not as crappy as Mr. Hussein.

Trust me, people, look up socialism, Obama's roots, and look up who his friends are. I'm not a Republican, a Democrat, or anything. I'm an independent thinker, and if you believe in freedom, you're not going to vote for some Marxist. Needing a party to vote for means you have no ability to think for yourself. You follow blindly the sheppards the lead you.

-dryvby, "i voted for Obama and all i got was this lousy hammer and sickle!"

Redneck Achievements: Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009

All kidding aside, this game really looks fun. I'm planning on renting this sucker for my day off of work and enjoy slaughtering animals. You see, I don't really care much for the wild life, nor do I care that much for animals having voices through terrorist organizations such as PETA. I only have dogs to beat.

All kidding aside (expect for the PETA comments...), this game just looks fun. I would actually buy it if it had multiplayer co-op support, but since it's not, I wanted some hunting achievements to plaster on my Live account. Comparing my achievements with my friends will be odd since non of them would have bothered to play this game. I'd even love it more if the game was on the PS3 with Trophies. Real freakin' literal the Trophies would be at that point.

-dryvby, "hey, watch it! you'll spill yer beer!"

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