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Oversaturation of a game series...

Its been an idea I've been pondering recently. Oversaturation of a game series and what it leads to... lack of innovation, cut n' paste ideas and, sadly, ginormous sales figures.

A few examples are Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield... 

All of these series have many things in common. they tend to have as many games released as they have years of existence, if not more (in AC's case, 10+ in six years), add very, VERY little to each new iteration, cut and paste many ideas, use the same engine multiple times, have yearly releases ranging from October to November AND, sadly, sell millions.

Meanwhile, we have games series like Final Fantasy (talkin' main series, no spin-offs), Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto and others that have game releases every 3-5 years... each new title brings many new ideas to both the universe and genre, they build on prior games, utilize new engines and have fair amounts of innovation. 

tl;dr Oversaturation of a game series causes it to stagnate, yet, they sell millions to people waiting in line. It causes game developers to not leave their bubble of safety and make a sure thing that'll sell, while people continue to support both the game series and this behavior which leads to lack of innovation.

And, its a sad thing to not see developers, publishers or companies not take risks. If they didn't, we wouldn't see games like LittleBigPlanet, Portal and many others come to fruition. 

E3 Part 2

Square-Enix just got back on my good side. Not only is there a single player Final Fantasy revealed that has piqued my interest, and that hasn't happened since FFXII and IX before it, but they go and debut Kingdom Hearts III. 

And, both exclusive to the one next-gen system I plan on owning... woo!

That said, I hope Nomura still plans to oversee Final Fantasy XV's development in some capacity, especially considering it was first envisioned with his team.

Other than that, in just one day Sony has sealed the deal for me. I was with them from the reveal due to all the great features, none of which focusing ONLY on TV and Sports like certain other VCR shaped consoles, but the games, no DRM (like MS), no region locking (like Nintendo), the features and the price - oh sweet monkey - the price. 

$399? 500GB HDD? And, all that goodness? Awesome. I guess those MS Bluray royalties will go a long way. ;)

Woo! E3 2013, baby!

I have to admit, so far, quite a few disappointments...

Insomniac's XBO exclusive Sunset Overdrive looks horribad. If I want a co-op shooter experience, I'll stick with Gearbox... especially after borrowing FUSE from a friend. Yeesh. I think I'll check out the Ratchet 2014 movie, then be done with Insomniac. Its been great, but eh, they just don't got it anymore after all these years.

Saw Dead Rising 3, was ecstatic, 'till I saw the trailer. Did Capcom mislabel the trailer? Did they actually mean to put Resident Evil 7? Only difference I see from the series is its in an open world. I only played Dead Rising 2 and the Director's Cut, but I loved its silliness, its non-serious style... DR3 lacks that with a coat of RE5/6 paint. 'Tis sad.

Also, love the dude saying, "Using the power of the Xbox One, we've created a seamless open world with no load times." I've seen developers do that on the PS2, brah. Overpriced VCR is still an overpriced VCR.

Killer Instinct is back... but the series was always a stinker. Rareware, back in the day, made awesome platformers... fighting games, not so much. 

Onto the good! Mirror's Edge 2! Woot! Its been a long time comin' but I'm all for it.

Star Wars Battlefront... sweeeeeet! And, by DICE to boot. As long as its not FPS and online only, I'm all for it. 

Finally, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Liquid, er, Eli! Ocelot! Kiefer! Oh, my! The trailer was amazingly well done with its speed ups, almost like trimming the fat off that delicious steak. 

Metal Gear Solid is one series where if open world is mentioned, I immediately think of the awesome possibilities. This is one place in which the series will be nothing short of amazing. I'm pretty sure Sutherland will bridge the gap between Hayter and Doyle, and the cast looks awesome, as does the game itself. 

Day one of E3, I only have a single day one purchase without even thinkin'... but here's hopin' there's more to come!

Out with the old, in with the new

Recently plat'd Mass Effect 2, a day after Christmas, and Okami HD a day after New Year's. Good stuff all around.

Insanity in ME2 had a few rough patches, but if you stick with the upgrades, the last half of it feels like Normal. I ended up completing all the DLC, on Insanity, along with the main game... Firewalker, Overlord, Kasumi, Zaeed, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival.

Definitely ready to tackle ME3, now. I may do a second Insanity run just for kicks.

Also, seven days 'till Anarchy Reigns, woo!

Only other thing I can divulge is that I might start posting random reviews for games I play. I used to do so for a friend's website and hope to do so again, so maybe getting some of my work out there will catch someone's ear... or eyes... or ability to read and like things they read. I dunno.

Merry Christmas!

Spent my Christmas eating good food and playing even better games. I'm continuing my way through Okami HD, thanks to my sister - best. Xmas gift. Ever.

Also been continuing my Insanity run in Mass Effect 2, which has been going great ever since I did the Derelict Ship mission. No more Praetorians to face from now till the end of the game! ^-^

Absolute worst enemy in the game and, outside of YMIR and Krogan, the only things I really had trouble with... sorry Harbinger, you're in the easy pile. I'll probably plat this within the week, give ME1 another playthrough and then continue on my way through the trilogy, start to finish.

I might even pick up the Leviathan and Omega DLC, although the latter disappoints me. Why no permanent squad member from that DLC, BioWare? How do you justify that $5 mark up!? Blah.

Balancing insanity with ...sanity.

Decided to start an Insanity playthrough of ME2 after playing ME1 for the first time. I haven't played ME2 since Summer 2011 but only have one trophy till plat. To balance out the stress this brings I've also began playing Okami HD, which I got from my sister as an early Xmas present (thanks, Chiyo! ^^).

I haven't played Okami since 2007, so its almost an entirely new experience all over again... and its amazing. Definitely a slice o' gaming heaven that I plan on 100%'ing all over again.

I'm unemployed, a gamer... why not start a blog?

So, I've been unemployed for a little while, lookin' for work, gaming in between the job hunts... and figured why not start a blog that absolutely no one will read and, here and there, throw up a game review or three.

Could be the start of something magical.