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Introduction Hello, I would like to inform those who are searching for a new and nice server to play on about our latest server. Feel free to join and check it out at any time. We offer: Modified =BTC=Logistics to work on DayZ for lifting vehicles with choppers Refuel script to be able to auto-refuel at gas stations 175 - 200 spawned vehicles all over the map (high concentration near coast for fresh spawned) 75+ New loot locations due to a modified map (new hospitals, stores, offices, military bases, ...) Increased heli crashes GMT -3 full monlight Debug Monitor Active Admins TS3 Server Gotcha Antihack monitoring No need for any clientside mods except DayZ!!!! Information Name: [UnitedArmy] -Dayz Chernarus ( | Heli Lift | 100+Vehicles |3SecretBases | Active Admins | MilitaryEventTrucks | Auto Refuel | Dayz.St IP: Location: Netherlands languages english, Difficulty: Veteran | CH: On | 3rdP: On | Slots: 50 | TZ: Daytime | NP: Off | DM:On | SC=On NO! Whitelist Thanks for your attention. I hope you decide to take at look at what we are offering you. Have Fun!