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Hey guys I am here to let you guys know that a Knack Wiki has been set up over at Neoseeker.com. I am the Contributions Manager over at Neo Era Media, Inc at it's my job to both assist in adding information to our large database (with over 100 wikis to our name, including White Knight Chronicles and Pro Evolution Soccer - the best online information sources on the internet for the two games) and to seek out anyone and everyone who is passionate about games and would be willing to lend a hand in adding to our continually growing wiki family. * NeoWikis offer a wide variety of features to members that sign up with a Neoseeker account; * Any one of our existing 527,211 members can edit the wiki * Social sign-in/registration (Facebook, Twitter, etc) * PM system * Notification system * Runs off mediawiki; the most common and well known wiki software We also have an exclusive skin designed and developed by Neoseeker staff called "Bluebird" which runs of the Bootstrap framework used on sites such as Twitter and because of this it maximizes usability for editors and ease of access to readers. If any of you guys are interested in helping out develop our Knack Wiki even further you can contact me either via the messaging system on Gamespot, my Personal Message Inbox on neoseeker.com (under the username: Dragoon), or by posting in this thread. In the meanwhile here are some useful links for you all to have a look at to gain a better understanding of what wikis are and how they work: http://knack.neoseeker.com/wiki/Main_Page -- Knack NeoWiki http://neowiki.neoseeker.com/wiki/FAQ -- Wiki FAQ http://neoseeker.com/members/register.html -- Create a Neoseeker account http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/index.php?cat=26 -- Our Wiki Forums Cheers guys and thanks for your support. :)