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Nothing important

In all honesty, I am highly surprised I haven't been retired from the shows I am editor for... then again... maybe not. Anyways... Is the current staff for so lazy that they failed to update the styling of the knowledge base?! I mean I haven't been to the thing in two years, but I looked at it today and saw that it still has the pre CBS styling to it.... REALLY. How bout doing something visible here... No wonder I visit only once a week.

Character you see do not always start out looking the same

Wow!!! It's another blog post in the same week as the last one!!!! Hold on a sec... *Checks temperature. Reads 42°F* Alright I am not sick. I'm just cool 8) *music for a really bad joke* Well before I move on, if you posted in my last blog (found here), don't forget to check for a reply from me and look at my attempts to not only lead people off track, but myself as well. Thanks to Phantom_Girl's blog, and my own rambling, I came across some old thoughts about first character designs for different anime/manga/manhwa characters. So I got bored and decided to show you guys the evolution of a character from one of my favorite mangas. The character's name is Hattori and he is from a manga called Bakuman. NOTE: PG I blame you for me choosing Bakuman for my Show and Tell Hattori after he was introduced: Hattori in Chapter 32: Hattori in the most recent chapter: As you can see, his first design is quite different from what he looks like now. Now that leaves the question "What the hell is the point of all this?" Well I can solve that right now. My friend here can explain it. Take it away: *crickets chirping* Uhuh... wasn't expecting that... Anyways. I'll give you an explanation of Bakuman to distract you. Bakuman is about two guys who decide to do manga for a living. For those that read manga on sites like OneManga, MangaFox, MangaStream, etc., this will show you why we need to buy manga and anime to support those who have the imagination to create this stuff. Well that's all the time I have today folks. I would have loved to tell you guys about the journey to find my thought, but if I did, you wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. Trust me I have been in my own mind, I would know. Plus it is rate R for OMFGWTFitSLOP! mata ne

Anyone here still remember me?

Well it has been a while has it not? Since I have been doing a few subs on I decided to see what everyone is up to, well those that remain anyways. So what's up? Well till next time, (hopefully soon. I have a few Google Chrome themes I have been working on and a few new backgrounds as well).

I take things a little too far...

With a recent skirmish with another user (although it really wasn't one) I continue to see that I may take things a little too far. I would apologize, but my ego says... NO. Oh well.

On another note, I am finally almost over my illness. This friggin cough won't go away though. Hopefully it will eventually.

While waiting on a technician to come fix my grandfather's phone I decided to do a little background work, lemme know what you guys think:

Well time to go study, got 2 tests tomorrow. Oh joy >.>

Can't believe I got it on that... Computers hate me.

Well folks, back again for an amazing 2nd blog in one week. IT'S A MIRACLE!!! Well that would be true if this plug and play keyboard would stop typing for me...

So the usual, how are things going? Me just fine, I bailed out of my second klass today and what's funny is I was in outer room where the klass is held when the instructor went in and was still there when the klass got out. I flipped a coin and it came up heads, so I didn't go to klass.

Been taking care of someone else's dog and they haven't even taken possession of it yet. Don't ask.

Now onto the main topic. In blogs a while back I talked about my Toshiba laptop computer and how it went down and how I went and got an Acer to replace it (big mistake, just like Obama *drum noises signaling a joke*). Well I am back on that Toshiba with the newest operating system Windows 7. For anyone thinking I have the RC, think again. I have the full fledged copy that will be sold in stores 8) (I got the connections). As far as the topic goes, I am surprised I got 7 on here and it is working without problems.

Well I will stop running my mouth about stuff that most you who may read this could care less about. Now replies:
deershadow: Well some of the shows I am editor for, but there are 3 I have been waiting for. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Mikoto Misaka is one of my favorite anime characters, to bad they screwed up the adaption. Fairy Tail - been reading the manga for a while now, couldn't wait for the anime (still haven't checked it out though). Kampfer - chapters of the manga that I read I liked, but the adaption sucks badly. They don't watch regular tv often.

Dark_InuYasha: Seems everyone I know is either in college or going there.

lyoko: Generally in the transition from manga/light novel to anime they decide to drop certain things that made the series fun to read. For instance 2nd episode of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, was supposed to be great confrontation between the Mikoto and Touma, but they turned into a quick thing and then came with something retarded to get the adaption to follow the manga a little. Bad thing about it was I was looking forward to the confrontation. Yes some animes are better then mangas, but they are to few and far between.

Jenn: Nice now you don't have deal with your bro. I no longer watch Shippuden nor Bleach. I may watch a little more this season then I usually do since the anime original arc looks interesting. Car troubles suck. I was having a few the other week, although they are only minor. Can't wait to get a job and get a new vehicle.

Well I will leave you guys with something inspiring. A screencap of how many messages I have on this site(

Btw, that does say 1201. Maybe I should read them.

YAWN... Well it has been over 7 months now. Guess I should write a blog...

Oi peoples hows things going with you. Me? Doing just fine. Still attending school as usual. I believe I only gots 2 more quarters to go hopefully. To bad I am taking 2 extremely boring as hell classes this quarter.

The Fall Season of Anime in Japan has gotten me back into watching anime again. Even with that said I still prefer manga and Light Novels over watching the animes of certain series. As usual they seem F up good series when theyanimate them. Examples this season are To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and Kampfer (loved the mangaI read for it, but am really hating the anime version).

Well that's enough of ranting (although I could go a lot longer, especially about things in the past few days, but that is enough), how is everone?

Nobody move! I Lost a Penny!!!

Oi, long time no talk. Who am I? Why I am your friendly neighborhood Spid... wait that's wrong...

Well what's happening everyone? Me I'd be fine if I didn't have to do a PowerPoint presentation in my remaining klass (I dropped the other one since I was about to fail it). A bit has happened since I last posted, so here is what's happened in a short list:

  • Cat escaped for 2 weeks
  • Applied for several jobs, but haven't heard anything (wonder if I gave them the right phone number...>.>)
  • Have pretty much stopped watching anime for the most part
  • Got a surround sound system and better TV for gaming (all FREE!)
  • Took Psychology and dropped Psychology (couldn't write an 8-10 page research paper)
  • Got a speeding ticket (goodbye $168)

Well that's all.

I would respond to any posts I missed from last blog, but... *looks at date posted* it's a little too late.

Well I will leave you all with this nice pic from pixiv... wait! gotta go find one!!! :O

Can't say I have been eager to log in

Well since things look like crap still, I haven't been to overly eager to log in here. But anyways, to answer one question asked by a lot of you, finals went fine, got in A in both klasses somehow. I start back klasses tomorrow and I am taking two klasses that are worth less credit hours, but are 3 times harder. This should be fun.

On to other things. The new anime season has either started or is going to begin soon (can't remember which). There seems to be a couple of good animes coming out, but I probably won't be watching them. I still haven't even caught up on some of the animes I was intending to watch from the Fall season (Toradora, To Aru Majutsu No Index, etc.)

On to comments:
STQ: I guess your right, but the site still sucks.
Shadow: The one danmod has in his blog looks much better, but still sucks.

Long time no see

It's been a while since I last posted a blog. The last time I posted one I was going to write a blog about the new animes for the Fall Season. School took up most of my time, so I decided against it, plus I really haven't been watching any anime lately, except N:Shippuden and Bleach, but even then, watching those was sporadic. Well since I just finished finals today, I may be on more often, but not likely since this new re-design is quite worthless as far as I can tell. I really haven't tried to do anything, so I can't really say much, but the overal design is really crappy at best. I think the previous design had a much better look to it. Although I think it's kinda funny since the people from the Blackout Day just got a punch to the face, since this is definetly not what they were asking for.

Since the sight got an "update" I guess I will give everyone an update on my status. This, that and everything inbetween pretty much covers it. Well see you'll when I post another blog.

Class is back in session

Well last week, the Fall Quarter began at the college I am going to. The classes I am taking are Intro to Visual Basic and Accounting, the latter one I nearly fall asleep every time while sitting in it. So every morning, I have to get up at 6:30, get ready and leave around 7:15ish so I can fight traffic for 30 minutes, sit in a klass for 2 hours, wait 3 hours before I go to my next klass, then come home. Luckly I don't have class on Friday or Saturday.

As usual with most programming languages we started off with a "Hello World" program. Well, the instructor and the klass did, I just screwed around made a "Say What You Want Program".

Here are some shots of what they did and what I did(Click image for larger shot):

What they did:

What I did:



It took me a little longer to do mine, but most of it was done by the time they finished up with their stuff. I am probably going to start on an HTML editor so that I can write blogs using Google Chrome (can't use editor while using chrome)

Asside from my klasses being 3 hours apart, they are also on opposite sides of the campus. One is near one entrance, while the other is near the other. Me being my cheap self decided to just walk to the second klass and walk back. It's really not that long a walk, it's around a quarter mile or so. It's just that I have to carry 3 books and my computer with me. There's really no need for the computer, but I take it incase the lecture gets REALLY boring, lol. It is good exercise though.

So according to the head of the Blackout Day, danmod sent them a message saying the message was recieved, which they posted the "supposed message" in their blog. I have my doubts about that message, so I am PMing danmod tomorrow to see if he really sent the message. It's easy to copy and paste something, but I want a screencap of the item or the sender to actually post and say they sent it. I'll post what I find out sometime next week.

With the Fall Anime Season started, I will post my thoughts on most of the non-child animes being aired. So far my picks for the season are Toradora and To Aru Majutsu no Index.

Once again no comments to reply to
Well for those of you who have seen Clannad you should know the character in this picture:

Image done by: パルシア at
(Click image for full version, must have an account to view the full version)

Well see you guys later.