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    Wow it's been so long..

    it's been over a year since I was last active on this site.... really? It does not seem like a year ago I smashed out Oblivion.The year has truly flown by. Hopefully life won't be so chaotic next year...

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    Dragon Age and Mass Effect are really good RPGs if you are not interested in the Elder Scrolls

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    User Rating 7
    Close the jaws of oblivion..

    Pros:-beautiful scenery-seemingly limitless skill tree and weaponsCons:-some glitches, Mojo (the dog) getting stuck in/running through the walls in the Anvil fighters guild To begin like many RPGs a...

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    Closed shut the jaws of Oblivion!

    After 100 hours spent chasing all 60 achievements and exploring TES IV: Oblivion, I amfinallythe Champion of Cyrodil and King of the Shivering Isles/Court of Madness!Happy with how the game was wrappe...