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End of the Road

Hello GameSpot. Today is my fifth anniversary on GS... and my last.

At first I was going to make this long, but I want people to actually read it. Yes, I am leaving GameSpot. Why? This site is no longer fun. I remember discovering this site five years ago and having a blast starting out my profile, rating my favorite games, and posting on the forums.

But now, this site is full of glitches that it's barely usable. Literally, everytime I log on GameSpot I get a Bonk error or the page fails to load. I gotta say, I almost feel embarassed to be staying on this site in its current state.

The only reason I have put up with this site in recent times was because of my friends over at the Catz Clan. If I hadn't joined the union three years ago, I would've left the site then. But now, it seems like these glitches aren't ever going to go away. It's very ironic that the server maintenance was supposed to fix all of these bugs but instead made everything worse.

None of the features here are going to keep me from leaving either. I already use GameFAQs to keep track of all of the games I own and I use Backloggery to sort out what games I've beaten and/or currently playing.

As for the other people not from the CC that do happen to read my blogs, I'm afraid that we are about to part separate ways. I've met a lot of cool people on GS that I'm actually proud of calling my friends. I may come back to respond to a few comments (if there are any), but after that, I'm done. All of the main members of the Catz Clan have been tired of dealing with these problems so much that we've set up our own Zetaboard instead of posting here. If you would like to join us, feel free to do so, we always welcome new members. Here is the link to the Catz Clan Sanctuary.

So yeah, that's it from me. Later.

It's Fightin' Time

Hey, ya'll. Haven't done a blog since my GotY blogs so I think now would be a nice time to do another.

What have I been doing since then? Well, not very much. I don't think I've been gaming as much as I did last year. Right now, I've only beaten 10 games. Spyro 1, Spyro 2, Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Skylanders, Professor Layton and the Last Specter, L.A. Noire, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Pokemon LeafGreen, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team.

I don't know why, but I get bored of a lot of games I have now. Maybe it's because they're outdated or I need new ones, I don't know. Right now I'm playing through Spyro 3 (again) and Pokemon White. I only have about 10 more levels or so to beat in Spyro 3 then that should be done. And in Pokemon White I'm at the 4th gym, but I need to level grind. My current team is Pignite, Herdier, Swadloon, Sandile, and Solosis. I don't know who my last member should be, but when I played Black I had trouble with Dragon types so I should probably pick and Ice type. Vanilluxe, Beartic, and Cryogonal are the only choices for Ice types, I believe, so one of those will have to do. And I don't know if I'll keep Herdier because Normal types don't have any type advantage but Herdier's not a bad Pokemon. I don't know, we'll see.

I've also been watching Digimon Data Squad, which is the 5th season of Digimon. In case you didn't know, Digimon was one of my favorite shows growing up and I was a huge fan. I remember waking up early each Saturday as a kid to watch the show. I had so many of the toys it wasn't even funny. I had seen the first four seasons, but I never took the time to watch season 5 because I had kinda grown out of the series. I decided to change that, so I went on YouTube to watch it. Like the other seasons, it started out pretty slow and the plot didn't pick up until about 1/4 of the way through. But as the story progressed, it grew on me. The characters were starting to get more likeable and the plot kept getting better. By the end of the season, it was clear to me that it's my new favorite. I didn't expect it to be that good either. Everything about it was perfect. I actually teared up a bit at the ending too. There's also been a 6th season, but it hasn't been dubbed yet. I am looking forward to it though, and hope it can follow in Data Squad's footsteps.

I also took the ACT last month. Throughout the whole year, we'd been doing practices for it and I had been doing decently in them. Some of the best ones I got were a 24 in a Math test and a 28 in a Reading test. I wasn't really worried to take the tests, but I wasn't sure how well I'd actually do though. I got my scores last Thursday and I was a little disappointed. My composite score was 19, which isn't necessarily bad, but I wanted a higher score. My lowest score was a 17 in math, which was upsetting, because it's one of my best classes. I got a 22 in English, 19 in Reading, and an 18 in Science. I don't think I'm going to retake it, but I do think I should've put a little more effort in.

I know I went a little off topic, but I wanna get back to games. Specifically games coming out this year. Every year I usually do a little list with pics of games I want, but I never really go in detail about them. Kinda like my GotY blog, besides last year's. So, I thought this would be a good time to do brief writeups because there's a lot of games I want this year. So, here we go. I don't feel like putting them in a numerical list, but obviously the last one I write about is my most anticipated game.

Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition

With all the crossovers games out there, this one probably doesn't make that much sense. I had never heard of the Nobunaga games until I saw the user level on GameSpot. I don't really know what to expect from this game, but it looks interesting. It's definitely a new experience in the Pokemon series and I'm all for that. The artwork for this game looks amazing too.

Rayman 3 HD

This game already came out a few weeks ago, but I don't care. The first two Rayman games were amazing and I only played the GBA version of Rayman 3. The console versions are look very different, so I want to experience this version too.

Sonic 4: Episode 2

I'm stuck on the final boss of Episode 1, which is pretty difficult, so this might have to wait, even though it's not out yet. Sonic 4: Episode 1 was pretty great though. I did not expect a 4th game to actually come out, so that was nice. Tails is going to be in this game too, which will be sweet.

Jak and Daxter HD Collection

This game is already out too, but I haven't gotten it yet. I've only played a bit of the first Jak and Daxter game, but it's pretty fun so far. I'm holding out on playing it so I can just play it in the Collection. Plus it'll have trophies.

Ratchet & Clank HD Collection

Another HD Collection coming out this year is a Ratchet & Clank one. I've been waiting for this forever. I never got to experience Ratchet & Clank when it first came out so this will be a great time to do so. I have Up Your Arsenal, but I never got that far so I can play it on here. Plus, it'll have trophies.

Halo 4

Even though it looks like Halo is going the route of Call of Duty, I'm still excited for this. I am excited to see 343's first Halo game, since Combat Evolved Anniversary is only a remake. I'm hoping it's more like Halo 3, which is my favorite in the series and one of my favorite games of all time. I do hope they keep a lot of Reach's online features though, like the ranking system. I liked that a whole lot more in Reach than in 3.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 2

I'm just going to go out there and say that the first Sonic & Sega Racing game was a lot more fun than any Mario Kart game I've played. Granted, I've only played Mario Kart DS, but Sonic & Sega was better. At first it looked like a clone to me, but once I tried it out it was pretty fun. The selection of characters was nice, the tracks were cool, and the missions were not bad. My favorite racers are AiAi and Alex Kidd. I do hope they add more characters in the second game though because it seems like a lot of popular Sega series were left out.

Grand Theft Auto V

I know it's highly unlikely this game will come out in 2012, but I want to include it here anyway. Grand Theft Auto IV is one of my favorite games of all time and one of the few games I've given a 10. The reason was because it was amazing. Everything about it was perfect; the story, the gameplay, everything. The multiplayer is good enough to keep me playing to this day. I was a bit skeptical of having GTA V be in San Andreas because I didn't really have a desire for GTA: San Andreas' characters and plot. But it looks like something completely different, so I'm excited. The graphics look beautiful too.

Pokemon Black 2/White 2

This came as a shock to me because I never imagined there being a Pokemon game that was a direct sequel. I expected Gray to come after Black/White, but this was a nice surprise. Black/White had a pretty good story, so it would be pretty cool to see GameFreak expand upon it. It looks like Kyurem has a big part in the game, seeing as how they've given him new forms. I'm excited to see what these games have in store for us and maybe they'll continue doing sequels like these in the future.

Skylanders: Giants

Nope, not my most anticipated game. Even though I gave the first one a 10. I really loved Skylanders 1 though. It was my most anticipated game last year and it lived up to that hype. It was the first thing I played on Christmas last year and I had a blast. The game is really fun and it comes the closest to feeling like a classic Spyro game. A lot of people hate on the toy concept, but I think it's really neat. I currently have 18 out of 32 toys and will not stop until I collect them all. This game is adding 16 new Skylanders to the game, 8 of them being Giants, hence the title of the game. The plot looks similar to the first, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I do hope that Activision does good with this series and it doesn't become a cash cow.

Sly 4: Thieves in Time

If you read my GotY blog, this should come as no surprise to you. After playing The Sly Collection last year, the Sly series became my third favorite game series. Sly 3 had closure to the series, but I absolutely wanted a new game in the franchise. At E3 last year, I nerdgasm'd when Sly 4 got announced. They hinted at this in the ending of Sly 3 and in a teaser trailer in the Sly Collection. Sony won E3 last year just because of this. But anyway, I am really looking forward to this. The plot has always been good in the Sly games, so I'm expecting a lot of it. It has something to do with time travel, obviously, but it sounds neat. I'd also like them to go back to only being able to play as 3 characters, because things got hectic in 3 with 7 characters. The gameplay looks pretty sweet though, just like the previous games. Who knows, maybe Sly Cooper can win two GotY blogs in a year?

Alright, I'm done writing now, you can go. Also, I just noticed I haven't used a single emoticon in this blog. I don't think I've ever done that before. Oh well, maybe next time.

Oh, and sloths are awesome.

King of Games - Part 2

Part 2 of my 2011 GotY blog. Let's not waste any time; here are my top 10 games of 2011.

10. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
Details: Normally I wouldn't rank DLC this high, but Undead Nightmare is an exception. Although the story to this game doesn't fit perfectly into any part of Red Dead Redemption's story, I still thought it was written nicely. The story itself was pretty short, but there was still a lot of extra stuff to do, like in the original game. There were challenges to complete, towns to save, secret horses and legendary to find, and much more. The multiplayer also offers a lot of new modes that weren't in the original game, such as Undead Overrun, which will keep people occupied for a long time.
Rating: 9/10

9. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
Details: This was actually the first 360 game I received and played, back in 2008. I never got around to beating it, which I definitely should have. Out of every Spyro game, this one definitely had the best story. I thought that it was even better than any of the stories in the original Spyro games, which were way better gameplay wise. But anyway, Dawn of the Dragon was very fun. It was the first Spyro game to have 2 player co-op, which made playing the game with another person a whole new experience for the series. All of the levels in the game were beautifully designed and were very fun to play through. I especially liked Twilight Falls, Valley of Avalar, the Destroyer, and the Floating Islands. The music was pretty good too, but wasn't as remarkable as the original games. But in the end, Dawn of the Dragon was a fantastic Spyro game and wrapped up the Legend of Spyro trilogy perfectly.
Rating: 9/10

8. Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Details: I could not wait to play through this game. As soon as I beat Sly 2, I just had to play Sly 3. After beating this game, I was not disappointed in the Sly series. Sly 3 took the same gameplay route that Sly 2 took, but they added a few new twists to it. One of those was a variety of new characters to play as. Instead of just playing as Sly, Bentley, and Murray, you were able to play as the Guru, Penelope, Panda King, Dimitri, and Inspector Fox, all with their own unique powers and abilities. This reminded me of Spyro 3 a lot, which is my second favorite game of all time. Sly 3 also had a lot of stuff to do after the game, which the previous two did not provide a lot of. There were challenges for you to complete once you beat the main storyline. These range from completing previous tasks in a faster time to searching the levels for buried treasures. Oh, and speaking of the storyline, it was amazing. Sly 2's was better, but Sly 3's had a fitting end to the trilogy. I have high hopes for Sly 4, and I hope it can follow in the footsteps of Sly 3.
Rating: 9/10

7/6. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
Details: Yes, I know I gave them both a 10/10, but they are not my game of the year. Why? Because the top five were all more memorable to me. But anyway, HeartGold and SoulSilver are the perfect Pokemon games. They are remakes of Gold and Silver and I think they are definitely better. They not only expanded the main quest in the Johto region, but they also provided a lot more to do in Kanto, which was lacking in Gold and Silver. I also think that HeartGold and SoulSilver have offered the most amount of post-game content in any Pokemon game so far, which is very important to me in Pokemon games. After clearing the main storyline, you could partcipate in the Pokeathlon, capture a vast amount of legendary Pokemon, train your Pokemon in the Pokewalker, compete in the Battle Frontier, and much more. The fun never ends in Pokemon games and Heartgold/SoulSilver definitely prove that.
Ratings: 10/10

5. Halo: Reach
Details: I got this game last year, but I barely touched the campaign. Which was a huge mistake, because it was great. The last mission of the campaign was epic, and truly defined how a Halo campaign should be made. My favorite missions were probably Winter Contingency, Tip of the Spear, and the Pillar of Autumn. All on Normal difficulty, of course. The soundtrack for Reach was pretty cool too. The multiplayer was definitely awesome as well. There were a lot more playlists than there were in Halo 3's matchmaking. The leveling system is much better than 3's as well, which gives you more incentive to play more games online. Currently I'm a Field Marshall in matchmaking, and I have been playing online for about a year. I still think that Halo 3 is better, but Reach is still a great addition to the Halo series.
Rating: 9.5/10

4. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Details: Along with Undead Nightmare, Gay Tony is another DLC title that ranks so high on the list. Why? Because it's awesome. Following the Lost and Damned, which was short as hell and didn't have much to do, the Ballad of Gay offers a lot more than the first DLC had. Among those are parachutes, base jumping, dancing in the clubs, destroying things in the tank, and much more. The story was pretty well done too. It followed very closely to what happened in both Grand Theft Auto IV and Lost and Damned, which was very neat. It took you through the life of Luis, much like the previous two did with Niko and Johnny. I really liked his character's development and how he interacted with a lot of the other characters in the game. A lot of the story missions were very fun too, like the museum mission and the final mission. This game was still not as good as GTA IV, but it's still a good DLC title that should not be missed by any GTA fan.
Rating: 9.5/10

3. Pokemon Black
Details: I was actually considering having this as my GotY, but then I played two better ones. But anyway, Pokemon Black is a great game. It added a breath of fresh air into the Pokemon series, which none of the previous generations have done as well as Black has. Gen 5 added a lot of new features to change the experience of Pokemon. They totally revamped the battle system, adding things like triple battles, rotation battle, and moving sprites. Some other noteworthy things added are seasons, the DreamWorld, Battle Subway, Pokemon musicals, and much more. The story was pretty cool too, but not as good as others in the series, such as Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. The amount of post-game content was nice too. After beating the Elite 4, about half of the region is unlocked, which provides you with a lot of things to do. There are sidequests to complete, legendary Pokemon to capture, trainers to battle, and a lot more. Like I've said before, the fun in Pokemon never truly ends and Pokemon Black is another game that proves that.
Rating: 9.5/10

2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
Details: Explorers of Darkness was one of those games where I couldn't just wait to play. I bought this a few years back, without having played much of the first game. It was stupid, I know, but it was still worth the money. Explorers of Darkness is technically a sequel to Red/Blue Rescue Team, but the story has no connection to first games, other than the fact you meet your partner and then form a rescue team. My starter in this game was Piplup and my partner was Treecko. Now, I wasn't a huge fan of Piplup before this game, but after beating it, I grew more attached to it. I already knew Treecko was a boss, so that was to be expected in the game. The story in this was much better than the previous game as well. The first game's story could be predictable at times, but this one had many plot twists that I did not expect. Several parts were very sad, and made me tear up a little. Explorers of Darkness adds a huge thing that the first games did not have much of. After you beat the game, there is kind of another storyline. That makes the game longer and gives you more to do, which makes the adventure more fun. I cannot wait to play Explorers of Sky, and I hope we get to see more of the Mystery Dungeon games in the future.
Rating: 9/10

1. Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Details: No, I did not give this game a 10. But I don't care. This game is truly deserving of the GotY status. As I have stated in one of my previous blogs, the Sly Cooper series has become one of my favorite gaming franchises of all time, right behind Spyro and Pokemon. After playing Sly 1, I had already gotten a taste of what Sly Cooper was about, and I wanted more of it. Then I played Sly 2 and was blown away. Usually sequels to a lot of things aren't as good as the original, but Sly 2 is clearly not an example of that. Sly 2 was a lot different than the first. For one, instead of playing as just Sly, you got to play as Bentley and Murray as well. Each of them had their own moves and abilities that could be used to help you along the way. Each of the three even had their own missions dedicated to them. They involved using their techniques, along with the traditional platforming involved. The platforming was not as involved with the game as the first game, but it was still great. I still felt like I could be playing something like Spyro when I played Sly Cooper. The story was definitely the pinnacle of the game. Very few games have had me glued to a story like Sly 2 has. Eight chapters were not enough for the game; it definitely should've been longer. All of those chapters were excellently developed though. My favorites were... well all of them. The ending was very well-done. It was so heartbreaking though, I actually felt like crying at the end. It was so perfect that it could've ended the series right there. It would've been fitting, but I'm glad they didn't. I'm hoping that Sly 4 will have a story as good as Sly 2's but bring back the platforming elements that made Sly 1 special. If you've been thinking about playing the Sly series, definitely do it. You will not regret it.
Rating: 9/10

Will most likely be beaten in 2012:

Halo Anniversary
Rayman Origins
Professor Layton and the Last Specter
L.A. Noire
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Pokemon LeafGreen
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon White
God of War
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Sonic & Knuckles
And more...

So yeah... that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!

King of Games - Part 1

No, this blog is not about Yugioh. Even though the show wasn't half bad. The Duelist Kingdom arc was pretty good. Battle City was cool too. I liked Waking the Dragons as well. Anyway... :x This is my Game of the Year blog. And a normal blog too. So, it's probably going to be a long read. And a long type for me too. Oh well, better get this over with. :x

First off, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! :) For Christmas this year, I got Skylanders, 2 Skylanders toys (Eruptor and Stump Smash), Professor Layton and the Last Specter, Rayman Origins, L.A. Noire, Halo Anniversary, a new Xbox 360 controller, 1 year of XBL Gold, around $130 in cash and gift cards, and 1600 Microsoft Points from Aidan. :oops: I actually got everything I asked for on my wishlist this year. I don't think that's ever happened before. My brother got Dead Rising 2, Skyrim, AC: Brotherhood, AC: Revelations, Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and Mass Effect 2. I'm probably not going to touch most of those.

I spent some of money last week and today. Last week I bought 1600 Microsoft Points (prior to when Aidan gave me some) which I used on changing my Gamertag and buying the Defiant Map Pack for Reach. Today I bought Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits and 2 more Skylanders toys. (Hex and Dino-Rang) I still have $65 and I don't know what to spend it on. I still need one more Skylander toy because I want one of every element. I'm also looking for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, but I cannot find it anywhere. Also, give me some suggestions for what I should spend my 1600 MS points on. I'm considering getting Sonic 4: Episode 1, but I'm open to other ideas.

School's been going pretty well so far too. I've only missed one day this year which is very good for me. This has reflected onto my grades as well. For the first time since like 6th grade, all of my grades have been in the A-B range. Hopefully this can continue for the rest of my time at high school. I still can't believe I'm more than halfway done now.

Alright, enough with the boring stuff. Onto the real part of the blog. The title of the blog was meant to show how much of an awesome gamer I was this year. This year alone, I beat a total of 36 games. I think that's the highest amount I've ever beaten in a year. I even beat Aidan in our game competition. He had beaten like... 29 games I think? Whatever, I still won. Here is what I've beaten this year:

Spyro the Dragon (3 times)
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Red Dead Redemption
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Sly Minigames
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Lego Rock Band
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Yugioh Capsule Monster Coliseum
Pokemon HeartGold
Spyro: Season of Ice
Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Pearl
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Guitar Hero II
Back to the Future: Episode I
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Ruby
Fable III
Halo: Reach
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
Pokemon SoulSilver
Pokemon Gold
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Pokemon Yellow

Now, some of these games are ones that I've replayed. Because of that reason, Spyro 1-3, Red Dead Redemption, Professor Layton 1-3, and Fable III are not eligible to be my GotY. This blog is different than my previous GotY blogs, however. Instead of just ranking them and only providing pictures of box art, I will still be ranking them but also providing a explanation for that ranking. So, with the replayed games removed from the list, there will be a total of 28 games. So, let's begin.

28. Back to the Future: Episode I
Details: You can hardly even call this a game. Basically these games are interactable movies that explain the story of the Back to the Future movies. It was free though, so I can't really complain about it. Not much more can be said about this, really.
Rating: 7/10

27. Sly Minigames
Details: These were a collection of minigames that came with The Sly Collection. The trophies were incredibly easy.
Rating: 7/10

26. Yugioh Capsule Monster Coliseum
Details: This game has been in my backloggery for years before I finally took the time to beat it. The game itself was pretty easy, but the duels got boring and repetitive fast. The game dragged on towards the end as well.
Rating: 7/10

25. Lego Rock Band
Details: Very identical to Band Hero, which I beat last year. It had about half of the songs on its setlist, which was not a good thing. The story was pretty neat though. After every gig, you had to complete a song challenge that would help you "defeat" "bosses". The story had a lot of repeat songs though, which got annoying.
Rating: 7.5/10

24. Spyro: Season of Ice
Details: Season of Ice is definitely one of the weaker Spyro games. I don't get why though. Its sequel, Season of Flame, is pretty much the exact same thing, but it's much better. I guess I didn't really like the plot to this one. It had an unremarkable final villain that came out of nowhere. A lot of the level designs weren't that good either. The only reason this isn't lower than Lego Rock Band is because it's a Spyro game.
Rating: 7/10

23. Guitar Hero II
Details: Guitar Hero II is one of the earlier Guitar Hero games, which makes it good. I realize that the game is older, but it really is outdated. That doesn't mean the game is bad though. GHII has one of the best setlists in the music game genre. It also is one of the more challenging games in the series, which a lot of the newer music games today do not offer.
Rating: 8/10

22. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Details: Man, when I first played this game, I hated it. I thought it was incredibly stupid how you died in one hit. But as I got through the game, I started to grow more attached to the platforming elements of the game. It actually felt like I was playing a Spyro game at certain points. This series grew on me, as I will mention with Sly 2 and 3 later.
Rating: 8/10

21. Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury
Details: I actually beat most of this game last year. Or maybe 2009? I can't remember. But anyway, it played a lot like my favorite DBZ game, Legacy of Goku II. It was still not as good, but it's still a great entry in the series. A lot of the more recent DBZ games have flopped hardcore. I hope that someday they create a new game that follows in this game's footsteps.
Rating: 8.5/10

20. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Details: Definitely the best Guitar Hero game to date. Despite being 4 years old, Guitar Hero III still feels like it could've been released this year. GHIII has the one of the greatest, if not the best, setlists in music game history. Every time I play it, I have to play certain songs for that nostalgia feeling. Later Guitar Hero games could not even compare to how great this game was. If more GH games are on the way, they certainly need to be more like III.
Rating: 8.5/10

19. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Details: I've had this game since I got my DS for Christmas in 2007. I played it like once and never touched it again. That was a huge mistake. As soon as I cleared the first dungeon of the game, I became addicted to it. I had Cyndaquil as my starter and Mudkip as my partner. I was already a huge fan of the two but they both grew on me even more after I played through the game. The story was pretty predictable at certain points though, and some of the later dungeons were tough. Still, it was nice to see a Pokemon game that added a new twist to the franchise.
Rating: 8.5/10

18. LittleBigPlanet
Details: I got this for Christmas last year and I played it for awhile. I got bored of the single player so I stopped playing the game altogether. I decided to come back to it after some time off and I actually had more fun than I did with it than I had before. The story mode became more fun and easier and I was actually enjoying myself. Until one level. The Bunker I think it was called. That level was a bastard. I died countless times because of that stupid rotating thing. :x I normally don't ragequit from games, but that level made me do it… for about a week. I somehow beat the level and made it through the rest of the game. I haven't played it much since then, since it gets old fast, but the online offers a lot of fun.
Rating: 8.5/10

17. Pokemon Red
Details: It's about time we got a major Pokemon game on here. I had beaten Pokemon Blue years back, but never beat Red. This year I vowed to complete every major Pokemon game, along with the game competition. I wanted to get through this faster so I only used my starter. Blastoise made quick work of whoever stood in its way. Can't really say much more. Oh, I know. I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear.
Rating: 9/10

16. Pokemon Yellow
Details: Immediately following Pokemon Red, it's Pokemon Yellow. Yellow is probably my least favorite 3rd version Pokemon game, but it's still a great addition to the series. It was the first of the major games to have a Pokemon following you, which was later added in HeartGold/SoulSilver. It also let you get all three starters in one game, which in other games, you had to trade to get them all. I kinda wish you could've gotten an Eevee instead of a Pikachu though. Or at least let you evolve the damn thing. My final team was Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Sandslash, and Hypno.

15. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Details: I beat most of this in whatever year I bought it. I would always run out of time in a certain stage because of where I saved the game, so I had to restart it. I had the same amount of fun I had when I first played this on the Genesis, many years ago. The final boss was incredibly hard though. It took me around an hour to beat, but I still managed to do it somehow. The Casino levels were probably my favorites.
Rating: 9/10

14/13. Pokemon Gold/Silver
Details: Two identical Pokemon games that I beat this year. The Gen II Pokemon games are some of the most nostalgic games, but they're also some of the shortest games. One thing in particular I don't like about these two is the region of Kanto. There was so much to do in Kanto back in Gen I but they took it all away in Gen II. The Johto region was very fun though. I blew through Silver with my Feraligatr to get it done faster. In Gold, my final team was Typhlosion, Butterfree, Jumpluff, Quagsire, Magneton, and Dragonite.
Ratings: 9/10

12. Pokemon Pearl
Details: Gen IV is my second favorite generation, and I think Diamond/Pearl/Platinum had the second best storyline. I also liked Team Galactic more than any other antagonist because I think they did more than anyone else. Mt. Coronet is easily one of my least favorite parts of the game. Going through that cave is almost like going through something like Victory Road. I really liked the atmosphere of the Sinnoh region though. Snowpoint City and Pastoria City were among my favorite locations in the game. My final team was Empoleon, Noctowl, Rapidash, Golem, Gengar, and Luxray.
Rating: 9/10

11. Pokemon Ruby
Details: You tired of me talking about Pokemon yet? Too bad. Pokemon Ruby, along with Sapphire and Emerald, are my favorite Pokemon generation. Why don't I have them higher than other Pokemon games though, is because I didn't play Emerald this year. :P Ruby is still a lot of fun though. Hoenn is definitely my favorite region. I loved every part of it, even the never-ending seas. My favorite sections of the game are Mt. Chimney, Fortree City, Sootopolis City, Cycling Road, the Trick House, and just about everything else. :P My final team was Swampert, Swellow, Breloom, Exploud, Banette, and Flygon.
Rating: 9/10

Wow, this blog is much bigger than I anticipated it would be. I'm afraid I will have to end on a cliffhanger for now, but I will bring you my top 10 games of 2011 in my next blog. When will that be? Tomorrow, probably. Or Wednesday. Eventually.

In The End

Yep, it's finally, and unfortunately, that time of the year again. Summer vacation is just about over. In exactly five days, my ass will be falling asleep again in the "chairs" they have at school. Every year it seems like the school year gets shorter, which is a very good thing. But it also seems like the summers get even shorter. This summer vacation was pretty decent. I didn't really do much, which isn't necessarily a bad thing during summer break. :P I kinda have a lot of ground to cover since my last blog in like... June I think. :P

As some of you may know, I'm currently having a competition with Aidan to see who can beat the most games in 2011. Since my last blog, I think I had only beaten like 7 or 8 games. But as of now, that number has more than doubled. Currently, I have beaten 18 games in 2011. The 3 Professor Layton games, Spyro 1-3, Sly 1-3, Sly Minigames, RDR: Undead Nightmare, Pokemon HeartGold, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Silver, Yugioh Capsule Monster Colosseum, GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Spyro: Season of Ice, and DBZ: Buu's Fury. And I believe Aidan has only beaten 17. :P But I'm not really worried about him catching up. As soon as Skyrim comes out, he'll forget all about this contest. :P

As of games I'm currently playing, there's only just a few. In both Pokemon Ruby and Black, I have quite a bit of level grinding I have to do before fighting the Elite 4. Ruby team: Swampert, Swellow, Exploud, Breloom, Banette, and Vibrava. Black team: Serperior, Unfezant, Seismitoad, Scrafty, Zebstrika, and Chandelure. I've also been trying to beat Guitar Hero II on the 360. I know it's one of the better Guitar Hero games, but it feels so outdated compared to the newer games in the series. The achievements for it suck too. :P And lastly, I'm playing through 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PS3. I was surprised at how this game plays almost exactly like a Zelda game. I'm having quite a lot of fun with this game, even though I'm not the best at it. :P

In other gaming related news, I have discovered a new favorite game series this year. ...I really shouldn't have used favorite, since probably nothing can compare to Spyro or Pokemon. :P But that series I'm talking about is Sly Cooper.

For Christmas, I got the Sly Collection. At first I thought $40 seemed to be a bit much for the game, but after playing the games, I learned that it was worth it. It took me about 4 months to beat Sly 1. From looking up guides to swearing at it's difficulty, I eventually beat the game and even got all of the trophies. It was the very first Platinum trophy I earned and was very proud of it. After this, I moved on to Sly 2, and that's when I fell in love with the Sly series. Sly 2 kept all of the platforming elements from the first game and created a more incredible storyline. Sly 3 took this storyline thing to the next level when there were 7 playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. This added much more fun into the game. The only bad thing about 3 is that the Platinum trophy is a pain in the arse to get because of the challenges in single player. Oh well. At least I got the Platinum for 1 and 2. :P

But now after playing all three games, it has made me even more excited for Sly 4. I don't know where they're going to take the plot in this game after the events that happened in 3. Apparently, time travel seems to be the theme of the game, which actually would tie into the plot a little. I am also a little nervous for this game because they're switching developers. Nearly every Sony mascot's games have declined after they switched developers, like Spyro and Crash. I have faith in this new developer because they also made the Sly Collection which turned out to be a masterpiece. They're even giving Sly a beard! How badass is that? :P

Another game I'm looking forward to is Skylanders, which is the next Spyro game. I know this game has been getting a lot of criticism, but I don't really think it deserves it. Yes, they changed Spyro's design, but that's not a big deal. Everyone goes through changes in their lives sometime. But that alone will not stop me from playing a game that I'm looking forward to. Another part of the game getting slammed is the toy idea. Basically, there's 32 toys, or characters, that you can play as in the game. The cool thing about this is that there's a portal you use to put the toys on and it brings them to life in the game. I think that's a really cool idea. The only bad thing about this is that the toys cost about $8 each, and you only get three of them with the game. It has already been said that you don't need all of them to play the game, so people complaining about the price are just wasting their time. For $70, you get the game, the portal, 3 toys, trading cards, web codes, a poster, and AA batteries. :P I think that's a pretty good deal. :P

Also, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Sunday was my fourth year on GameSpot. :o I didn't plan anything special for a blog like I did last year, because nothing has changed much. The Catz Clan is still my main union, I'm still friends with the same people, etc. I thought it'd just be a waste of a blog to repeat what I said last year. The only new thing I could've possibly talked about is getting banned, which was not my fault. :x And I earned those 10,000 profile points fairly. :x

...And now here's the bitter part of the blog. Aside from summer break being over in five days. As I stated in my previous blog, I had written a poem for that girl I liked in Spanish. Well, I hate to finally admit it, but I struck out. I was too nervous to ask her out, for her number, get any "service", etc. I eventually paid the price for this because I found out about a month ago that she's dating someone else. I was kinda pissed because the person she was dating was someone who I was good friends with. We had a little argument about it the night I found out, but I apologized for it the next morning. But here's the thing though. I asked him if he'd tell her something and he said yes, but I haven't heard from him since July 23rd. I think that's kinda ridiculous, but whatever. I'm kinda over that, but I still think he should've said something.

Also, I have to apologize to a few people if I seem to be venting about that so much. I know it should get over it and stop talking about it altogether, but it feels good to let it out. I already got into a little dispute with someone about this, and it made me feel like a loser. So again, I apologize in advance.

So, I think I've talked about everything I needed to talk about. In case anyone cares (which you should :x), the courses I have next year are World Literature, British Literature, Accounting I, Physics, Economics, US Government, Spanish II, and Algebra II. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the lunch I wanted this year. I wanted to get A lunch, which most of friends had. I got stuck with B lunch instead. Also known as the shortest, and crappiest lunch out of the three. :x Oh well, I'll probably survive. I know where my locker is too, so I'll finally use that for the first time in high school. :P I'm a Junior this year, so I'm about half way there. :D I might post a blog next week about the dreaded return to school. If I'm not lazy, of course. :P

So yeah, that's about it. :P Bye. ^_^

Ups and Downs

Sup GameSpot. Haven't blogged since late April, so I figured it's a good idea to do one now. I've been feeling mixed emotions lately, and that has something to do with the theme of the blog. I'll be explaining both the "ups" and "downs" of what's been going on lately.

UP: School's finally over. This year wasn't so bad. I enjoyed it a lot more than last year. I had better teachers, hung out with better friends, and improved my grades a lot. Since 8th grade, I had a habit of not turning in assignments on time, but this year I vowed to stop that and it turned out to be pretty successful. There were still quite a few instances where this didn't work out, but in my defense, they were stupid assignments. :P The classes I took this year were US History, Programming I, Health, Algebra, Biology, Spanish I, and English 10. US History was probably my favorite because I got to learn about stuff I've always wanted to know about, like World War I and Vietnam. Programming was easily my least favorite class and I didn't care much for English 10. I had exams last week and I think I did pretty good. I checked online and it said I was ranked 160 out of 452 people in my grade. I think that's pretty good. I only have two more years of school left, so that's something to be happy about too.

DOWN: Not last Saturday, but the Saturday before, we had to put of our cats down. :( On Friday night, I heard her breathing rather loud. I actually thought she was snoring and since my allergies were bothering me, I thought nothing of it and went to sleep. The next morning my mom woke me and my brother up at 8:30 in the morning to tell us about her. She said she was really worried about her and got ready in case we had to put her down. We brought her out to the living room and put food and water next to her. After awhile, she eat and drank so we thought she'd be fine. Unfortunately, she seemed to get worse later on. She sat in the same spot for the whole day and we were worried she wouldn't be able to make it down the stairs to her litterbox. Later that night, my brother said she was making weird noises and her mouth started to foam. My dad said we had to take her to the vet or she probably would've died while she was there. All of this happened while I was talking to DrAwesome on Xbox. ._. I didn't cry, but of course, I was extremely sad. We've had this cat for almost 10 years, and she was almost 14 years old. We only have one cat now, Skitty. The one that passed away was Kimmie. There's pics of her in my images section if you'd like to see what she looked like.

UP: This involves something I hid from almost all of my friends in the Catz Clan, save for a few. There was this girl that sat by me in both my Spanish and English classes throughout second semester. I had helped her with a few assignments here and there, and that's when I found out I had a crush on her. I was too shy to ask her out, so Ithought I'd take another approach. In the form of poetry. I thought about writing a poem for her expressing my feelings about her and giving it to her on the last day ofschool.I was a bit skeptical at first, but DrAwesome thought it'd bea good idea, so I went with it. After a couple weeks and help from Ammo and Koopa, I had completed the poem. When the last day of school came, I was extremely nervous. So nervous to the point where I almost wasn't going to do it. I almost just walked away with the poem still in my pocket until I realized something. All of my friends were very supportive of me doing this, and if I came back empty handed, I thought they'd be extremely disappointed in me. After building up some courage, I gave it to her. She said it was sweet and that it made her day. :oops: She even asked if she could keep the poem, and of course, I let her. I still have the original copy somewhere in my room, but sharing that can wait until another time.

DOWN: This also involves the whole poem thing. As I stated before, I was extremely nervous before I actually gave her the poem. When I gave her the poem, time suddenly seemed to be moving faster and before I knew it, the moment was over. I was way too nervous to ask her out or even ask for her number or something similar.Even though I still feel like I did the right thing, I still feel like I didn't do enough. (I didn't strike out though. *cough*Aidan*cough). I've been depressed about this for the past couple days or so, and was even depressed while I was playing Halo on Saturday with Aidan, DrAwesome, Mr_Jenkins, and stalpno. I tried looking her up on Facebook, but I got no results. I also tried Myspace, but that wasn't successful either. I plan on trying to look some her friends up in an attempt to get her number or something, but I'd have to make a Facebook account. Oh well. Wish me luck. D:

UP: After a few long weeks of playing only Halo Reach on my Xbox, my dad finally bought mea new harddrive for my new Xbox 360. I haven't played any games yet, but I plan on doing a lot of achievement hunting over the summer. In order to avoid having to replay every single game over again, I have to transfer the data from my old harddrive to the new one. I'm guessing I'd have to use a flash drive, but that'll take awhile transferring over only certain amounts of data at one time. I'm pretty patient, so it's not that big of a deal. I also got new iPod earbuds since the old ones were broken. They're black, and they actually match the iPod this time. :P

UP: I recently beat some Yugioh game for the PS2. It was alright. There were way too many duels though. That makes it my ninth beaten game this year, along with Spyro 1, all three Professor Layton games, Sly Minigames, Sly 1, GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Undead Nightmare. I plan to beat a lot more seeing as how I got a new Xbox harddrive, set my PS2 back up, and got a couple new games on PSN. It's gonna be a pretty good summer for gaming. ^_^

I also start Driver's Ed in a few weeks. I guess I should practice driving, but I've been too lazy. :P I might be forced into getting a job this summer too. D: My dad suggested that I work with him this summer. I like his work, but I'd like to put off getting a job as long as I can. On the plus side, I would have some money of my own that I could spend on new games during the summer. It wouldn't be too bad I guess.

Well, I think I'm done praising/complaining about my life now. Leave a comment. Now. :x (Please? :):P)

The Death of a Legend

The title of this blog is referring to something bad that happened yesterday, but I'll start the blog off with some positive things.

First off, I had an awesome Easter weekend. :) My family and I had a nice dinner, I had my fair share of candy, and I got both Pokemon Black and White. I was kinda surprised I got both, because I wanted Black and my brother was going to get White. He apparently didn't want it anymore and got two Call of Duty games instead. His loss. :P

Also, it was my 16th birthday on Monday. :o I already received my birthday gift a month, as I stated in my previous blog. I got a couple of iTunes gift cards and money that will be going to "something special". :roll: What am I referring to, exactly? That brings us into the bad news part of the blog.

For the past month or so, my Xbox has been having problems reading game discs. Usually it would either take awhile to load or it would tell me to clean the disc and restart the console. By doing either of these, it would eventually work and I would be able to play the games. About a week ago, I got a can of air to spray into the disc tray to clean it. It seemed to have fixed the problem, until I tried to play yesterday.

I tried to play Reach yesterday to hopefully get closer to ranking up, but the disc wouldn't read. It also seemed to be "giving up" on the disc much earlier that it had done before. I shrugged it off and restarted the Xbox, hoping it work would. After restarting it, the game still wouldn't read. I tried with several other games and none of them worked. I even tried spraying more air into the tray, but that didn't seem to help. I know it's the Xbox's fault because one of the games I tried playing was Rock Band 3, which I had just gotten a few weeks ago, and is still fairly new. I've even been noticing that the Xbox is scratching up the discs more, which just sucks even more. The support on really didn't help either, seeing as how it was telling me to do the same things I had already done before.

We decided that we're just going to buy a new Xbox. This means I won't be able to play any game discs until Tuesday. :( I'd rather just waita few days to get a new console than wait weeks tohave Microsoft fix myXbox and send it back. Sometime in the future,we'll send in the Xbox to get it repaired anduse it asa backup incase the new one dies, which it most likely will. I can't believe that this will be my third Xbox. :x

With PSN down and only being able to playArcade games on XBL, I'll be devoting my gaming time to Pokemon Black. I've just made it into the town with the second gym, My current team is Snivy, Pidove, Patrat, Panpour, Blitzle, and Tympole. I plan on ditching Patrat and Panpour soon, because Patrat sucks and Tympole will replace Panpour as my water type. The other 4 will most likely be apart of my final team. I'm liking the plot of this game so far, as well.

Well, I'm done now. Bye. D:

I Think I'm In Love...

Love is a mystery to me. I've never actually felt real love, truthfully. That all changed a few weeks ago. What turned out to be a simple trip to Frankenmuth turned out to be something incredible. After doing some "shopping" (We only went into one store. :roll: ), my mom asked if I wanted to go to Kroger. I said sure, since I wanted to get some cheap candy or something of the sort. I then remembered what Aidan had always talked about. Kroger Wild Animal Graham Crackers. I hurried to the snack aisle to find them. At the bottom of the shelf, I found two boxes of them left. I quickly grabbed both of them in excitement. Unfortunately, I was still full from the lunch I had eaten previously, so these crackers would have to wait until later.

Once later had come, I had filled a bowl with these crackers and took them into my room. I looked at all of the cool animals that came in the box. There was a gorilla, elephant, lion, and many others. At first, I was too afraid to take a bite, in case these crackers weren't as good as I had been told. I finally built up enough courage and shoved one into my mouth. I was blown away. I have never experienced something that has tasted that good before. Still shocked, I had to tell others about this. I quickly signed on to Xbox Live where I told DrAwesome and Bluemorning about these wonders. They laughed, of course, but I knew they weren't going to be as impressed as Aidan. Later that night, I told him about my encounter with these godly crackers, and he was amazed. I don't think I've ever seen him that impressed before.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to eat any more of these wonders, unless you count the stale ones I found under my bed. Next time I visit Kroger, I will be sure to revisit the snack aisle and stock up on some more of these.

Here they are. *drools* And yes, Aidan, I borrowed your image. Don't get your panties in a bunch. :x

Anyways, I've done a lot gaming wise since my last blog in February. I beat both RDR: Undead Nightmare and GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony. They're both pretty good games, but there's not a whole lot to do after you complete the main story. I've also started playing Sly 2, EA Sports Active 2, and Hexic HD. Sly 2 is a much better improvement than Sly 1. First of all, you get an actual health bar. And second, the game isn't as difficult. The levels and jobs are much better as well. EA Sports Active 2 is okay.. wait, I don't think I ever mentioned that I recieved the PS Move and the controllers that I won. :| Well, I finally did get them, and I got the camera and this game as well. This game is alright, but it's something I wouldn't play every single day, even though it wants me to. The trophies are fairly easy, at least. As for Hexic HD, I'm just playing this boring game for achievements, and that's it.

I don't think I mentioned that I got an iPod Touch either. :| Man, I really need to blog more frequently. :P Anyways, my parents bought me an 8GB iPod Touch back at the beginning of March as my birthday present. Since I got this, I'm not getting any presents, which is fine by me.Plus, Easter is a day before my birthday, which means it's time for me to finally get Pokemon Black. 8) This iPod was totally worth it. Most of the games are fun and don't cost a lot, and you can download a lot of cool apps for it. My birthday is April 25, which is 21 days from now, by the way. ;)

I think that's all I wanted to talk about this time. Stay tuned for my next blog in 2 months. :P

P.S. Hey Aidan, does Wind Waker have a two world system? :P

Dragon's 100th Blog... I Think

Unless I'm mistaken, this is my 100th blog on GameSpot. :o If it's not, then I apologize for this inconvienence. :x What doI have in store for this blog? Well, I was going to makea video, but it wouldn't let me record my voice, instead of recording myself. And no, it's not because I didn't want you all to see my beautiful face, it's because I wanted to do voiceovers for what I was actually going to do. :x Plus, you won't be able to hear my Sean Connery impersonation. :cry: Oh well, I can still do what I was planning to do, but it just won't be as special. :x

Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to reveal my top 10 games of all time. :o But instead of the boring stuff I usually do, like only post pics of the boxart, I'll actually talk about the games. Without further ado, I present you The 10 Best Games of All Time. 8)

10. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Out of the 4 Zelda games I have played, this one is easily the best. I think the reason why I like this game is because it was the first Zelda game thatI played through. The characters were enjoyable for the most part, especially Linebeck. :lol: I liked all of the islands and temples, except for that stupid Temple of the Ocean King, which became a nightmare after like the 3rd time you had to go back in there. :x Other than that, the boss battles were awesome, the music was good, and the story was very interesting. If only Spirit Tracks could've been as good as this. :x

9. Spyro: A Hero's Tail

After the disaster that was Enter the Dragonfly, I didn't think Spyro would ever be good again. I was clearly wrong. Aside from the originals, this game is the best Spyro game. A lot of the collectible items became tedious, but the game was still fun. The story was pretty good, because it didn't recycle elements from the past games, like the GBA games did. There were 5 playable characters, each of which could do their own levels which was very enjoyable. This was probably the funniest Spyro game too, mainly do to Spyro's voice sounding like he has a cold. :lol: If any of the Spyro games deserves a sequel, it's definitely this one. 8)

8. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

So far, there have only been two remakes of Pokemon games. These two games are clearly the been remakes for now, but that'll change when Ruby and Sapphire remakes are released. 8) Anyways, I had been anticipating remakes of Gold and Silver ever since FireRed and LeafGreen were released. I expected a lot from these games, since Gold and Silver were amazing. I was not disappointed at all. HeartGold and SoulSilver added tons of new features that the originals did not have, such as the Battle Frontier, restored areas in Kanto, more catchable Pokemon, the Pokeathlon, and of course, the Pokewalker. These games were very close to becoming my favorite Pokemon games, but they just couldn't compare to Emerald.

7. Super Mario 64

Mario's first 3D adventure is definitely my favorite Mario game. One of the main factors of this game being on this list is nostalgia, which is never a bad thing. 8) One of the things I remember about this game from my childhood was the slide in the castle. That was so fun. :P I haven't played this game in about 10 years, so I plan to rebuy this game when I get a chance. Super Mario 64 DS was just not the same experience. Crappy controls, crappy camera, not as memorable by being able to play as 4 characters instead of just Mario, etc. I really hope I can get this again. :(

6. Grand Theft Auto IV

You can hate all you want on GTA in the comments, but it's not going to change my opinion. Out of all the GTA games I've played, only this one was special to me. The fact that you could control how certain parts of the storyline just added to the replayability of the game. Btw, the story itself was amazing, regardless of what choices you made throughout it. Pretty much all of the characters were enjoyable, even the villains. Not to mention this game also had a very fun multiplayer too. Tons of modes to play, and all of them were fun in their own ways. Although there were tedious parts of the game, like finding pigeons and stunt jumps, I really loved this game. Even if you don't like thisGTA, you should still get this game. It will definitely change your opinion of the series. ;)

5. Pokemon Emerald

Easily the best Pokemon game. 8) I remember how excited I was for this game when it first came out, andI got it on the first day it came out, which is rare for me to do. I don't know why, but this generation of Pokemon games really stuck to me. The Battle Frontier was better in this game than in the other games. Instead of doing boring stuff after you beat the game like what most of the Pokemon games do, this actually added another game after the Elite 4, in my opinion. There's so much to do in the Battle Frontier that's it not even funny. You could also rebattle gym leaders, which you can't do in most of the games. They also added both Team Magma and Team Aqua in this game. You could only fight one of the teams in Ruby/Sapphire, depending on which version you had. I so cannot wait until these games are remade. Expect me to go crazy when they're announced. :P

4. Red Dead Redemption

Yeah, I ranked this higher than Pokemon. I'm surprised aswell. :P Red Dead Redemption was intended to be like a GTA game, but I thought it did much better. The story was fantastic and I thought thatevery single character in the game was either likeable or interesting. The story had multiple plot twists that added more suspense to the game. I was sad at some of the deaths that occured in the game, and almost cried at the end. :cry: The multiplayer is incredible. It took everything GTA IV did, and made it 100 times better. They added an enhanced leveling system, more ways to earn experience, more things to do in Free Roam, and a lot more game modes. Even the things to do in single player were fun. They added a lot of cool jobs to do, fun minigames, unique challenges, and much more. If you're not convinced into buying this game, you should be now. :x

3. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Spyro 2 is my least favorite game out of the originals, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. It's far from it. Spyro 2 added a ton of things from the first Spyro game, such as swimming, climbing, and headbashing. This game is the only original Spyro game that had double jumping. Pointless? Yes. Still fun to do? Hell yes. 8) This game also added a bunch of new and awesome characters that are still used in the newer Spyro games. The final level was enjoyable too, with a bunch of fun minigames like a dunk tank and a roller coaster. And once you get 100%, you get a permanent super fireball breath. :o Of course, I always do a cheat to get that at the start of the game, which makes it way easier. :P

2. Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Second best game of all time. 8) Spyro's 3rd and final adventure on the PS1 was far from disappointing. A lot of older characters were kept from Spyro 2, which made the story more entertaining. This game definitely had the best storyline out of the original series, btw. A lot of collectibles were added in this game, which made getting 117% more memorable. This was the hardest out of the three games, but it was more challenging than hard. There were a lot of fun challenges like playing ice hockey with cats, skateboarding, swimming in acid with a submarine, and much more. There were also 7 characters you could play as, which made the game more fun. Only one game could top this and that is...

1. Spyro the Dragon

Who didn't see this coming? This is definitely the best game ever. Nostalgia just makes it even better than it actually is. You could only play as one character, but who gives a ****? I've replayed this game about 50 times, and it never gets old. As soon as I got a PS3, I bought this game off of the PS Store, and it was the first gameI beat this year, not surprising at all, huh? The music in this game was the best out of all the other games in the series. Stewart Copeland really outdid himself here. The gameplay is fantastic and very fun. The story was funny and cute, along with Spyro's interactions with the other dragons. The next Spyro game should obviously go back to being platformers instead of being button mashers, like the LOS games. If you haven't played a Spyro, you should definitely start here, not with his current games. I could easily sit at the computer all day and write positives things about this game, but I actually have a life. :P

In other news, I'm currently playing Sly Cooper 1, Red Dead Redemption, and Halo Reach. I just got to second "homeworld" in Sly 1, and it's giving me trouble. :x In RDR, I'm trying to finish things up in single player and continue to level up in multiplayer. In Reach, I'm just trying to level up and complete challenges, so I can be better than Aidan when we play together on Saturday. :P

You can go now, the blog's over now. :x

Top 50 Games of 2010 Part VI: Outlaws To The End

The final 10 games will be revealed in this blog.

10. Mass Effect 2

9. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

8. Rock Band 3

7. God of War III

6. Dead Rising 2

5. Fable III

4. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

3. Halo: Reach

2. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

1. Red Dead Redemption