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Never 2old2play

Over the last couple months I found a group of people that I've enjoyed playing with.

For those of you older gamers looking for a way to escape the Timmies and enjoy games just as GOW and Halo3, you should look at Must be 25+ to join. Jump into the Recruitment Center and check out the CLAN pages.

I joined ARTofWAR for playing Gears.Has been a blast. Plenty of members, full rooms, great atmosphere.

On another note, been really into Phantasy Star Universe again last few weeks. Cant wait for the expansion that is to come out this fall.

Got Halo 3 of course, Wow! That thing is so integrated into the Xbox Live service, a true testiment to the capabilites of what games can now do from a console. Being able to save footage of complete games and watchign them again, editing, and taking snapshots and sending to friends. That is ACE!

Glad to see Fall fast aproaching, lots of good titles coming out soon.

Good O'l Summer Time

Well, well, summer time again.

Its gonna get hot out so time to get back indoors where its nice and kool and play some games.

Just got Forza 2, sweet game.

Looking forward to the following titles:

  Quake Wars
  Halo 3
  Midnight Club: Los Angelos
  NHL 2K8
  Unreal Tournament 3 (PC and 360)

A year gone by already?

Wow, its coming close to the first year anniversay on the 360.  There was quite a lull in games over the summer and now the months of October and November are filled with highly anticipated releases in Splinter Cell 4, Call of Duty 3, Gears of War, Rainbow 6 Las Vegas, and Phantasy Star Universe.

I'm already hooked on PSU, so the others will just have to wait, not time for anything else. I put in almost 30+ hours in  4 days.

Dam. is it May already?

Crazy how the time has flown. I'm telling ya, I think this is the first time I've woken up out of my 360 slumber.  Latest purchase was Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW).  Quite impressive I must say.

I have somehow managed to get me a new PC from eXtreme Gear. I'm playing F.E.A.R.  Dang that game makes me jump.  I thought Doom3 scared the crap out of me but F.E.A.R is taking it to another level. This one has a more erie feeling to it.

But still, there is nothing better than High Definition gaming on my 52" widescree and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound.  PC cant beat that!!!!  I have to squint at my 19" monitor its so tiny.

360 Update

Ok, so after a week of owning and playing on the new 360 system, all I got is one word, Wow!!!!  Ok, so maybe that is more of an expression.

You cant enjoy the 360 without HD and surround sound. Without it, your just playing the same old Xbox. The launch titles were perfect. As I had hoped, I have a great FPS in Quake IV, read my review, and racing in PGR3, sports in Madden and NBA (Holly cow!).  I rented COD2 and I'm telling ya, all of these titles are amazing to play, if you like these types of games. Its amazing how better visuals can make a game better. It allows you to get more immersed into the game.

Anyways, the new Live setup is perfect. You can now chat and listen to music outside of the game. So you can do so while poping games in and out without breaking up your music or chat session.

There seems to be quite a few reported probelms with the systems. THat is the risk with leading edge technology. Gets rushed to market, business need to make money quick. I get the whole business side of it. But I've been fortunate. Cross my fingers, knock on wood, my systems havent exhibited any of the reported problems. I know my friends had and his has been shipped back to support for repair.

So overall, I am very pleased with my investment.

The 360 at last!

I bet most of ya wished you had reserved your 360 back in May like me. Took me a total of just 15 minutes to walk into EBGames at midnight and walk out with me and my wifes 360's, games, ect.

I think the kid who camped in front of Walmart for 28 hours is an idiot. lol

My 360 Launch Lineup

So I should be getting my $399, 360 system on launch, first shipment, from EBGames.

With that....

Quake 4
Project Gotham Racing 3
Madden '06

Wired Controller
Wireless Battery Pack

Trade in's for 360

Well, traded in a couple xbox's for paying down my reservations for two 360's.  I still have one xbox left that my wife, kids, and I share until launch. 

Only on title remaining that I have reserved for the Xbox, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Also traded in some games and reserved Quake 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3 for the 360.

Cant wait, 5 weeks!

MotoGP 3, Lockdown, and NHL2k6

Got three new games this week.

MotoGP 3, Lockdown, and NHL 2K6.

All three execellent titles. I'm very pleased except for one thing about Lockdown.

Seems there is a serious lag issue with Lockdown when playing Live. I hope that its something that gets worked out soon for it makes it impossible to get into any firefight with someone for it simply lags so bad that your gun wont even continue to fire.