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It's June 1st yet the PSN...

Why the heck is the PSN still down?! I signed up with the Rockstar Social Club to get some cool L.A. Noire DLC and can neither link to my account nor redeem the piano gun code I got for pre-ordering the game. I remember Sony saying that by the end of May it would be back up and running at full strength. Also, DLC is great and all but I still think that pre-order bonuses should be exclusive as there's no point in pre-ordering something for materials that'll just be available as DLC some weeks later. I've harped on this with my best friend for a while now.

DONT Eat Pizza Hut's Big Italy

I'm PISSED. My girlfriend gifted us a stay at the Hamilton Inn in Oakland. She wanted to try out the Big Italy but was hesitant, as was I. We decided to risk it and placed an order around 8:35. My girlfriend has a good, what I call, "fat memory." At the confirmation screen it said the projected delivery time would be 10:17. Really?! I've never had to wait that long for a pizza, albeit, the pizza got to the hotel around 10:02. There was also a delivery fee, something I've never had to pay for a delivered pizza before. I went downstairs, paid for the pizza, and felt that it was lukewarm. Alas, I took it upstairs, set it on the footrest, and opened the bag. The pizza, not only looked like any run-of-the-mill store bought pizza but it wasn't even cut. I've not had Pizza Hut in years and I won't again. A long wait, warm, uncut pizza, and mediocre taste make me really appreciate pizza chains like Ephesus and R&B's. Pizza Hut can suck it.


I reserved Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, DC Universe Online, and Batman: Arkham City, even though the last one comes out next year, unfortunately. I'm kinda pissed that you don't get as much stuff with the PS3 edition as you do with the PC Collector's edition but oh well. At least I pre-ordered SW:TFU2 Collector's Edition.

SW:The Force Unleashed 2

I, as well as countless others, am counting down the days until this game comes out. Trialers (especially) and demos both nourish high expectations that this game will out-deliver it's predecessor in terms of pushing the envelope of what one can do with the Force. I just hope there's not a huge plot overhaul,although I am looking forward to seeing Fett and possible Yoda in this game. I think I can stomach *cringe* cloning, although for those who played the first one this was an obvious solution as to how Starkiller would reappear. After having played the first one you'd have to wonder what was going on with the other Force users as far as them not being able to do the amazing things Starkiller did. ;)