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  • DrTsaks rated Dead Space a score of 8.
  • DrTsaks rated Final Fantasy XIII a score of 8.
  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Immortality.
    User Rating 8

    Very unique game from a creator who had an already outstanding resume. The production is as good as any hand of there. The acting is ridiculousness good. It is a little unclear what you're supposed to...

  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.
    User Rating 6

    I really loved the first game, but this game falls flat to me. The level design seemed unimaginative resulting in easy battles that didn't take much strategy. I rarely found that using different chara...

  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Blanc.
    User Rating 8

    This was a really fun coop game to play with someone that doesn't normally play video games. It is really basic, so for experiences gamers I think it is a little boring, but I played with someone who ...

  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Marvel's Midnight Suns (Digital+ Edition).
    User Rating 8
    Great game play

    The game play from firaxis is as quality as you would be xpect it to be. The new card system works very smooth and keeps things just random enough without feeling like you lost control of any semblanc...

  • DrTsaks wrote a review of 428: Shibuya Scramble.
    User Rating 8
    Fun narrative

    This is a really fun game and had a really compelling narrative. Your decisions don't do much change the story but help guide it along and you have to make the right decisions. It can be enjoyed as a ...

  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Citizen Sleeper.
    User Rating 8

    Great game that really delivers on the post capitalism cyberpunk helscape that is to come. It has a lot of blade runner esque moral quandaries. The dice mechanic is simple yet accurate. The player doe...

  • DrTsaks rated The Banner Saga 2 a score of 7.
  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Neon White.
    User Rating 7

    Fun game that was entertaining for the first half with great level design but the lack of creativity after that made or dull for me. It still gets a seven bc it was truly a great time while I went thr...

  • DrTsaks rated Firewatch a score of 7.
  • DrTsaks rated A Plague Tale: Requiem a score of 8.
  • DrTsaks wrote a review of God of War: Ragnarok.
    User Rating 9

    The mwk34s of this game nail3d exactly what i5 was they were 5rhing to do. It was aot of fun and the immense amoun5 go work that went I to it was very 3 indent. The acting was some of the b2st I've se...

  • DrTsaks rated Horizon Forbidden West (Launch Edition) a score of 7.
  • DrTsaks rated Stray a score of 9.
  • DrTsaks rated Shin Megami Tensei V a score of 5.
  • DrTsaks rated Elden Ring a score of 9.
  • DrTsaks wrote a review of Inscryption.
    User Rating 9
    Amazing game

    Amazing game that is a card game at heart but somehow involves a lot of different genres. It's the same card game throughout but does a great job at drastically changing how it's presented which makes...

  • DrTsaks rated Peggle 2 a score of 7.
  • DrTsaks rated It Takes Two a score of 8.