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A long time between posts

Well it's been nearly 2 years since my last post and a lot has happened. For Christmas 2012 I treated myself to an electric Bass. I was enjoying playing it, but something seemed to be missing. Part way through 2012 I found out what that was when I came across Rocksmith with Bass edition on special. While the game itself was painfully slow to load (as most people mentioned to Ubisoft), the sheer enjoyment of playing along with an AI band instead of just working through "how to" books can't really be described. For Christmas I got Rocksmith 2014 edition and I'm loving this even more as you get way more play time as load times and the continual re-tuning from the first game have pretty much gone. So here's to a great 2014 with lots of Bass jamming on my XBox. I've had an electric guitar for years, but never really played it much, probably in part to none of my friends playing an instrument. With Rocksmith I reckon I'll even dust off the guitar a lot more now too.

The other big new hit for 2014 in our house is Skylanders Swap Force. My two young boys absolutely love it and I must say I quiet enjoy playing it too as well as the collecting aspect of the figures.