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Loving my Next Gen

In July I treated myself to an Xbox One (with Kinect). It came bundled with 4 games at no extra cost which was pretty sweet; Titanfall, Forza 5, Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3. Up until now I have never bothered to play my games online, but was finally ready to make the jump as we now have decent internet speeds and bandwidth at home.

I got a little bit carried away and bought a few more games and pre-ordered some more (check out my Xbox One stack if you're interested). This means I haven't gotten right into many of the games. Most of my time has either been on Titanfall or Forza 5 and in the past few days, Destiny. I figured it's about time I played some games while they were still fairly new and full of people playing them. Only problem is I don't get more than an hour or two to play them in a day and it's not always every day. Oh well, I guess once I've got all my pre-order games with maybe the addition of The Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Night, my next 12 months of gameplay should be well are truly ready to go.

I could easily have gone PS4, but liked the idea of sharing my Live membership with my Xbox 360 that I still own, plus my internet provider doesn't include content downloads in my monthly quota. This was very handy with 2 of the free games I got being digital downloads.

A long time between posts

Well it's been nearly 2 years since my last post and a lot has happened. For Christmas 2012 I treated myself to an electric Bass. I was enjoying playing it, but something seemed to be missing. Part way through 2012 I found out what that was when I came across Rocksmith with Bass edition on special. While the game itself was painfully slow to load (as most people mentioned to Ubisoft), the sheer enjoyment of playing along with an AI band instead of just working through "how to" books can't really be described. For Christmas I got Rocksmith 2014 edition and I'm loving this even more as you get way more play time as load times and the continual re-tuning from the first game have pretty much gone. So here's to a great 2014 with lots of Bass jamming on my XBox. I've had an electric guitar for years, but never really played it much, probably in part to none of my friends playing an instrument. With Rocksmith I reckon I'll even dust off the guitar a lot more now too.

The other big new hit for 2014 in our house is Skylanders Swap Force. My two young boys absolutely love it and I must say I quiet enjoy playing it too as well as the collecting aspect of the figures.

Loving Batman Arkham Asylum

Been playing Batman Arkham Asylum when I can which is usually only a few hours a week. I'm currently around 30% completed with around 60-70 riddler trophies found. Tried a few challenges but don't seem to go to well with getting high scores for fighting and not sure what some of the moves are to complete the challenges. Love playing it though and who knows, I've got some holidays next month so might even come close to finishing it. Then it's on to either Arkham City, Assassins Creed Brotherhood or Halo Anniversay :D

Expanding my horizons and reliving my youth

After having my Wii and DS collect dust for the past few years mostly due to lack of time with two young kids, I thought I would treat myself to an Xbox kinect bundle. Kinect to enjoy with the kids and Halo Anniversaryfor myself. Also got Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Batman Arkham City. So far I'm loving it even if I have lost some of my gaming abilities from years ago :)

New to DS Lite

I just got a DS Lite on the weekend, haven't had much time to play yet but excited about it. I got the Mario limited addition red console and got SimCity Creations this week. Traded in my PS2 as I never got time to play at home, but have more time on public transport to get some game time in on my new DS.