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Assassin's Creed Brootherhood (PS3)

Picking up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood right after work today can't wait to see where this story goes. I got Black Ops last week and I still debating what other games are coming down the pipeline that I might want to get for the holidays. This part of the year is always crazy when it games to game releases.

Picked up on Monday 11/8/2010.

Nba 2K11 (PS3)

Wow it's been years since we've seenhis Airnessin a NBA basketball finally we'll get to see it at his best in this year's NBA 2K11. Pick it up on my lunchbreak can't wait.

Halo: Reach (X360)

Picking up Halo: Reach today after work or maybeon my lunch break I haven't decide yet. One thing is for sure I'll be playing this instead of watching the Yankees lose another heartbreaker.

Red Dead Redemption (PS3)

Picked up Red Dead Redemption yesterday after work and I couldn't stop myself from playing the game. Start playing around 6pm. Next thing I know it's 12am... if you're a fan of GTA and Assassin's creed you'll definitely love this game.

MLB 10 the Show (PS3)

I just picked up my copy of the Show on my lunch break; I don't know if I'll be play it tonight being that I have LOST tonight and company over I guess I'll try to sneak in some time before going to bed.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (X360)

I picked up Battlefield 2 today and after playing it for the past 2 and a half hours; I'm not too excited about it. I'm actually a little disappointed. I was a big fan of the first game but being a post modern warefare 2 era this is unacceptable. I expected the game to be an improvement over the first not more of the same in different environments.

BioShock 2 (X360)

Well I was just informed that BioShock 2 is ready for pick up at my local game store. I'm really looking forward to see how this game will be since the first one was a classic and didn't really need a sequel. I'm pretty sure the story will be as great or as good as the first.

Mass Effect 2 (X360)

After more than a monthI'mfinally able to put in another Xbox game on my 360 other than Modern Warfare 2. I loved the first Mass Effect and there's no doubt that this one will be just as epic.