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Ten Games That Want's to Eat Your Guts

1.Resident Evil: Remake (Capcom,2002)
2.Deep Fear ( Sega,1998 )
3.DOOM 3 (ID Software, 2004)
4.Resident Evil 2 ( Capcom, 1999)
5.House OF The Dead 2 (Sega 1998
6.Stubbs The Zombie In Rebbel Without A Pulse (Wideload Games, 2005)
7.Zombies Ate My Nieghbours (Konami, 1993)
8.Zombie Nation (PC/NES, 1991)
9.Zombie Panic (Half-Life-MOD, 2000)
10.Onimusha: Warlords (Flagship, 2001)

GameHistory 1962-1977

Without SpaceWar, no Pong. Without Pong, no Atari. Without Atari, no Game Industry. Here are the moments that change the world.

1962 - Spacewar: ( Spacewar ) and ( PDP-1 )

1967 - Brown Box

The game history's first big tecnic pioneer Ralph Baer started already in 1949 to think of by using a TV set as a "game medium" by thetime he developed a new tv fore the company, but unfortunalety there were no one who belive the ide. In 1966 Ralph Baer started to work for Sanders Associates and decided to make a new try. On playtime he wrote down his ides and collected all basis fore an hole industry. He listed diffrent types of games that should be able to work; among another actioAn games, board games and sports games. the ide was to create a box, an console, who should complete the TV and after several experiment Ralph Bare succeed to manuver the graphic on the screen. The result become a game fore two person who chased each other with two squares. Ralph bare introduce his innovation before his chef Herbert Campman and give he a count of money to continue the develop. The year thereon Ralph baer got some help from one another engineer, Bill Harrison and togeherer they developed the worlds first light pistol. With modified toy guns you could shoot dots on the screen, wish was unic during that time. Herbert campman often passed by and played it, and in the he got realy good at it. His iterests did also make some new money stream in to the project and Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison adjust the system, now with priceless help from one an another engineer with name Bill Rusch. Bill Rusch relate together with Bill Harrison among other the predecessor to Pong. By the time were more games and innovaion added to the project, that they called Brown Box that should on later days been sold to Magnavox and be renamed to odyssey.

Without Ralph Baer we had maby never playing games at all.

Ralph Baer also known as "Father of Video Games"

Ralph Baer Biographi

Watch Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison plays an early version of Pong.

For more retro candy you may visit


1971 - Computer Space

1972 - Odyssey: Is the very first commercial videogame console.

. Atari was established

After the failure with Computer Space Nolan Bushnell withdraw the acquaintance with Nutting Associates, the commpany that had published his machine, to work on his own way. Together with Ted Dabney he started the June 27th in 1972 the company that are comming to lay the base of of all industry. They got the name Atari from an japanese boardgame Go.

This logotype have on later days been resurrected with help from a Tidy mount of money from the french publicher Infogrames - who first used the logo, and in 2003 took the stepp and changed the name to Atari.

Atari Biographi. Atari's homepage

Atari and PONG

Atari started by develop extra wide pinball on a mission of Bally. Soon Bushell could aford to hire two people. One of them was Alcorn. Bushell thought that Alcorn seems to hav a natural inclination for all electronic, but to put him in to how game programing works, Bushell lie together an history about that General Electric requested Atari to develop a game based on table tennis; an great ide Bushell borrowed by Magnavox and Ralph Baer that had develop a similar game to the Odyssey. Alcorn should programme the new game and his primary objective was to make it as easy as possible. bushell by him self should focus on the more difficult matte, among them a racing game, that he personaly thought should be Atari's future. Alcorn took his assignment realy serious. He advanceBushell's original idea, that the game onlu should remain by a singel pixel that should reprsent the ping pong ball and two streaks that sybolised the racket, by letting the ball react diffrent by where he ball was hitting on the racket and even let it accelerate during the match. meanwhile Alcorn reduced the develop expense by develop the game with a cheap component. After three months he was finished and supprised Bushell with a game that was both simple and more entertaining that anything else they ever had played. bushell added instruction text" Avoid missing ball dore high score" - wish was everything you need to know to play the game Pong. Some months later Pong was the first commercial successul arcade game and the Atari founder was a hole new industry.

1974 - Pong Arrived from the arcade halls in to our homes

1976 - The First Volience debate

1977 - Space Wars

ATARI 2600 (Wikipedia)

Atari were not first out with videogames for use in our homes, but there 2600- also known as Video Computer System or VCS - Avarge platfrom game that is the most beloved ever. And it was mush thanks to this console as in the begining of the 80s experience it's first real gold year.

This was Ataris first and last successful VideoGame Console.

Atari 2600 four-switch

Games is Culture?

Games is a huge entertainment and sales community. Games have reach over the level of the music sales and it continue to grow up and become bigger than ever before.

But videos games has not allways been positive manage. There is one thing that always seems to revolve around games and it's content. The violence and the effect on how the human react. The content in video games is some sort of virtal reality, an art expo, an personal though and vision. It's just as what cind of movie and comic cartoon there is out there.

The politician consider that the violence in video games are harmful and are not going to bee sold to kids that's under 7 years old, or ether prevent the sales of the game complete. I can agree i some point of that, people thats under 10 years old are not going to play games like Grand Theft Auto or the so despise game, Postal 2. But the question is if people are react after what they do in video games. You can consider it but not more. I mean murder is happening and the starvation in Afrika is a fact. The number of deaths in the WTC attack is less. Several kids is dying every week of starvation, but we dont care. Because exploding planes is mush more entertaining. No one is creating a mod where you walk around with starving kids in Somalia. Some says that video games is our generation to express our selfs. An it have been made a serious comparison about how music was a importent fact in earlier generations.

Games is not a expression for politic opinion, ethical question at issue or the critique of the community. There is actually no announcement in Splinter Cell or Half Life. And even if Hideo Kojima likes to plant these in hes games, how many have mention that, no one. We play for a good story and enteratining characters. There is no Bob Dylan or Jon Bon Jovi in the game development, games are not even close to other media than music. the Only thing thats attach games and poliicy together is the constant more or less on-going violence debate. Foremost in the USA where we have governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is working against violence video games and the selling of these products to kids that's under 7 years old. This become cinde a ironic, because Arnold has been involved with on of the 90s most violence action movies, Termenator.

I have played games for about 13 yers now, and as maby all othere gamers i have always got a fairly indiffrently collimation towards the more or less constant on-going violence debate. i have dismiss Jack Thomson and his company contention that's nothing more than madness from unversed dottards. It's not before now i bethink the matter for real.

I dont know what's behind it, if i begin to get old or is it because the games gett mush better looking and had get a more visual reality. How mush we though about and liked the previous generation graphics, have the current generation that just have begin, have started to touch visual reality. Something that maby the next generation consoles can produce, or have we make it to the top? Is our clincher about violence debate still gona be pertinent? (It's just a game, healthsome people can see the diffrense between games and the "realworld") ?

In excess off this i think that you should keep thing apart between policy and games, and not ambitious take games to seriously.

Backward Compatible

Backward compatibility are except the worlds most difficult word, something that have until now become an more strenuous question for Microsoft. The last time the company were releasing a list of games that will work on Xbox 360 were showing that old unusal games like Barbie Horse Adventure dosen't have a light future. Microsoft seems to learn a lesson and are relasing a new update were amongst another Rallysport Challenge and the fairly new Dreamfall is listed. And good news for all of us that have ben disappointed about the mentallity/crazy snowboard game Amped 3, is the best game in the series Amped 2 finally backward ready. Many orginal xbox games have been backward compatible for the Xbox 360. But some of them haven't make it there yet. A part over 300 games are currently backward ready. As you allready might know, for more info about backward compatible original Xbox games visit,


Red Light For Xbox 360

The Original Xbox was released back in November 15 2001 and sold over 24 million units. Then was green the only colour that could be associated with Microsoft game consoles. But after the release of the Xbox 360 in November 22 2005, an none number of users have seen an new shade of the colour red But what type of rights do you have if the console gets broken?.


The Picture is freezing, textures going crazy or it just get black. These are three symptoms on the same disease or rather on the same diagnosis - your 360 is torn. The earlier so beautiful green ring of light are going to be change out to an angry red one, and your console playing may have seen it's days. Even if Microsoft continue to maintain that the fault per cent of sold Xbox 360 console units doesn't exceed over what one called the normal for an electronic-product. ( in Europe shall less then 3-5 per cent of the consoles send by boat been damage) are forum threads about Microsoft damage consoles still a ordinary occurrence on larger places on the net?. But what happened then? How do i behave my self when my console gets set off?. A Swedish game magazine were making some calls around Umeå's local specialists on EB Games. The information were showing that all 360-retailer refer to Microsoft special support. the Customer then have to contact the support and send the console to Microsoft (Germany). Even if the company are paying the cargo expense there is something that's not just right. Sweden have something that's called the Consumer purchase law: (The translation it's not right but it acts about your rights as a costumer to get ether a new commodity or have your money back if there something wrong with the purchased item. And at the same time you get a support from the law in your right hand). it's a rule agency that giving the purchaser/costumer rights toward the seller/store. If you purchased your Xbox 360 in a store you have the rights to turn back to the store. Then they can make a solution. If there is a fault with the commodity it should either get it fixed or perceive the costumer with a new one. So The Costumer don't really need to strain so hard more then just take the console back to the store and demand to get the fault repaired. The store, or Microsoft, have no right to demand the costumer to contact someone else.