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I'm done with the Wii

 I've over hyped the Wii far too much. I've just realized, i know, im late, that the Wii's online will be just like the DS' which will feature FRIENDS CODES and not a system like XBOX live. . . I am a big fan of online play and i was unsatisfied when i got the GC with no online. I loved XBOX lives community features and junk and well basically, all the little things do add up. I'm not going to stand there punching in numbers as friends. Think about it, if they couldn't do this little thing as having buddy names and a buddy system, it must mean that their online gameplay, connections and other things will not be that great after all. But i don't care, imma get the XBOX 360 and jam it out with Oblivion, Halo 3, Gears of War, Timeshift and loads of other graphically improved, online enabled (cept Oblivion but i doubt nintendo would even think of putting add ons to games downloadable online) and more fun to play i bet. Screw originality.  . . 

Clerks 2- Short Review.

I just saw Clerks II and it was awesome. I couldn't believe how great it was. At first, my friend dragged me into the theater to watch it, i would think it was stupid and just retarded but it was retarded and funny as hell. To be honest, I don't think i've ever laughed so hard in a movie in my life, and i've watched some pretty funny crap. This movie has almost every genre in it, a little bit of everything, not just comedy, i don't want to give anything away, since thats the entire story. All you need to know is that there are 2 Clerks working and/or slacking or making fun of the newbie. The only problem is that the commerical's and trailers were horrible and show nothing of the movie's strength and funny - ness. If anything, the trailers just make this movie look like a lazy, retarded and incredibly stupid, but it's actually not, and i was surprised. While the trailer's and commercials are bad, the movie is not, its awesome, but will not appeal to everyone. But hey, most trailers are bad! In my opinion, i really want to give this movie three stars but i just can't because that wouldn't be acurate for all, so, i give this movie:
** and 3/4

* * * * -Perfect
* * * and 1/2 -Excellent
* * * -Superb
* * and 1/2 -Great
* * -Fair
* and 1/2- Pity score
* -Poor

Some recent movies i've watched. . . Ratings out of 4

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle-
An Indian and an Asian (SPECIAL THANKS TO A DISABLED PERSON FOR POINTING THIS OUT) trying to battle stereotypical lifestyles while getting high and craving some White Castle. Rediculous, yet hysterical.
** 1/2

Wedding Crashers-
While attempting to crash a wedding, a man meets a woman who happens to be the brides sister. On the verge of getting laid, he reaches to her parents house (mayor i believe?) and stays over as a boyfriend with the family along with his sidekick who ends up with another one of the brides sister, which isn't that. . . normal? By then, (which is 20 minutes into the movie) it becomes a boring chick flick.

The Weatherman-
A man tries to reconcile himself with his divorced wife and his father, who has been a successful man throughout. While the man (Dave) is very successful as a Weatherman, he has problems with his wife and kids. A very gloomy and depressing, yet excellent, well written drama.
*** 1/2

The Devil Wears Prada-
A simplisticly cliche movie with a clever name having a woman trying to work with a no-joke boss assisting editor-in-chief, who can be insane, like a Devil, hence the name. Meryl Streep is enjoyable to watch toturing Anne Hathaway, who had always been enjoyable to watch . . . he he he he. Mildly funny and a few laughs.

Kids planning their lifestyles after High School Graduations circulating around Atlanta and their skate rink, Cascada. Pretty good.
** & 1/2

As the Current Gen era comes to a close, i thought i might rate the systems

First up

(out of 10)
(Worth .3 for each point.)Games- 7, although it had a few of the greatest games, it didn't have much else to offer other than 10-12 very exclusive ones.

(Worth .2 for each point) Graphics- 9, best of the 3 systems and HD, but it ain't perfect

(Worth .1 for each point) Sound- 10, surround sound compatibility, doesn't get better than that.

(Worth .1 for each point) Controller Handling- 8, the first few controllers were bulky but a new addition made it better

(Worth .3 for each point) Hardware/Overall- 9, really powerful, needs more games of the favorable genre, great online play

Score: 8.3

(Worth .3 for each point.)Games- 7, although less games, it has at least more than 15 games of great gameplay, graphics and value to keep you going.
(Worth .2 for each point) Graphics- 8, had a potential of wonderful graphics.
(Worth .1 for each point) Sound- 7, only some included progressive scan, pretty weak sound.
(Worth .1 for each point) Controller Handling- 9, easy accessible buttons and easy to grasp controller for anyone.
(Worth .3 for each point) Hardware/Overall- 7, the system basically had the best games for the entire generation, although, it cannot get a 10 for lacking its online play.

Score: 7.4

PlayStation 2

(Worth .3 for each point.)Games-8 , plenty of games to keep you busy, plenty of genres and while there are plenty of genres, the games lack fun and only a few are fantastic. Plenty of RPG's, but they all aren't good just because there's Final Fantasy. Not many good FPS' because of the weak controller design, making it harder to point.
(Worth .2 for each point) Graphics- 7, the worst of the bunch, packing a horrible system for graphics, not very impressive but gets the job done.
(Worth .1 for each point) Sound- 8, progressive scan is in tact, difficult to get working, all exclusive games don't have great sound.
(Worth .1 for each point) Controller Handling- 8, easily accessible, yet for beginners will have trouble with the controller 's O and Square and difficult shooting as the two analog sticks are next to each other.
(Worth .3 for each point) Hardware/Overall-
7, plenty of games, but we're in next generation, do we have to deal with a lack of graphical and sound quality, most certainly not, laggy-ass online play

Score: 7.4

Well, there you have it, you can't really go wrong with picking either system!

I seriously wish Kingdom Hearts 2 was better!

Wow, i've just experienced some of the most tightest stories in my life and it was all blown away with this shallow, lifeless and boring game play. Kingdom hearts 2 in a nutshell:


I know most of you hardcore fans who really like the battling won't agree with me, but some just have to face it. It's not revolutionary. I mean, many of the people who have given 10's have only written like, OMG THIS GAME IS SUPER AWESOME LIKE OMG GET IT just to fill up the page. This game is overrated like hell, but I really wish it was better, the graphics, music and story line was amazing and I enjoyed it, its just that maybe if the game had more depth into it. maybe it shoulda had combo's to do on your own, such as numerous buttons for combo's and the game should really use surprise for reactions such as R1 or circle instead of the triangle over and over again its just too easy.



Im not much on blogs and i'll probably post like once a month or more if i have anything to say. On the Zelda conflict. It would be really annoying for Twilight Princess to be released for the Revolution because i wanted my little cube to leave with a big bang. However, this damn thing might be released for the Revolution, where the graphics for its time will look like crud and for the probable price of $60. In addition, i can't understand how this game has been worked on for years and how on the top right corner, there are different gamecube buttons for insertion. I cant seem to see how that will work on the Revolution. I don't know who the hell is releasing this information, or as some call it, rumors, but its friggen pissing me off. The bottom line is . . . I can't get a Revolution yet, i can't get $$$, i want my Zelda now, now now!!!