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Red Dog: Superior Fiprepower BETA and Early BETA Versions

Ok, this is a Blog about the game Red Dog: Superior Firepower but the BETA and the Early BETA versions of its own.

Lets start withs the Early BETA, this game was soposed to have tons of levels, it was soposed to have more levels then the Final version of it.

The Early BETA version of this game was a mistery.


In the Early BETA of this game, our vehicle was soposed to use always the same guns but onlly with difrent upgrads"amunitions"

Its Guns.

Red Dog Superrior Firepower BET

In the Early BETA you were supposed to use those the entirely game.

Its Guns with diferent amubition.

Red Dog Superrior Firepower BET

Those are the Diferent upgrads to our guns, Later they changed it, and these upgrads are now some spesial but limited weappons that you can find on the Final Version of the game.


Red Dog Superrior Firepower BET

As you can see the spesial weapons are those things that fly by your side, there are over 5 difrent spesial weapons to be found when playng some levels


In the Early BETA and on the BETA versions there was some missils that leave a red smoke ween you lounch them.

Redd Dog Superior Firepower

Those Missiles are not on the final version of the game.

Now some misteries about the Early BETA of this game

Now i'm going to explan some that changed in the final version.

Healt Bar

This is what the Health Bar was sopose to look like in the Early BETA.

Red Dog Superior Firepower BETA

Just a simple Health Bar

This how it looks on the BETA.

Red Dog Superior Firepower BETA

The redbar has an upgrade that can be eaned by completing the chalenge missions.

And this is how it look like on the Final version of the game.

Red Dog Superior Firepower BETA

The blue bar has an upgrade that you can hearn by completing the chalenge missions

Hearly BETA Levels

The hearlly beta had some more levels that are not on the final version, and the levels that are in the final version look a bit diferent in the Hearly BETA.

Now we are gona see the Hearly versions of some levels that are on the final version.

Red Dog Superior Firepower BETA

This is the third Level of the game but this i the very Hearly Version of it.

You start the level in this plase in both the Final and the Early BETA version.

That big door is Different i the final gameand they changed the textures of that gay and white wall.

Here is a Pic of that same place but in the Final Version.

Red Dog Superior Firepower BETA

Those gray and white walls of the Early BETA are diferent in the Final Version


Red Dog: Superior Firepower

Red Dog: Superior firepower for Dreamcast is a game that you never get bored, the gameplay is really good and the levels are really original, the musics are really cool to, the onlly bad thing about this game is the graphics, they arent bad, but they are not great either, the bad things are some bad textures, the vehicle desing is awesome but we can't see the interiors cause of the windows, the characters have bad shadows and they are low poligon contage, and the boss at the final of the levels are low polygon to.

So the game is exellent, the graphics aren't good but they aren't bad to, the gameplay is exelent, so if you can, give it a try, its a awesome game.

Some images.

SEGA Dreamcast

Dead or Alive 2 for Dreamcast vs Dead or Alive 2 for Playstation2

Ok we have both Dead or Alive 2 for Dreamcast and for Playstation2, so much people is tinking, who is the best version?

Ok the best version of Dead or Alive 2 is the Dreamcast version, and yes the Playstation2 version is the worse, the reasons why the Dreamcast version is the best is because, the Dreamcast can do texture compresion and Playstation2 can't, Dreamcast has to 8MB ram and Playstation2 has only 4MB, so lets start to view the diferences between the two versions.

Ok First on the Dreamcast version we have some texture comprension, and on the Playstation2 we haven't, so on Dreamcast version we have beter textures and on Dreamcast version we have beter lightening efectes to, so there are two things who are beter on the Dreamcast version, Second on the Dreamcast version we have beter character models and yes is true that the character models are more dinamic and they have better textures on the Dreamcast version, the level desing fells better and is more detailed on the Dreamcast version to.

So here we can see that the Dreamcast version has better graphics the the Playstation2 version.

So if you whant to buy Dead or Alive 2, buy it for Dreamcast, is the best version.

SEGA Saturn vs Sony Playstation and story

Ok here we will see who is the most powerfull.


CPU: two prossesors Hitachi SuperH2 RISC at 28,6 MHZ

Two GPU: named VCP1 and VCP2, they two are 32Bit, VCP1 do Sprits and VCP2 is capable of 500,000 polygons/second

Resulution: 352x240, 640x240, 704x480.

Sound: 24Bit at 44,1KHz

Ram: 4MB (i some ways 8MB)

CD-ROM: Drive 4X


CPU: 3000C (R3051) 32Bit risc at 33.8 MHz

GPU: can do 300,000 polygons/second and only 200,00 can be redered.

Resulution: 352x240, 640x240

Sound: 24Bit at 44,1KHz

Ram: 2MB and 1MB for video

CD-ROM: Drive 2X

SEGA Saturn is the most powerfull, but the only problem is that the SEGA saturn is to Hard to program for, the SEGA Saturn whas soposed to be the most powerfull 2D system, but when Sony anunsed the ps1 whas capable of amazing 3D graphics, SEGA whas desided to creat a 3D procesor and put it in to the Saturn, they have maked that to fast and that maked the Saturn to hard to programe for, and that is what was maked the Saturn a hard plataform to program for, then we have Sony Playstation that is not to powerfull has the SEGA Saturn, but ps1 is easy to program for, so the developers have chosen the ps1 to make games, so the developers left the saturn and started to make games for the ps1.

Thats the story.


Did any one remember Shenmue for SEGA Dreamcast? it was one of the best games ever created, the free gameplay, the amazing graphics, the sound efects, the musics and the story line, every thing about that game is amzing.

There is Shenmue for SEGA Dreamcast, Shenmue 2 for SEGA Dreamcast and Microsoft XBox, so where is Shenmue 3

do you think that Shenmue 3 ever came out?



Driver 2


Driver Parallel Lines

Driver 76

The question is simple, whats your favorite.

Grudge Warriors

Grudge Warriors for psone is a nice game, the graphics are not perfect but the gameplay is exelent.

Its not a bad game like people say, just give it a try and enjoy it.

Its a good game.

Driv3r/Driver 3

Driv3r is not a bad game like most of people say.

Driv3r is a awesome game, the graphics have errors its true, but GTA has errors to and there is people still liking it.

So what i have to say is, just give Driv3r a opurtunity and you will find here a great game.

Daytona USA 2001

Daytona USA 2001 for Dreamcast is a nice arcade game for everyone.

If you want a game with unic graphics, nice gameplay and awesome musics just buy Daytona USA 2001 for Dreamcast.

Daytona USA 2001 is probably one of the best racing games ever made, and if you are a Dreamcast owner i recomend you this game.

XBox 360 vs Playstation3

XBox 360 vs Playstation 3 here we gona see who is beter in graphics capabilitis

XBox 360

Backwards Compatibility:Most XBox games

CPU - Main Processor: Custom IBM PowerPC CPU running at 3.2 GHz each

GPU - Graphics Processor: Custom ATI Processor, at 500 MHz

Memory: 512 MB, 10MB eDRAM embedded video memory

L2 Cache: 1 MB

Main Ram: 22.4 GB/s

Polygons/sec: 500 milion polygons/sec

Playstation 3

Backwards Compatibility: Most ps2 and psone games

CPU - Main Processor: Cell Processor at 3.2 GHz

GPU - Graphics Processor: Custom NVidia Processor called RSX "Reality Synthesizer", at 550 MHz

Memory: 256 MB

L2 Cache: 512 KB

Main Ram: 25.6GB/s

Polygons/sec: 270 milion polygons/sec

Here we can see the diferences on this 2 sistems.

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