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Oh well.

Really, old and need to be put to rest... new site, new member stats... all those posting 1000s of messages..... gone just like playing modern warfare .... play for hours on end to get the exclusive red gun art ..... gone in the flick of a switch.. unions well just held up against the wall and shot... not much we can do .... $$$$ talk, no ads to support, no $$$ to build on. close features..... no downloads .... not fussed...... all those emblems hunters ...... was it worth it? probably not. get on with your lives......

1st blog of 2013

still around, even after this long.. 6 year anniversary in 12 days... do I get a prize? a free copy of freespace 2?

Saints Row 3

Where would you buy?? Australia, JB Hifi , $69 or Steam, $13.59 USD??? mmmmm, its a difficult one..... no wonder retail stores are suffering....

Are games getting boring?

I'm bored of new games, so I'm playing a game from 1994 .. Magic Carpet... is there any chance of someone releasing a game that doesn;t involve shooting people?

The big push to get faulty games on the shelf

Is it just me or has the retail world of gaming completely gone to the dogs. It seems these days that when you buy any game, it needs a thousand updates after you install it to be playable. I recently installed by X3 reunion only for Steam to try and download the entire game again @ 4Gb. A couple of games bought for xmas.... Atari's Star Raiders, use to play this on the ole atari 2600, but noticed a bargain so bought it.... what a waste of money. its a space shooter but games like Freelancer still leave it for dead. But my real gripe is that it keeps crashing... middle of a level, Application error. why cant they just release a fully tested game rather than this beta rubbish... and now for the real gripe... Lego Harry Potter 5-7, a game with large amount of dollars for development and then gets released with this game mappings bug they cant fix, or can be bothered to fix... This stupid game costs megabucks to buy and its faulty. try telling the person behind the desk that you trying to return the game because of a software glitch ... plenty of blanks looks... Anno 2070, a major update to apparently 'Balance' gameplay, why not just update the game before release.. You pay $100 for a game, then you have to pay more $$$ of your download quota... Its all a big conspiracy by the gaming world. The games should have a warranty that covers them for one year of (included by the provider) updates or bug fixes. You buy a car, it covered for faults for a year or three, you buy a TV, its covered for one year or three, why not games?? Comments people.. Surely there's alot of people with the same feelings towards this untested gameplay. ..... Waves fist at screen .....

Haven't posted in awhile

My lego union, anyone still interested, always something new in lego land..... lots of lego rip-offs now, cheap rubbish lego transformers etc.. the plastic is very dodge, anyway each to their own. playing lego pirates lately.... also Deus Ex... what a great game. hello to all my GS friends if your still around. cheeroo I'm also on FB...

New GS layout

So when did this happen? Only went away for a week for some relaxing time off from work.. Must've missed the impending change forum... Oh well, nice update... Next they'll fix the unions.