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I want a Zune for X-Mas :)

So the time has come for me to think of what I want for christmas. I want an 8GB Zune, RockBand 2, and Gears 2. The main thing I was is the Zune. It looks so sweet and I think it would be geat for me to have. What y'all think?

I officially have a favorite movie

A few minutes ago I sat down and watched "Fight Club". The most amazing movie I have ever seen in my life. If any of you have not seen it, I recommend it. I am not a favorite kind of guy, unlike most people that sit down and watch a new movie and call it their favorite. NO, I am very picky with movies and I can tell you that this just made me go crazy. Last night I watched "The Desparted" also, which was an awesome movie. So, I recommend "Fight Club" and "The Departed". No matter what, you must see "Fight Club" though. Best movie in this world.

I think I'm in love..

Over the past 2 weeks I have bought 2 games for my Xbox360. The games are Battlefield: BC and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. I bought BF about 2 weeks ago. I played through single-player (wasn't great, but ok) and then went online. The online was fun, but I was missing something...So I went out and got another game 3 days ago. It was RS:V2. I loved it, and still do. I personally think it might be better than CoD4. The single-player was great, Terrorist Hunt is great and Versus is awesome. I just love it so much that I want to be on it all the time. I highly recommend anyone that doesn't have it, to get it. I most likely will be getting back to BF:BC some time, but for now...I'm loving Rainbow Six.

And I bust my rear to get GTA IV...

That's right, I went and got GTA IV today. Don't just go and say "yay you got it no problemo". No.

I was thinking to myself today at school that I need a new game to get me satisfied for Battlefield. I thought of GTA and how fun it would be if me and my buddies went onlimne and just hung around being gangsters shooting down pedestrians. So, I got my bike and rode 15 miles to go and buy GTA, seeing as my parents are on "vacation", I had no transportation.

So,my first impressions are high. I like the game, the story is great so far, graphics are AMAZING and the girls are wild. Sounds perfect to me. Game is good so far is what I'm trying to say.

P.S. Breaking Spector- GTFO Xbox live man.

Mini Review - Battlefield: BC

Yup, the demo has been out for enough time now, so I can make a small review on it.

The game is going to be a great success IMO, but I think it could have a few tweaks in the full version. The demo gives a look at the new game type "Gold Rush". There are 2 teams, Attackers and Defenders. The Defenders defend their gold crates while the attackers try to destroy them. It also shows one new map, whish is "meh" in one word. I don't completely love the map but it's FINE. The feeling that you can destroy ALMOST everything just makes the game feel unique, in a good way.

Some tweaks that need to be changed in the game are friendly fire. You can't turn it off in the demo, I certainly hope you can in the full game or it's gunna make things complicated. There is also a bunch of lag right now. I am getting worried that it may jump over to the full game, I certainly hope not or this will be a no buy for me right then. Some things are undestructable, but I can see why those things can't be destructable. They are usually the frames of the buildings, some boxes and towers. Thos could be vital in the gameplay, but I guess the boxes could have gone.

I also hope they put in medals and awards like they did in BF2. That would be great.

Well that about sums it up. I hope to see you all on the BATTLEFIELD!

I'm Truely Canadian - CoD4 addict

First thing I want to say is that School is SO close to being over. 2 weeks to go and I get 2.5 months off. I'm lovin it.

Now to business. I am truely a Canadian. My new Gamertag on 360 is "XOne CanadianX", so if you don't already have me added, please do so. I just love adding fellow GS users.

Next is my CoD4 addiction. I just love the game now. I always get away from it with Halo or Guitar Hero, but now I am just loving every minute of the game. I'm still a little rusty, so if you play with me don't think I'm too crap :P. I get around 7 - 15 kills a game. My deaths are ALWAYS lower than my kills btw, which I think is good.

In other news, I am hyped about Battlefield: Bad Company which is coming June 23, 08. I can tell I'm gonna love the game.

That's it. Peace all.

Fog Day -- NO SCHOOL!!!

Today I woke up late for school. I got out of bed and went to eat. While I was eating I could hear talking from the other room. My brother and dad were talking to each other. My brother yelped "woot no school" and I nearly fell out of my chair. I got up and ran in and they were looking at the computer screen that was saying "Fog day for Lampton County. Buses will not be running". I almost had a heart attack. In the middle of May I am still getting days off.

So, I went down stairs and put on my 360 and started forging a new map. It's called "Maze Of DOOM". My brother helped me with it and we spent 2 hours on it. It's nearly complete. It's a big maze for Infection by the way.

I also went outside and cut the lawn.

I love CANADA-- we are so wierd with days off of school :P

Iron.Man = Fantastic ++ My recent addiction(s)

Today I went out and watched the newly released Iron Man! The action was great, the humar was just right and the acting was just perfect. I am so glad that I went out and watched it. Yes, it costed me 7 bucks, and yes it took 2 hours out of my day, but it was WELL worth it (seeing as I don't have much of anything else to do, read on and you will know what I'm talking about). If I was reviewing it, I would give 4.5/5 stars because it was just beautiful.


Well now, my recent addictions. I have a few to share with you. First off, I am addicted to Gamerscore and Achievements. Yup, I can't get off of them.. I just love getting more and more Gamerscore to my Gamercard...

Also, I am now addicted to CoD4 (again). I am just getting more and more into it was I play it...I used to play 24/7 but then took and break and now I'm back at it again. Also, Halo 3 is very nice.

If anyone of my buddies (you guys) don't have me added on XBL, please do so. Tell me here who you are. I'm Fragging Frenzy.

Peace out peeps _|,,|

Dripping blood...Game Problems

Well, this time of the year my alergies go insane because it's just changing over to get into the summer froma cold snowy winter.

Today I was blowing my nose, and on the second kleenex snot did not come out. I was bleeding like crazy. My nose was literally dripping blood for 5 minutes until it started to calm down.

It seems to be doing fine now and I hope it never happens again. This is the first time in my life (that I remember) that I have bled from my nose.


In other news, I got 2 new games. I picked up Tony Hawk project 8 and Lost Planet for the Xbox 360. I forgot GTA 4 was coming out and I didn't even think, so I wasted all my money a day before GTA comes out... I am an idiot, I know. I actually tried buying Gears Of War and the employee of Gamestop didn't let me because "he needs to see ID"....I'm 17 without a driver's liscence and my parents don't trust me with my birth it's kinda hard to do show ID when you have none....Hopefully I will go out and get my liscence this summer because I will have nothing better to do.

Also, I need money. I want some games so badly, like; GTA, Gears, battlefield:BC, Unreal Toruny III, Rock Band, Guitar Hero: Aero, Assassin's Creed and some others... Some how I must find money!!! I was thinking of getting a job but I don't want to be serving food and crap like that. I actually saw on the internet some guy looking for a "welder helper" for 10 bucks an hour, which dounds pretty good for me seeing that I want to get into trades down the road. We will see what happens.

Anyways, that's about it.

My Halo 3 review is now up!

Game play: ( 10/10 )

There is no game like Halo 3. It is purely unique in every way possible. When you want to destroy aliens by running after them and assassinating them with a sword, you can. When you want to shoot them in the face with a shotgun, you can. Halo 3 is one of the most amazing games there is for the Xbox 360.

Halo 3 is based on the Halo series of books. The last 2 Halo games that have been released were just breath taking. You are the Master Chief (a spartan that wants nothing more but to defeat the Covenant from destroying Earth with a bomb). With most levels, you will have the U.S. army by your side to help you, though they don't do a whole lot.

One great part of all of the Halo games have been the Co-Op option. You can go onto Halo with up to 4 players on one Xbox to help you take down the Covenant.

Of course, there is the multiplayer. The multiplayer is what really gives you a great time. You can either go into Matchmaking, Custom Games with friends, watch recently played films, and forge your own maps for later uses on Custom Games. On Xbox LIVE you can have up to 4 buddies on one Xbox console. They can jump in with you on Un-ranked Matchmaking Games, or Custom Games. You will still gain EXP if your friends are with you on using Split-Screen, but only on Un-ranked and if you win the game.

Graphics: ( 10/10 )

The graphics have been made perfectly for Halo 3. Whether it be the blood, gore, surroundings, humans, guns, aliens or anything Halo 3 has some pretty amazing graphics. If it was to be compared to Call Of Duty 4 I would say Halo 3 would lose, but it would lose right behind Call Of Duty (though it should not be compared to Call Of Duty because they are nothing alike).

Sound: ( 10/10 )

The sound in Halo 3 is beautifully done. The grenades, guns or yelling makes it sound like you were actually the Master Chief, but of course it would be better if you had surround sound. built into your house.

Value: ( 9/10 )

Halo 3 It is still around $59.99 CAN, but is definitely worth the price, because it is capable of giving you thousands of fun hours.

OVERALL: { 9.5/10 }

With over 8 hours of Single-Player (if you only play it once) and endless online, Halo 3 is a must have for any Xbox 360 owner.


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