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Well  I have stepped down from Officer to Recruit in the TUGOWU. More details in my thread, in TUGOWU

anything else happening

Hey, I got a new guitar (red Epiphone SG) and have been playing alot, so not much GS time. Not much else going on besides that and school so I'll have more time to post. And if GMG is reading this I can play ***** Stole My Bike on guitar.

anything happening.

Hey, I have started school so I will be inactive til around 3:00. This Sunday I'll be gone for the day in Chicago. And I would like to thank Curlfro and the other officers for making me and GodofWar 1990 officers.

Actually I lied.

This is most likely my last blog. I never log out of GS so incase I dont reply to a PM i'm most likely gone. I will be gone for the next 2 weekends so I wont be posting in the DS,PSP,PS2 and The Ultimate God of War Union which are pretty much the only places I usually