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is an awesome album by Acronym, a breakcore "band" (it's really only one guy). Sorry for those that came in expecting pretty flower pictures.

Anyway; a friend told me about this guy and said I should check him out. I've only got this album so far but I LOVE it. The song Knife is my favorite song from the album. It's the most "intense" one on the album. This kind of music is not for everyone and I wouldn't really recommend it to a lot of you but check it out if you want something new. At least click the link:P

I've reached the point... (psst there's pics too)

.... where I'm not really worried about anything. School's coming up and it doesn't bother me. I'm going to do well so I have nothing to worry about. I have an extremely capable computer now; no worries about having to upgrade. All social issues I've had with other people have been resolved; that wont be a problem at school anymore. I won't having to be cashing out a bunch of money this holiday season for console games as I have gamefly now which saves me a ton. I'm confident about my guitar skills at this point (I still have a lot to work on with that but I feel that if someone asks if I'm good at playing, I can say yes finally).

Life's great right now. Hopefully it stays like this for a long time.

Oh and the picture. This is me at the beach (This is in California, if anyone is wondering) 3 days ago. My hair's a bit srewed up because I was just in the ocean about 10 minutes prior.. but I think it looks good:P

Damn it. GRRR

It's been 4 days and the fourth chan is STILL not back up. :evil:

I want to get back on /v/ :(

Really though, that place isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem and it can actually be a pretty funny place a lot of the times.

Hopefully it'll be back tomorrow. If it's not then I'm blogging again.

awww.. I missed it by 4 days

My 3rd year anniversery of being on gamespot was on July 6th... haha

I miss old Gamespot.. all blue.. funny forums... Ngage...

also.. I finally decided to check out Dream Theater and well.. they're pretty amazing. Octavarium is an awe-striking album with it's intense drums, guitar solos, crazy bass riffs, and great vocals. The last song is a 24 minute epic titled Octavarium which changes so much it never becomes boring.

Go check it out


Add me on lastfm.

I just saw 100+ people just got Rick Roll'd..

So, today I went to Gamestop at midnight to pick up GH3. There was a LOT of people there, at least 100 or more. They sent us in by groups to get the game... when I walked outside the door, and took a couple steps, I heard it.

Yes, someone, outside the store, was playing Never Gonna Give You Up.

I was in shock.

I am still in shock.

School Lan Party

So, my school is fairly geeky, it's called High Tech High (those of you who've read my previous blogs may already know this...). Today we had a HUGE lan party for 5 hours. Pretty amazing, PS3, 4 360s (for halo 3 tourney), 2 N64's, Gamecube, DDR, crap load of PCs (for CS), and PS2 (for Guitar Hero 2 tourney).

Yeah that Guitar Hero 2 tournament... I won. :D

Prize was $50.

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