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The Madden flu ~

With all the excitement and emotion wrapped up in Madden and concern with additions to the game every year; lets take a comprehensive look at whats being criticized here. 

There are virtually no additional features added to the game of football as it pertains in real life. Every year we appreciate the games for what it is. Any advancement usually involves things that are below the surface too miniscule for the average fan to even notice. Equipment enhancements for helmets and pads are upgraded as technology evolves. Tweaking penalties as it pertains to how players collide New uniforms and colors surprise us every now and then with our favorite team and the rosters change indefinitely if even in subtle ways. 
The networks usually add new graphics and with clever commentary which is to be expected along with stat and historical trivia updates to keep fans in sync with whats going on. Lets be real and fair here. Madden is a game that mimics the NFL.

As long as the actual gridiron doesn't change much then Madden wouldn't either. The power of the consoles only goes so far and the developers do a good job in my opinion to keep the game fresh and innovative every year. There are those few that complain and they're entitled to it. 

Im not saying to just accept anything just because it's a brand name and a fresh package. Madden 25 still has much to be desired regardless of the little quirks but neither of which are incredibly overwhelming. Just be content with the graphic upgrades and the ability to play as your favorite rookie or player and enjoy it for what it is. These low scores truly aren't necessary for a game that virtually doesn't change but looks better every year. 2k doesn't change that much from year to year yet critics show far more appreciation. The series hasn't been around as long as Madden. 

Nevertheless, every year I look foreword to another NFL season and like clockwork I anticipate the new Madden. It may not be a life changer from year to year but it is football. Whenever the NFL decides to makes significant changes in how is delivers its product I'm sure Madden wouldn't be far behind. Laterzzz.