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ps3 and the box

hello whats up... been juggling in my mind lately about which system im going to support more. being an owner of both i think im leaning more towars the ps3. i still enjoy the 360 tho. recently the majority of my friends have crossed over to the ps3 world because or the notorious hardware function that the 360 has. i muself am on my 3rd 360 which i am skeptical every day when it is going to die on me. i dont support it as much. the most recent game i got for it was gears 2 and this racing game called 'grid' which i really enjoy. game titles for the ps3 seem very promising this year. although the 360 has some solid contendors. we'll see what happens. dont know how long this generation is gonna last in regards to the systems. seems like they're going to be around for a while. i still havent found place for the wii im my life and my personality. i say personality because the idea of moving around to playa game just irritates me. thats whatthe gym is for. apparantly its a favorite among lots of people. hopefully it goes under i cant stand the wii. but for those of you who happen to enjoy it more power to you whatever makes you smile. pardon my errors in this blog as there are many of them. last year was in iteresting in reference to games... when ithink about my purchases there are 3 primarily that comes to mind: the darkness, assasins creed, and turok. all three of which didnt seduce my interests or my senses long enough to get $20 worth out of the games. either way they were entertaining for a short while. anyhoo... just wanted to exercise my fingers a little... see you all online or at the crossroads... peace~