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Level 19...WOO HOO!!!

What's up... So now I'm at level 19... its been a long time; since 1996 to be exact but now im here. Couldn't help but watch a few blog videos of M J's memorial. Wasn't really a big fan but there were a few songs i really loved and who could forget those moves. Tried downloading a song that he did yesterday 'You Rock My world' lol the jam with Chris Tucker when Mike did that sick zombie walk... lol it was hilarious. Do you believe that that download was gonna take 18 hrs for 1 son. OMG as if the whole planet is in a frenzy over his music. Either way a legend left us...

I just recently beat Killzone 2, Mass Effect, Bioshock, and Devil May Cry 4. What an interesting bunch they are. I must say that Mass Effect created the most interactive, and extraordinary experience. second to Devil May Cry 4. Bioshock is an excellent game but the variety of enemies need to be revamped. Killzone control still PISSES ME OFF if the controlls were sharper i would have beat it sooner. Still have Ninja Gaiden 2 and Sigma to beat but who knows those games are stresfull. Today is a good day tho... Its sunny in the Bahamas (like usual right) summertime brings out all the bunnies and thongs... My Skyline GTR is at the doctors office now but brighter days are soon to come... Peace u all...

Matte GTRx