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In loving memory

Last night I mourned the loss of my Phillip 'aka Slim' Sears III (PSIII for short) internal storage memory. i noticed shortly after playing Assassins Creed III on Dec 20th that my Ps3 began running really slow; not to mention the audio problems that AC III was known for. after a reformat the problem still persisted. Last night it crashed for the last time. It will be surely missed. Corronors could not really determine the cause of death and an autopsy had to be performed.

Slim is survived by:

Andre (His controller and mentor), Dark Souls, Gran Turismo 5, Skyrim, Borderlands 2, and numerous other titles and family members. Funeral services will be held at Assassins Creed Funeral Home and burial at the Blue Garbage Can in the front. May he rest in peace. :(