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Assasins Creed TOOOO

so how about the upcomming sequel for Assasins Creed 2.... dunno if it entices me enough or stimulates my hormones to the point of making my palms sweat of off the excitement of playing it. the first one left such a bad taste in my mouth that at this point I'm overtly illergic to the mere thought of this game. interestingly enough i felt the completely the opposite prior to the forst ultil post boredom syndrome set in from playing it. The videos do nothing but lie to your senses. What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes... Until some sort of experience and provocation of senses occur then u will reason that the game was crap to begin with. We'll see. Tons of my friends will have to get this game i will have to watch them play it, hear their thesis on the game then i will conjure up the thought of if i wanna buy it... u all b EZ~

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