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I told myself I wasn't going to do it? It's been a long time since I've posted. What I wasn't supposed to do was: In the recent events that have transpired in my life I find it very difficult to find the time for videogames anymore. Becoming a professional in your field is not easy and is very time consuming. But I cannot ignore the fact that I just love games.

I try to envision a life without Madden, Ncaa Football, Fight Night, or some racing game (primarily Forza 3, Need For Speed Shift, Grid, or the New Gran Turismo that's about to hit shelves this November). I just recently sold my original first launch PS3 in an effort to tame my obsession for videogames and to my dismay only caused a frenzy for my need to get a new 'slim' 250 gig PS3. It has gotten so bad that I purchase new games and haven't bought the system yet.

However, I have come to one thesis. Videogames are a part of me; it's a part of my childhood and a part of my era. The most difficulty is in finding the time to play them, which is very few and far in-between. I must admit however that it is very exhilarating racing down the Le Mans Raceway at 199 mph in a Nissan #12 Calsonic Skyline in Forza III, or proving to a friend that the Saints rule the NFL in Madden, or n Fight Night knocking the sh*t out of Ali in the 7th round, prowling in the shadows as Sam Fisher and single handedly dismantling up to 6 bad guys at once, or taking Kobe Bryant to his 6th championship victory in NBA 2k.

Between my skyline, my career (and becoming the best I can be at it), exercising, and the women that harass me, videogames doesn't really fit in that equation as much as I would like it to. But for every few hours that I can spare about every 2 weeks or so it is the greatest past time ever? ;) b EZ

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