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I told myself I wasn't going to do it? It's been a long time since I've posted. What I wasn't supposed to do was: In the recent events that have transpired in my life I find it very difficult to find the time for videogames anymore. Becoming a professional in your field is not easy and is very time consuming. But I cannot ignore the fact that I just love games.

I try to envision a life without Madden, Ncaa Football, Fight Night, or some racing game (primarily Forza 3, Need For Speed Shift, Grid, or the New Gran Turismo that's about to hit shelves this November). I just recently sold my original first launch PS3 in an effort to tame my obsession for videogames and to my dismay only caused a frenzy for my need to get a new 'slim' 250 gig PS3. It has gotten so bad that I purchase new games and haven't bought the system yet.

However, I have come to one thesis. Videogames are a part of me; it's a part of my childhood and a part of my era. The most difficulty is in finding the time to play them, which is very few and far in-between. I must admit however that it is very exhilarating racing down the Le Mans Raceway at 199 mph in a Nissan #12 Calsonic Skyline in Forza III, or proving to a friend that the Saints rule the NFL in Madden, or n Fight Night knocking the sh*t out of Ali in the 7th round, prowling in the shadows as Sam Fisher and single handedly dismantling up to 6 bad guys at once, or taking Kobe Bryant to his 6th championship victory in NBA 2k.

Between my skyline, my career (and becoming the best I can be at it), exercising, and the women that harass me, videogames doesn't really fit in that equation as much as I would like it to. But for every few hours that I can spare about every 2 weeks or so it is the greatest past time ever? ;) b EZ

r33 burnoutr33 burnout

r33 burnout

Level 19...WOO HOO!!!

What's up... So now I'm at level 19... its been a long time; since 1996 to be exact but now im here. Couldn't help but watch a few blog videos of M J's memorial. Wasn't really a big fan but there were a few songs i really loved and who could forget those moves. Tried downloading a song that he did yesterday 'You Rock My world' lol the jam with Chris Tucker when Mike did that sick zombie walk... lol it was hilarious. Do you believe that that download was gonna take 18 hrs for 1 son. OMG as if the whole planet is in a frenzy over his music. Either way a legend left us...

I just recently beat Killzone 2, Mass Effect, Bioshock, and Devil May Cry 4. What an interesting bunch they are. I must say that Mass Effect created the most interactive, and extraordinary experience. second to Devil May Cry 4. Bioshock is an excellent game but the variety of enemies need to be revamped. Killzone control still PISSES ME OFF if the controlls were sharper i would have beat it sooner. Still have Ninja Gaiden 2 and Sigma to beat but who knows those games are stresfull. Today is a good day tho... Its sunny in the Bahamas (like usual right) summertime brings out all the bunnies and thongs... My Skyline GTR is at the doctors office now but brighter days are soon to come... Peace u all...

Matte GTRx

Assasins Creed TOOOO

so how about the upcomming sequel for Assasins Creed 2.... dunno if it entices me enough or stimulates my hormones to the point of making my palms sweat of off the excitement of playing it. the first one left such a bad taste in my mouth that at this point I'm overtly illergic to the mere thought of this game. interestingly enough i felt the completely the opposite prior to the forst ultil post boredom syndrome set in from playing it. The videos do nothing but lie to your senses. What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes... Until some sort of experience and provocation of senses occur then u will reason that the game was crap to begin with. We'll see. Tons of my friends will have to get this game i will have to watch them play it, hear their thesis on the game then i will conjure up the thought of if i wanna buy it... u all b EZ~

wrist blade

Fight night round 4 DISSAPOINTING


The sequel to Fight Night Round 3, just like Mohammad Ali has become one of the most talked about controversial game of all time. If it's not broken, don't fix it is what some of the most dedicated Fight Night fans are saying. The removal of buttons has left long time fans in disarray.

Many of the loyal EA fans who played Knock out Kings are beginning to question Electronic Arts for their lack of quality in recent titles like NBA Live 09, Madden 09 and now Fight Night Round 4.


Ghostbusters Video Game

Ok, I might sound a bit naive for this one but why the hell is Ghostbusters the number 1 video game. That crap died before the Ninja Turtles and they have the nerve to bring that crap back out. Some things should be left dead. Now I havent played this game and rightfully so... its Ghostbusters. That whole concept is just dumb now. I don't even care if it is a good game Im just baffled at the garbage people support /play. Maybe its just me but I will never play or am even interested in playing it for that matter. :evil::roll:

06-18-2009 15:15:55

UFC Undisputed

So I just got UFC Undisputed.. Amazing game I must ay. //WARNING\\ This game is liable to break out real life fights. Its that real and personal. If u haven't played it get the demo... and remember, all moves and actions in the game are done by experienced and train professionals and should only be done on screen not on your little brother or neighbor or anybody else who's *ss you might wanna kick... b EZ

ps3 and the box

hello whats up... been juggling in my mind lately about which system im going to support more. being an owner of both i think im leaning more towars the ps3. i still enjoy the 360 tho. recently the majority of my friends have crossed over to the ps3 world because or the notorious hardware function that the 360 has. i muself am on my 3rd 360 which i am skeptical every day when it is going to die on me. i dont support it as much. the most recent game i got for it was gears 2 and this racing game called 'grid' which i really enjoy. game titles for the ps3 seem very promising this year. although the 360 has some solid contendors. we'll see what happens. dont know how long this generation is gonna last in regards to the systems. seems like they're going to be around for a while. i still havent found place for the wii im my life and my personality. i say personality because the idea of moving around to playa game just irritates me. thats whatthe gym is for. apparantly its a favorite among lots of people. hopefully it goes under i cant stand the wii. but for those of you who happen to enjoy it more power to you whatever makes you smile. pardon my errors in this blog as there are many of them. last year was in iteresting in reference to games... when ithink about my purchases there are 3 primarily that comes to mind: the darkness, assasins creed, and turok. all three of which didnt seduce my interests or my senses long enough to get $20 worth out of the games. either way they were entertaining for a short while. anyhoo... just wanted to exercise my fingers a little... see you all online or at the crossroads... peace~

Killzone and its Lagging aiming

not much to say here people... but the aiming pisses me off... lol
cant wait for the new Call Of Duty MORDERN game... cuz the old school one sukks... tired of that old WW2 type game.. that sh*t is played out and outdated ... just my thoughts

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