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@-Unreal-: Gta 5? Skyrim? I agree this would play most my steam library, but id be getting this instead of a computer......

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Yes YES YESS Please remake this game, but DO NOT action pack the hell out of it. Keep it in true survivor horror fashion like the REZE1 remake!!! This was my first dip into survivor horror, and i still replay this game on my psp from time to time. Its a timeless classic and it should be respected as so!

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beat the game and they will all unlock

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can you say DLC pitch???

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i actually give Kudos to the SH:BoM team for trying something new.

to be honest i actually went out and bought a PS:V just soo i could play this game.

im a avid Diablo 3 player, and a longtime Silent Hill fan.

soo when i seen they merged these 2 ideas together, i had to try it.

and soo far im enjoying itr, even if it is a bit on the challenging side.

if i had to pick one thing about this game that i think is SUPERB, it would have to be the music and sound by far.

i havent really put much play time into online tho, the couple games i did join worked with me tailing behind some one a few levels higher than me and them scooping up all the loot, hah.

soo i prefer to play single player, because of that.

but all in all, i agree with the review. this isnt a bad game by any sense, its just not a great game.

but because i have a love for both genre's this game wants to be, i will give my support.

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ok i so i own both AC3 and AC3:L and something im struggling wiht in the Vita version is the un-responsiveness of the counter controll.

in AC3 when an enemy is about to strike and/or has that red triangle above their head symboling they are about to attack, you press circle , and you will block and it goes into slow mo for a second soo you can chose what kind of counter you want to purport.

in AC3:Liberation, i try doing the same thing, but the counter never seem to happen, and i allways get hit. the onyl way to block ive found is to just hold down the circle button....

soo im just wondering if this is normal??? is there any way to counter properly??? and if soo, how would i go about doing so??

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I also disagree with the OP

compared to GW1.... hell compared to alot of other mmos weather they are still subscrip based or free to play, these graphics raise the bar for non subscription mmos..

im actually more interested in hearing what reasons and why you think the graphics are bad, because at fulol settings, they are amazing.

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ok how about i QQ about your name?? 140 lb stud?? lol more like lil pip squeak. i bet you cant even bench half your body weight. How about instead of being useless , try posting something more constructive, you know like maybe an opinion on why you think the game is good rather than try an be macho when its obvious you have lil man syndrome. thanks for contributing your worse than useless comment :) NakedWif I havent played since i discovered that other zombie mod, but i thought private servers where not supported by the creator and he was trying to take them down because he wants the game to be run the way he wants it. every private server i have tried to join was a different version from my game aswell.