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hey everyone . :)

so how is everyone ive not been on much for the past few weeks, been busy working, so what is everyone been doing and playing, take care :)

what do you think of the DOA film?

i have watched the movie a number of time and i like it, but on the other hand some people dont like the layout and the story line for it, me persaonly think that the fight with helena and christie should have been better, and in the game of DOA helena wins the fight and christie loses, but in the movie helena loses she has always been my fav character in the game so when i seen this i was very disapointed, but what do you think of the movie ?

Need a New Game ? Help :)

oki i am bored and i am trying to waist time while i am waiting for the New DlC for Resident Evil 5, so i want to buy a new game to play while im waiting, what do you think i should buy ?


Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

On february 17th is the release date for Lost in night mares the new DLC for Resident Evil 5, with this download you get Excella and one other character, you alsocan download sheva's and chris's new costume, business suit sheva, and heavy metal Chris, on march3rd Desprate escape will be the next add on from Lost in Night Mares, withthis download you get JoshStone and one other character, also you can download sheva's and Chris's second costume,.

Also a note that the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition release date is march 11th. This will contain all DLC for Resident Evil 5 including versus, Lost in Night Mares and Desprate Escape. All the new characters and also the 2 new costumes for sheva and chris.

Resdient Evil 5

Resident evil 5

Residetn Evil 5 is by far my most fav game off all time, i play the game so much, with friends and online play, they game is very enjoyable, i also love the campaige and also the character that are in the game, Sheva Alomar a new character to Resident Evil 5 Chris Redifields new partner. as JIll Valentine is predicted dead and her body was never found. Wesker is also very enjoyable to use for Mercenaires but is use way too much. ialso like Versus wereyou can killon an other online and compete forlarge number of points, also theNew lost inNight mares eddition is theNew DLC for Resident Evil so that will bevery enjoyable too when it come's out :) they will 8New character to play with, and 2 more levels to play :)

Tekken 6

Tekken 6

Tekken 6 is just amazing to play, ive played the game so many times in the last few months that it have been relised i love to play asa number of different character in the game but lily is on of my favs, i like to play it with all my friends on XBL. but i must add mit im not a really bit fan of the new lay out of the game, i dont like the way that u have to go to each individual task, its never been like that, i think they should change it back :)

Dead or A live 4

Dead or Alive 5

Dead or alive is an amzing game that i love to play with friends and family, i love the game play very much and love a number of different characters but Helena is my best by fare. :)

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