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The Term "Gamer"

Ok this is something that I have been wanting to talk about for a while now. The term "Gamer" is getting thrown around alot lately. Where some of us that play video games are being labeled a "Gamer" in a derogatory manner and then several of us in the gaming community call ourselves gamers with pride and accuse others of NOT being gamers. I will admit of the latter I am guilty of. I have played video games since I was two years old, I cannot remember NOT having a video game in my life in some way or another. I consider myself a gamer because as I near turning 22 I have played video games for almost twenty years. I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable on the subjects of gaming and video games in general. To me that is what a gamer is. Like I enjoy watching movies, but I would not say that I am knowledgeable on movies in general. For instance if I watch a movie and say I didn't like it, My answer would be like "It just didn't interest me" or "I thought it was kind of boring" y'know basic movie answer things. However if you ask me if I like a game and I don't my answer will be like. "The graphics didn't really hold up they felt like they were from last generation." or "The voice acting was terrible and the lip-synching was absolutely horrnedous" I know those aren't the best examples but what I mean to say is as a fan of gaming there are things that I can notice that make a game "rough around the edges" that someone who doesn't play games will probably overlook. I do call myself a gamer and I do wear it with pride. And I do believe there are some things you have to accomplish to call yourself a gamer, or from my perspective things you shouldn't do. For instance if I go out and ride my bike once or twice a week and that's it, it doesn't make me a cyclist. So here are some things that I think if you don't fall into the category of you are not a gamer my friend. -If Call of Duty is the only game you own/play your not a gamer -If you don't know that Link is the Male and Zelda is the Female, your not a gamer -If you've only played on one console your not a gamer -If you don't know what FPS, RTS, or MMO stand for your not a gamer -If all you do is play Angry Birds on your phone your not a gamer And that's something else I'm going to piggyback on. If the only device that you play video games on is your phone, your not a gamer. End of story. Gaming on your phone is really cool, I'm glad it exists. But I find it to be a good Accessory to gaming but not the only way to play them. If you have a PS3 at your house and your playing Journey and then you have to run to the store and while your waiting at the checkout your playing Angry Birds on your phone to kill the time, that's an accessory to your gaming. So that's my take. Agree, disagree whatever you want. By all means speak your minds, I'd have it no other way.