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DeathFriction Blog

Oh Nooooes!

I had recently sold my PS2 for a little extra cash. Worst mistake of my life!!! So many great games left unplayed. I shall buy a new one... It's too bad I won't get my original bulky PS2, that thing was an 11 year old tank.

Final Fantasy Versus 13

Yeah well I finally have my hands on FF13. It's a grweat game and all, and I'm not nearly finished, but I'm still bummed that they cut so much content from the game. Anyway, now that I'm playing this, I took a look at FFV13, and it looks a hella lot more like something I would like to play. Or at least thats what the art design, and modern era look said to me. To bad I have this junky Xbox 360, which isn't any good for JRPGs. Why oh why didn't I buy a PS3 for the FF exclusives ;`( Not to mention I won't be able to get FF14 either. FML!!!!!!!!!!

All Points Bulletin

As my wait for several games, most importantly Guild Wars 2 continues, I have been looking for games that may be coming out even sooner to have some fun for 2010, and still looking forward to 2011. That's when I stumbled upon APB. Looks freakin' sweet, and coming out either quarter 2 or 3. Anyone else looking forward to this game?

Well Here's an Idea :O

Just a random blog to shout out to anyone who would bother to read my profile, that I plan on making a little short story. Possibly some crudely drawn pictures if I'm up to it. If Anyone has any random ideas for my unrealized topic, the comment box is down there. *points*

Final Fantasy XIII

I was highly anticipating FFXIII, but now it seems that it won't live up to the glory of most of its predecessors. I am very new to the series, so I really can't say much, only basing my thoughts on the 30 hours I have on FFXII, which I enjoy very much. I also have FFX which I am only about an hour in to because I want to finish 12 first. (Ironic right?) But from what I have studied from player reviews, and such, FFXIII doesn't seem to be so great. I was very disappointed when they took out a lot of content that you would usually see, such as towns, side quests, and the role of NPC's. Hopefully during the U.S. release I will find that people really enjoy the game, and give me some motivation to buy it. Because honestly I don't feel like blowing off $60 for an un-rewarding game.

Level 3: Review Time

I finally achieved level 3, it took me two days, but I had to wait for my level to update. This is great because now I get to help my fellow "comrades" and review many games, so I can hopefully help some gamers into buying some good games, and not get stuck with garbage. Please read my reviews because I will be writing plenty of them, and I'm only trying to help you :P Give them a look and tell me what you think. Have fun! :)

Guild Wars 2

Ugh... I'm so anxious to get my hands on GW2 but it's still not coming out for about another year or so. I am still having fun playing the first one, and I still have to get the Factions and Nightfall campaigns, along with the GWEN expansions. With this in mind, I still have a lot of adventures to keep me occupied for a while. I at least can be happy knowing that if they are taking this much time, that GW2 is most probably going to be a good, complete game. Until then keep me posted NCSoft and Areanet! :D