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am I the only one looking forward to Dragon Age 2?

the CG trailer got me pumped, Hawke looks like a badass.

Bioware has never dissapointed, I understand some people don't like the more streamlined/action approached to the combat, but i'm always welcome to change.

is there anyone else that isn't crucifying this game at the stake right now LoL

The 9 year wait is almost over.

I remember Christmas 9 years ago, when I first got my copy of Golden Sun for the GBA and arguably my first major RPG experience. The game captivated me, the first and only game I ever bought a strategy guide for, and beat the whole way, absorbing every word of text, extras, and story. Then came along a similar experience with Golden Sun 2, the way the characters of both games integrated in the sequel was mind blowing at the time, and the graphics were also mind blowing.

Now, only a couple days remain until I receive the long awaited successor to the series, Dark Dawn, I went out of my way to pre-order a copy a couple weeks ago. Now, 9 years later, the wait is finally over. Very similar in fact to the recent release of toy story 3, i'm going to hit a nostalgia boom and i cannot wait.