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My top ten games of 09

#10 Halo 3 ODST

#9 GTA the ballad of gay tony

#8 Splosion man

#7 GTA the lost and damned

#6 Wii sports resort

#5 Shadow Complex

#4 Fallout 3 GOTY

#3 Call of Duty modern warfare 2

#2 Assassins Creed 2

#1 Batman Arkham Asylum

Give me your thoughts on my list and the reason I choosed Batman was because i am a huge batman fan he is my fav. hero EVER haha and it had a great story,great gameplay, great graphics, and amazing voice acting. This was a hard choice to make between Assassins creed 2 and Arkham Asylum but Arkham Asylum beat it out because I found the story to be a bit better then the other

What is your most wanted game before the 09 year is over?

Well before the year ends I have to get Call of duty modern warfare 2 I might reserve it this weekend but I have to sell my copys of Assassins Creed and Bioshock and possibly Resident Evil 5(I'm thinking about this one) and well yea this is just to see what you guys want

On another note isn't it weird how when I first started on gamespot I was like a Wii fanatic and now that I got my 360 I rarley talk about my Wii the last game I bought for my Wii was WiiSports Resort haha yea my Wii gets no more love haha oh well

On another other note anyone who knows anything about baseball knows who is going to the post season including my LA Dodgers I'm so excited if the Dodgers win the world series this year I will just go nuts (in a good way) haha GO DODGERS!!!

Mother informs me of some good news

I may be getting a PS3 for christmas "IF" I do good in school so yea i think this is pretty sweet haha i just have to stay focused for 4 months this mission will be called operation "GET A BLU RAY/GAME PLAYER" LOL XP

I'm playng Fallout 3 =)

Yup you reading this right my cuzin lent me this game for a while and I'm addicted to it I can't stop playing this game I can see why this game was game of the year haha so far ive played 2 days and I've goten to level 10 so i think im doing pretty good haha this game is great but i still have the issue of the weapons and aiming system the V.A.T.S. is fine but I'm so use to shooters that I keep thinking this is a shooter haha what are my fellow gamers playing?

Hello my fellow my gamers wat have u guys been up to?

summer has been...boring nothing remotley interesting yet haha if any of u are aware Splinter cell conviction and Bioshock2 have been postponed until January this to me is a good thing because I'm short on cash to buy 4 games I was also going to buy Assassins creed 2 and Modern warfare 2 so now i can buy those 2 and wait til January to buy those other 2

The Number 1 game of the year!

This series has always been great and I've always loved every single game...

from vice city to San Andreas and now we are back in liberty city!!!

Grand Theft Auto 4 GTA 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

What can I say this game is just so fing amazing and thats why its my number 1 game I always knew I would get my hands on this game sooner or later and i did and im sure all of u agree with me congrats to GTA4 to bad it didn't win on gamespots game of the year...