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Back... again.

I am probably forgotten here, but I am back again. And two months ago someone wanted to know my YouTube account?

Well here:

Ignore the cheesy name, I made it in early 2008 when I was still a big Pokemon fan, but I am not that big of a Pokemon fan now.

And oh, who plays Mario Kart DS? My Friend Code there is 3223 8404 4184. I would like a match if you have Mario Kart DS. And no, no hacks whatsoever, I despise hackers. Snaking is alright with me.

My YouTube account got suspended :(

OK, since when was uploading a Pokemon walkthrough made by YOURSELF considered copyright infringment? I didn't even put music there for the love of god. Screw you YouTube, really, I lost 35 000+ channel views, 700+ friends, 1000+ favourites, 300+ subscribers and about 180 videos.

RIP alakazamfan123

Ferbruary 22 2008 - July 10 2010

WTF?! Glitch?

I am already Level 3, so that means I should be able to upload images and write reviews. But I got this message instead "Error: Your account is currently unable to access this feature." WTF?!?! Does anybody know what causes it?

Pretty self-explanatory... just read the text below

I never really considered typing about my personal life before, but I guess I just have to. I have a problem with self-discipline. Before I go back home from school, I always say "I will finish all my homework!" but I always end up on the computer and end up burning the midnight oil to finish my homework, and the next day in school I am battling to stay awake. Very ridiculous I know... Should I ask someone to hide my laptop where I won't find it? Or do I need to do it myself...


It appears the level button doesn't show progress at once, you have to wait for it for days, then you can see your level suddenly increase. It won't be too long before I review games. Because I love voicing out my opinion.

Additional Information

Even though I am new to Gamespot, I am not new to the Internet, I have been using it since 2007, and I have bothered to make an account here and actively participate because of the level system. I am very experienced in online matters, I have met trolls on YouTube who try to infuriate me and whatnot, but they don't bother me in the least, and besides, in forums they will be kicked out. I am a 14, turning 15 this December. My name is David, as you already know from my username. I love expressing my opinions, and when it is online when it is less unnerving. I am from Indonesia, living in Singapore. Not to be brag, but I also happen to be a math whiz, taking up higher mathematics and elementary mathematics and scoring As for both. Assuming you ask me anything of my level and not ask a university-level question, I should be able to answer 90% of them. Like: log base 8 power 512 + 2(log base 7 power 343) - log base 6 power 36 = 3(log base 8 power 8) + 6(log base 7 power 7) - 2 (log base 6 power 46) = 3 + 6 - 2 = 7 I guess I will stop here, because my computer can't handle mathematical equations, and I am already sounding like a braggart.