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Worst Timing

My stupid VCR is acting up lately and I don't need that right now. All my favorite shows that they're showing are coming to and end and I would like to tape them but my VCR is not cooperating GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Plus I'm still writing my story and I'm planning on typing it when I'm done. P.S. Blossumgurl you are kewl as Easter.

Spring,Story and School

I have been doing a count down of how many school days I have left.......only 35 as of today!!!!! I can't wait until Summer Vacation. Also I can't wait until Easter either. Since it's Spring people expect kids to go outside and play around (Or in my case play basketball even though I'm not good at it -_-') but I shall spen Spring writing my story, which I'm on the 22nd chapter. Well anyways that's all that's on my mind......please stay tune and look to the skies. P.S. Blossumgurl is the kewlist and GO LEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring is awesome and finally here

It's official spring really is here. The fact that I'm wearing shorts tells ya. I've been lately thinking of another sequel to my one story I'm writing where it takes place in the future of the planet and the setting is a post apocalyptic style. My friends at school say how just about some of the things I'm writing is cliche but the only problem is the fact that if that was the case then ever book would be cliche and none would be published. Also I wonder where our generation is going. People don't enjoy reading much anymore. Then there are people who ask me if I have a life. Well here's my life...drawing, music, writing and videogames. Then they always respond that's boring. Well not to me ^_^. Anyways that's all for now and keep tuning in and watch the skies ^_^ P.S. Blossumgurl is the kewlest. Go lemons!!!!!

It's been a year

I already miss some of my favorite shows like Shaman King :( I miss it soooooooo much. Anyways I got a new DVD over spring break I forgot to mention. It's like Monty Python Life of Brian but it was made in America. lol it's good though. Also I'm glad the whole standardized testing at my school is about to be done. If I pass I could get up to $2,500 of scholarship money. I hope I do pass. Lately I've been writing my book and balancing school and designing charcters. Anyways that's all for today. P.S. Blossumgurl REALLY ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!! ^_^

Ahh Spring Time

It's the best time of the year besides summer. Just the thought of school coming to an end feels so great. Even though school rushes by people just don't stop and smell the roses. Also for those who are PMing me about my book (only about one and you know who you are ^_^) I thank you for your support ^_^. I have such great friends on here. Well now comes the slow time where I don't expect getting a new game. Also I heard COngress is trying to get rid of our pop at schools. I need my daily drink of Coca Cola to keep me going through the school day. Well that's all on my mind for tonight. P.S. You rock blossumgurl, you really rock ^__^

Am I just lucky?

In the past week I end up getting two rare games. Sonic Adventure DX and Riviera The Promised Land. All at a local store. What else that is going to be good will happen to me? I wonder.