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The Horror, oh the horror

I have only three days of school left and they are all exams.......grrr. Also I found out that the five page essay that I had to do in English was worth 1/3 of our final exam grade-_-' I hate this.

Here's the deal

I have came up with a title called "The Seed of Light" if you think this is a bad idea or could come up with something better please PM me and have your friends help me too.

Story Problem

I am currently having a tough time naming the title of my story. I need something that has a catchy title and pleases everyone. The reason why is becuase someday I'm thinking of publishing it. If you have any ideas please tell me.

yay randomness

I have been bored so I have been trying to figure out lyrics of certain songs. I've been writing my book which will end up being a 2 parter. I've been changing my radio stations on my radio and getting rid of any unwanted radio stations that are programed on it. Summer is almost coming yaaaaaaaaaayy. In the mean time I still have to figure out what I'm writing for a 5 page essay.