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First day of school -_-'

My first day of school was Chaos. Just about everyone was complaining that the classes they signed up for they didn't get. In advanced Algebra first day and we get a test -_-' Then too find out in almost all my classes except Advanced Algebra there is atleast one person I know......wether it's a good thing or a bad thing with some of the's hard to know.

Here's my schedule

For those who for someodd reason wanted me too XD

Mass Communications ( I think this is an english class O_o)

Advanced Algebra (never took it my Junior year)

3-D Art Design

Web Page Design

Art 7 & 8


Umm story idea or not

Did this idea ever been used in a book? It takes place somewhere in the future wherejust about everything is conrtolled by a giant computer....well a hacker starts taking over it and they must stop him, but how? Well do you think I should do this or not.

I'm back

Sorry if I suddenly dissapear for 2 days. My computer broke and well it took 2 days for our internet provider to connect us to this new one ^_^

This stinks :(

My computer is screwing up. It keeps freezing about 10 times a day. There are no viruses what so ever, and we have about 78% free space :(

More story news

I was thinking of also writing some horror genre books but just about every legend has been touched by someone unless I do some legends that already have been done but do it in my style. Or find some small legend that no one has heard of. Or do both.What do you guys think I should do?Does it sound good?