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OK there I did it

I asked her today if she likes me on myspace.....we will see how it turns out but I still fear that she will say "As a friend"

Does she like me?

My only question is does this girl like me. We already admit we are a couple dorks. She has about 10 pictures of me now (4 of which is me and her alone), she didn't want me to catch a cold, she cut my hair to what she thinks looks cool, she helped me with my myspace account, she keeps inviting me to all these places.

Yay ^_^

Last night I went trick-or-treat with the girl last night (and with no one else) and today she is cutting my hair XD

Yay that was fun

Yesterday the girl I like invited me to a haunted house with another couple and OMG that was fun an scary. At one point she did start crying and had an axiety attack so I figure I would help her out. At one point we started holding hands and she wouldn't let go. ^_^ I felt soo awesome then after that we went into the woods becuase there was suppose to be where some people are buried and started recording and then went back to her place and listened to the recording and it seemed like after I spoke we heard something that sounded like "No, this is me Aron mama" which freaks us out. But the weird thing is we tested it out and we only heard voices when I was around. Also I did try to ask to see if she likes me and all she said is maybe, but I have to get to know you more then after the letter she put a heart before her name. She never did that before and when she gave me her picture on the back it had a heart before her name and no ones was like that.

I am confused now

There's this girl I like and I want to ask her out. The problem is now that I have no vehicle, no liscense, and no job but I feel if I don't ask her out now I may lose her. What should I do?

OK news for you all

Ahem....the other night I had one of those dreams that could actually come true. It was kinda like those Field of Dreams one but different. I am now working on a comic book project. It will be a collection of advertisements, my life, and a few other shorts into it. The advertsiments will be weird things that I make up from my head. The my life shorts will be basically short stories based on me and the characters name shall be Mike and his personality will be like mine but tweaked up a bit to make him more psychotic. Then so far two other shorts will feature my dog since he is comical himself and a guy named "Homeless Joe"  Tell me how you think about it.

Two notes I'm sick and I've been sick for 2 days and second I was thinking of making a website ^_^