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I am now matured

For the past few weeks that one girl has been arguing with me all because I won't go to any stores with her and instead play videogames. Honestly to tell you the truth ever since it became 2007 I have matured. I am no longer her "puppet". I now stand tall and I will not back down. The latest arguement got me angry. She said all of my friends aren't really my friends, they just pity you and I made you the way you are. Wrong. I made myself the way I am. And I knew my friends alot longer than her. I think she just don't like the fact that I am sticking up for myself and I have people to back me up....whether they're real friends or online friends I have more than she will ever have and that's because of the way she is. I finally saw her true colors. Also her "boyfriend" has been sending me pictures on myspace and asking me questions that of course I would know. I am now completely matured........I am a new man and you know what? It feels nice and also I have more confidence in myself. It's all thanks to my friends including you guys ^_^

Merry Christmas ^_^

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukah or whatever. Mainly for me, I'm happy it's christmas. I got 1 PS2 Memory Card, The Beetles T-shirt, School of Rock DVD, Bruce Almighty DVD, 4 games which are :The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker, Yggdra Union, Animal Crossing Wild World, and Harvest Moon DS. Now starting tomorrow I will do a count down until I'm 18.

I am sooo depressed........

Even though christmas is coming I am now severely depressed. The girl I like got asked out yesterday after school by some other guy and well she said yes. Then I already said that if she said no to me asking her out, I would go to the next victim and well one of my friends told this other girl what I said and all she did was give a huge grin.......a happy grin. What is it? When one window closes for me a new one opens? Lately I have been dreaming about this girl too. Is this a sign?

OMG that was fun

Last night I went to a birthday party. OMG that was just sooo much fun. The girl there said something that got me thinking. She said she sense something growing between me and the girl I like. I hope so ^_^ That would be sooo awesome. I had a chance to show my protected side. She ran out crying because of a certain incedent and I ran after her, she started to cry. I hugged her and after a while she actually did stop crying ^_^ But this one kid said "Shut up, look at you. Your doing everything for her. You don't even have a chance with her." He was first of all talking about that incedent but come on. What else was I suppose to do? Just let her go crying? I think not. I think this kid is actually jelous because he just got out of a relationship. Oh and 8 more days until christmas.

How fun the two weeks are

This week I was busy christmas shopping I got everything I wanted and next week I'm going to be busy gift wrapping for some charity thing to house the homeless because our graduation requirement has been you need 12 hours of volunteer service and well I only have 4.5 hours....ehh this will be nice though XD.


The girl well anyways she cut my hair and after that said "ooh what a stud muffin XD" lol and then this weekend she wants to take me to the mall even though we both don't have the cash. Then last night when we both were in the car alone driving me home, she was saying how I'm not as fat as I'm saying that I am (I claim to be as big as the Numa Numa guy) and well she said handsom on the outside and inside and well I kinda said she was beautiful on accident and yet she didn't seem too freaked out. Is the sign that she likes me getting stronger.

umm.......this is weird

I umm.....asked the girl to change my myspace background music to something that represents me and well she chose "iris" by Goo Goo Dolls. umm...... what does that mean?

Well I don't know what to do

I don't really know what she means in a way but in a way I do. She said "Sorry I don't really know what I want to do right now. I had a bad breakup last month and I can't really think much about starting another so soon.... " But I still like her. What should I do? Should I wait for a while and ask her again?