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Girl Confusion

Ok here's the thing. I met this one girl 2 years ago. We became friends. Then at one point I fell in love. She knew it and didn't say anything. Then towards the beginning of the last school year, I asked her out and she said " No offense, but I'm not ready to go out, it isn't you. I'm just not mature enough". But then after that it got confusing. I keep getting mixed signals. I mean on my birthday she got me a gift, she seems to be getting nice towards me. Then here it comes, one of my friends found out that I liked her still and he told her that and all she said was"Ok". But then lately I keep having dreams about her. Is this a sign or something? Please help me out.


Why is there so many games that I like coming out in November and I can only choose 1 for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!