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Wow........I am lucky

About a year ago I went to one of my friend's birthday party and met this girl there. I had a crush on her but issues developed at the party which made me tend to someone who was crying and she did the same thing and by the time I was able to talk to was too late. People started to go home and there was my parents at their car honking the horn and i didn't even get a chance to find her and talk to her. Well about a year has went by and I got onto myspace and there she was on my friends profile. I started talking to her and turns out she actually did like me and now we are going out as gf and bf ^_^.

I learned one thing today

I figured out really what why I am in arut lately. Although I like playing videogames, watching tv, listening to music and reading everyday of my life.....I miss school. I miss just sitting there learning new stuff. I miss everything about school. I come to realize today I am and always have been a bookworm. But I have no job, no scholarships and my parents won't co-sign for student loans, so I have no college. This all stinks.

Well ....

I beat Kingdom Hearts 1 and now on Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and recently obtained a game called Rune Factory which I found to be awesome. I also have been developing a suspense thriller/detective novel which is about an insane murderer that during the day acts like any normal person but at night is a killer and a detective who has to solve the murder and finds out a bizarre secret. Also lately I've been entering sweepstakes and contests to win free junk like laptops and other stuff but so far not so good. Ahh well, anyways nothing really new.


Lately I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 1 for the PS2 and OMG I hate Sephiroth XD other than that not much. is back to it's funness again. In fact I even met a cool new friend ;) you know who you are :). lol I have also been playing Pokemon Diamond XD lol AHH still waiting for someone to call me to hire me. Sadly this is the only way I can get to college. Oh well now that summer is getting close to being done, some places will hire again because ......ahh I dunno I'm just optimistic here. Also as most of you know some things are changing about me. I am excersizing every day now :). Well I think that's all until then wtach the skies!!!!

People :(

Will someone pwease talk to me.....I go on here everyday :(....unless there's somewhere else you wanna talk.

*sigh* :(

Yeah things are really slow, I feel like leaving but I would miss talking to you guys, I dunno what to do :(

*Sigh* This place.....

This place is getting so boring but honestly I don't wanna leave this place because how would I be able to talk to you guys ^_^ I made some awesome friends. It's seems like people rarely come on here anymore. I don't know anymore :(

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today is my birthday. I'm so happy. So far and I think it's the only thing I'm getting but I'm happy with it, I got a CD of Daughtry. I am sooo happy ^_^ oh and $20

Someone Help me!!!

Yeah next Semester I am stuck with that one girl in my English class and I am stuck with her boyfriend in Seminar which is like Study Hall. I hate this...What did I do wrong to deserve this fate?