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Bye Bye PS3

Anyone who knows me will never, ever believe what i'm about to say as i am an addict.

I now announce that i am selling all my ps3 games and giving up ps3!!!!!

I think my life will be better without the cost,fraustration, and distraction of constant ps3 playing addiction so i am selling some great games that i said to my self i would keep till my grave.

This is not an advertisement post but if by anychance someone reading this is on ebay and has a ps3 then my games will be up for sale cheaply any day now, they are.......

Just cause 2, assassins creed 2(GOTY edition), colin mcrae dirt 2, red faction guerilla,infamous,race driver grid,uncharted 2: among thieves and battlefield bad company 2. all selling for lowest price on ebay