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At long last.......

Black ops (PS3)came the other day and i've just posted my review for it. i really enjoyed playing zombies but was dissapointed with the bad servers and the 5 minute wait for a game even though i have a great connection, however i absolutely love multiplayer and am almost inseprable from my custom galil with relflex sights, extended mags, red and green camo and my awsome logo of a red scorpion on a black circle with a white nuclear sybol between its claws!

I was surprised at the lack of skill i saw in zombies with other people, apart from one game i played with some adults("Five" left game on round 22)every game i play is full of in expierienced or just bad players who get downed on round 4-8 leaving me a final attempt to survive!

i'm looking forward to playing with my friend who's actually good at zombies.I did manage to get to round 21 solo on "Five" with the pack-a-punched winters howl and pack-a-punched HK21 and i think round 21 is quite good for five as it is considered as quite hard

If you think your good and want to play add and message me at wibble12