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Darkstalker77 Blog

Save the horsham town hall

This advert is for anyone who lives in horsham who cares about the town hall.If you have'nt heard then the old town hall is planned to be converted to a reasturant.

There is a face book page set up by my dad to help stop this happening so if interested go on the causes list on face book and search "save the old town hall"!!!

battlefield:new class idea

I was thinking this morning what troop it would be cool if they added and i came up with an assualt officer equipped with a shotgun,desert 5 and grenades.The officer would be dressed in thick black padded armour and have a visor on his face.

However judging by the fact there is 3characters that seems a kind of number that does'nt change so i'm not expecting any new troops but some good map packs might be nice to improve the length of time people stay interested in it.

battlefiled: new tactic discovered

Today while parachuting out of a planeI thought for the first time about the parachute.I remembered that you can engage it when ever you want as long as you've just jumped from a plane.

So i was just flying over the enemies front line when i jumped out but dident engage my chute,because you fall faster no one see's you coming so i dropped down behind all the enemies(the "ridge" in guadalcanal)Then at the last second i hit x and parachuted the last metre or so.When i landed I killed 3 snipers on the edge and 1 person in the mini tower,then when i came out and 2 more people spawned i killed them to.So thats a great way of getting mass kills and points

battlefield 1943 hints and tips

best sniping position(guadalcanal)-When looking at guadalcanal you will notice there is one mountain higher than the rest(it is especially easy to see when flying)if you fly or walk up it there is some decent cover and you can see evry base on the map.

best sniping position(iwo-jima)-if the top of the light house is not destroyed then that is the best place as it has excellent cover and a great view of the island.

best sniping position(wake island)-in the airfield there is two sniper posts on each entrance but there is one more in the middle by the flag.if you go up there before anyone takes it then when the enemies settle down to take the base you can head shot them and get 15 points.

tip:mines-only one mine can take out any vehicle so if you go to a enemie base put one mine in each vehicle there and then wait till some of them are engaged then you are guaranteed decent points.

Battlefield 1943 PS3

This Blog is for conversations and questions about battlefield 1943

anyone who hasent played this game should try it,basically it is a online world war 2 game with 3characters riflemen,infantry and scout.vehicles include jeeps,tanks,planes and boats.Each game features a 15 aside war with destructible scenary and vast scenaries.

Cheats:The only cheat currently found is a quick reloading glitch,when low on ammo hit square to reload and then start sprinting,you will be able to hear your character reloading but you wont see it happening (Note:this doest not work with snipers and rocket launchers.

if any one finds any more cheats to share please post them here.


hi everyone

hi all i have just joined as a free member and would like to make some friends. also i was wondering how to get my level up so i can write reviews for games as i have a total of 34 DS games