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PS3 vote

on the sony playstation 3 section of the forums i have a vote called "is call of duty really that good?" to see how many people go on about it to there friends day and night and how many people think its over hyped, so if you have call of duty or have played it a decent amount then please vote

Thanks :)

PS3 and DS ban!

weeks playstation and DS ban for crashing into my friends bike but i will blog on with pointless entries no one cares about:evil::)

about me

soon as more people are viewing my profile i am going to put a bit about me.

Well in gaming terms i have a nintendo DS lite,ps3 and a psp but my main reviews are on DS and PS3 as i have 30+ games on both those consoles and i go one them alot(to much).I live in horsham,west sussex,united kingdom.My dad has a facbook campaign to save our town horsham's town hall so if anyone out there lives in horsham and is on face book then please join.

i like trampolining,cycling,cars,PS3,BB guns and reviewing games!

My all time favourite games on any console are infamousPS3,midnightclub LA PS3,scribblenauts DS,mariokart DS

I dont like school,homework,being shouted at by my teachers,damaging my bike,PS3 bans and rain

I like getting involved in conversations and discussions so fell free to message me and add me as a friend.

Yet another new game

Just bought warioware D.I.Y which is very good.To start off with i had no worries that the game would be good but then i became afraid it might be to complicated,however i can tell anyone who is also worried about that that it is not neccasery.The tutorials are well thought out and leave you feeling keen to get going as in the lessons you just watch the other characters make a game and you dont get to do much but watch.

returning to older games

I've just returned to infamous after a month of other games and as i'd hoped my intrest is re-newed.In my other posts about infamous i said that i dident think it would get boring any time soon and i'm glad to see i was right.The power you gain as you progress and the ability to run accross rooftops deflecting bullets and zapping bolts of lightning takes a long while of playing to get boring and then it only takes amonth to get awsome again.

once again i will suggest infamous as a must buy as it is getting gradually cheaper in places like Game and Blockbuster.

i've also played an old game for the first time and even though it is one of the PS3's first first person shooters it still never ceases to amaze me how entertaining and challenging it can be,the game is the famous resistance fall of man which is £4 in blockbuster and was picked up just for the cheap price by my dad.After that we went on to play the story co-operatively and found out how fun it is for a old shooter.

Midnight club:los angeles OMG!!!!

Ijust bought midnight club los angeles on ps3 and am astounded by it.Its amazingly graphiced scenary,awsome car selection and new features set it aside from other racers.Its got bigger scenary that burnout paradise,more cars than NFS undercover and its new features such as proper inforced speedlimits,realistic damage in and out of races and accurate sense of speed make this game officially the best racer i have ever played and i bought it for a shockingly low £7.95.

Free roam in the city of LA is great fun with shortcuts,police and other racers you can challenge simply by flashing your lights at them,customization is updated with large varieties of interior and exterior options from spoilers and gauges to lights and body kits,this game has it all, so pick it up now preowned for £12 in Game or £8 in blockbusterand experience its amazing sensation of being a harcore serious street racer

completed infamous

I just finished infamous as mostly bad and good right at the very last 3 chapters.i did complete it in one week but that was with very solid playing and ive got loads of shards still to collect and side missions to complete.It also does leave the game almost unmistakably open for a sequel so i'm definitely going to get it as infamous has alot to give.

see the infamous discussions for tips ,cheats and ideas for infamous 2

Just bought infamous

Just a note to say i recently bought infamous and i am not going to write a review for it because, although it is awsome loads of people have already given it positive reviews.
But if you were considering it as a game to buy then go for it as it is even better than i had hoped after playing the demo.

I have also just posted a tip on the ps3 discussions board for how to get past hard missions so feel free to check that, and my other topics out on the playstation3 and DS sections of the forums area.

Bourne conspiracy PS3

I recently bought Bourne conspiracy on PS3 and reviewed it with the outline "short but sweet" as i completed it in about 5 hours though i enjoyed it very much and i only payed eight pounds for it so i dont feel i made a bad choice.

I have just started replaying it on a harder difficulty after a weeks break and i was suprised to find it just as exciting and fun as before.It is also in a way better because you dont have to keep using bourne instinct to find out which way to go because you already know.