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N zombies new personal best

Today I finnally beat my nacht de untoten record on COD 5 nzi zombies. My record had been 14 but today i quit on 17because i had guests coming,I was playing online 4 player and we where camping up stairs1 covering the window and 3covering the door opposite the grenade respawn.

One of us had a browning,one had a ray gun,one had a BAR and I also had a BAR so i covered the window while the others took the door.The one time i did die half way through round 16 the others survived until 17 where i respawned,Before i quit i wanted to help so i charged out with a thompson and 4 grenades to kill about 25 zombies before i got injured and left the game.

I never found out how far my team mates got so who no's how much further i could have gone?

uploading of videos

I am trying to upload a self recorded video of just cause 2 PS3 footage however the gamespot help centre wont give me a clear answer as to wether i would actually be breaking copyright rules or not. I have had problems with them previously as they never tend to provide good or clear answers and their automated response confuses me as to weather a actual person will answer my question? does anyone else have this problem.


I have always been rubbish at waiting for things and was always very iritated at having to wait "3-4 buisness days" which was normally 4 in my case,however i have never been more excited about anything that was to arrive than i am about just cause 2 on PS3. On the day i write this it is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow,monday latest.

Just cause only gets an 8/10 which really shocked me as i was blown away by the demo's graphics,sound,sandbox layout and atoundingly large scenary.It is often compared to GTA however in my opinion just cause's driving,flying and sailing engine is alot more fun and being able to parachute or dive out of any vehilcle just before it hits a petrol station ,smashes into a police car or skids off a cliff is pure fun.

map Pack

yesterday i bought the COD 5 zombie map verrack ,(excuse the spelling)and am really impressed by its multiple rooms and actual target room rather than just having to survive.However i have found it alot harder than nacht de untoten and only managed to get to round 9 online and 7 offline.

Any one who has this map on COD world at war ps3 then send a friend request to wibble12 no spaces no capitols and then i will invite you to a zombie game in the near future.


This morning i reached level 13 on zombie mode COD:world at war.I had a deployable browning and 357 revolver+ i was playing with 3 other people but eventually the other 3 people where both covering one window and they forgot to look behind them every few seconds so they got killed before i could help and then i was the only one left so i tried to run up stairs but when i pressed remove debris nothing happened even thoughI had 12000 points....DAMMIT!!!

zombie fever

Just started playing N zombies on COD andI amvery into it and playing co-op online which can be very hard butI am rewarded by rank advancement to make me look better to other players!

play with me by inviting wibble12 to your game on COD

COD fever

No,I havent got hooked on fish I am actually addicted to call of duty world at war which is even better thanI expected and the zombie mode is really addictive and unique which makes me rush home from school to play it online soI have 3 other people backing me up,andI can get my online rank up by playing just N zombies,everybodies a winner!

call of duty coming home

I have finally purchased a call of duty game after months of people asking if i had a PS3 and then being astounded when i said i had no COD's. The main reason i bought it was so me and my dad can play the story co-operatively so if you know lots about call of duty then you might of guessed the one i'm getting is world at war. Other than co-op campaign the other thing i cant wait to do is nazi zombies as i always hear people talking about it so i looked a video up on youtube and it looked so cool and just my kind of thing so i'm hoping to play online with a number of people before i have completed story.

DS night in!

got a sleepover planned with my mate and we are planning on staying up till 2 in the morning playing a Multiplayer DS gaming marathon and eatin sweets (sad) but entertaining. just got bomber man and point blank specially for that night!


The force returns

starwars force unleashed

After going back to the galaxy of vader and his aprentice i have remembered how good it feels to walk into a room full of enemies and have the reassurance of the force with you,basically being able to send any trigger happy enemies flying away with a simple tap of the 0 button or electrcute a bunch of enemies with a quick burst of triangle.And even when your force needs reacharging you can still activate your light saber and fluently front flip into a crowd of enemies and slice them all to pieces in under 15 seconds easy , but very satisfiying.