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For the first time ever i have traded in a game within 1 month of purchasing it. The game in question is test drive unlimited 2, i traded it in at game purely because its not worth the amount i payed even though i did enjoy playing it.

I got a very resonable £35 store credit which is great considering i payed £34.67


I'm now trying to decide what to spend this on , any ideas?

Pain is cooool!

For a random purchase pain is alot better than i expected and i liked itenough to buy 2 add-on packs for it within 2 days:D.unfortunately no one plays online so i could'nt get into an online game :cry:

If anyone wants to play online then add and message me PSN: wibble12

random purchase of the weeek

I just felt like spending the last bit of my money and on a complete whim i bought Pain.However i heard that it only has one map but i can only afford one £3.99 add on pack,so i posted a question asking which add on pack is the best.

If you have an opinion then please comment on this post or go to the ps3 pain page and answer my question

Thanks all :)

The wait is over!

Test drive unlimited 2 arrived today a couple of days early and i've just come of it after a couple of hours of testing.

The verdict is........ good but not as awsome as i expected it to be.

The cars look fantastic and the driving sounds great and feels realistic but online lags badly and the lack of proper damage takes some of the realism away.

see my mini review for more details including what to do in the huge free roam scenary

Thanks for reading,please comment:D

I cant live till the 14th!

Having just watched every video and read every preview on test drive unlimited 2 i now cant live until i play it!!,i even hastily sold 6 of my beloved ps3 games just to afford it when it first comes out.

If your a fan of driving games and you havn't yet checked out test drive 2 then get over to the videos section now!!!!

I fell in love with it just by reading one page and watching one video.

Portable addiction at the highest level

I have just discovered that treyarch and infinity ward have finally realised that putting N. zombies on a portable console is a good idea, yes if you didnt already know zombies has made an ever awaited apperance on the DS version of COD black ops.

now the breaking news....... they did do a pretty good job,The principal is good but players will notice that a few minor glitches drain a bit of the fun. For a start tight scenaries combined with DS controls make zombie dodging quite difficult,however this can be improved by increasing the stylus sensitivity.

The other problem is that occasionally dead zombie bodies will lurch forward as you shoot them and if they come into contact with you then you die,this can be very irritating.

i've said enough but black ops DS is a great game i recommend and my review will be out soon,i also have a few tips on zombie survival in the forum section. DS~COD black ops zombie tips DS

Gaming gaming gaming........


Well lets take a look

Recently bought Dirt 2 and was very happy with it,best driving game on PS3 yet.

probably getting black ops after christmas(woo hoo!!!!)

Went back on COD world at war and got up to lvl 28 first prestige,got mega addicted to hardcore search and destroy.

Got a few reviews to write as i have'nt been gamespotting for ages,see my dirt 2 PS3and modern warefare 2 DSreview coming soon

well,there's no time to lose then....

A busy gaming life

Well its been busy.......

prestiged on COD:5 world at war

went back to assassins creed after months

bought skate it 2 and transformers revenge of the fallen(just cos i like the film)

finally got round to choosing some new psp games.TOCA race driver 2:ultimate driving simulation and possibly assassins creed:bloodlines

Unfortunately now i've prestiged on COD my enthusiasm to play it is starting to fade so i will need to find a new game that i'm interested in

going for platinum

I've been working on my trophies and have earned some gold but i'm not satisfied so i'm going to try and get platinum on just cause only 60% through but i've done all the hard trophies so im down to the ones you dont get by accident.

der riese

Just bought the der riese map pack on COD 5 world at war and have had a great time online but the one thing that puzzles me is that despite the fact its known as the hardest map i can get further on it than nacht de untoten or verruckt(i dont have shi no numa).I reckon it must be because of the awsome camping spots and easy mass points.

If anyone wants to play der riese with me then add and message wibble12 (PS3 only)

My latest record on der riese is 24(this morning)

The other day 19/9/10 I reached 29