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I Return

Hi All

I'm back after along time.....

i bought one or 2 of my sold games again just for when i'm bored and i also just picked up a very underated game which deserves so much better, Fuel for PS3.if you where thinking of buying it then go read my review now

Bye Bye PS3

Anyone who knows me will never, ever believe what i'm about to say as i am an addict.

I now announce that i am selling all my ps3 games and giving up ps3!!!!!

I think my life will be better without the cost,fraustration, and distraction of constant ps3 playing addiction so i am selling some great games that i said to my self i would keep till my grave.

This is not an advertisement post but if by anychance someone reading this is on ebay and has a ps3 then my games will be up for sale cheaply any day now, they are.......

Just cause 2, assassins creed 2(GOTY edition), colin mcrae dirt 2, red faction guerilla,infamous,race driver grid,uncharted 2: among thieves and battlefield bad company 2. all selling for lowest price on ebay


I've just been looking through my stuff for some things to sell at a boot sale and decided to look my retro tomy astroshooter mini pinball machine up on ebay. I bought it for £5 secondhand which i did think was a good deal at the time, however on ebay the buy it now price for one is £40 OMG!!!!

I'm not even sure whether i want to sell it but it might be good for my gaming life £40 = a few decent games

At long last.......

Black ops (PS3)came the other day and i've just posted my review for it. i really enjoyed playing zombies but was dissapointed with the bad servers and the 5 minute wait for a game even though i have a great connection, however i absolutely love multiplayer and am almost inseprable from my custom galil with relflex sights, extended mags, red and green camo and my awsome logo of a red scorpion on a black circle with a white nuclear sybol between its claws!

I was surprised at the lack of skill i saw in zombies with other people, apart from one game i played with some adults("Five" left game on round 22)every game i play is full of in expierienced or just bad players who get downed on round 4-8 leaving me a final attempt to survive!

i'm looking forward to playing with my friend who's actually good at zombies.I did manage to get to round 21 solo on "Five" with the pack-a-punched winters howl and pack-a-punched HK21 and i think round 21 is quite good for five as it is considered as quite hard

If you think your good and want to play add and message me at wibble12

the game i'm looking forward to more than any other in the past

when it first came out i was told by my parents that i was not alowed black ops, which i would have been fine with if it wasn't for zombie mode and the awsome maps. now after a bit of persuasion i'm finally alowed to get it and i am exstatic!!!! :) :) :)

I've just sacrificed some of my games that i otherwise would not have sold to raise the money to buy black ops of ebay (now down to £22)

Counting the days.....

Little big planet owns!

I've just gone back to little big planet having completely forgot how much fun it is despite the fact i'm mainly into shooters and racers i love LBP's charm when it comes to simple but complicated , little yet big........ How cool is this game ?! :D

If you have it and you've occasionally thought about it but never got round to going back to it then do so now, i guarantee you'll have great fun.

7 hours really?

Already completed uncharted 2 in about 7 hours but i'm not dissapointed because i knew it wouldn't take long andistill love to play my favourite levels stealthily with the tranquiliser gun or armaggedon style with gau-17 (minigun).

I'm a bit annoyed that i cant platinum it because 2 of the trophies are online and on my main account i cant play online for another year.

look out for my review coming soon

Uncharted 2 finally reaches me

After trading in test drive 2 i finally have the money to buy uncharted 2 which i completed with my friend so i know how awsome it is.

I'm now really looking forward to it and i am very pleased how they have improved from the first one which i have fond memories of and am close to platinuming