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Sonic 4 and fallout new vegas

Both previews today were awesome and I cant wait to play em.:) But its to bad sonic wont be on pc:cry: that kind of sucks but ohh well I guess I have to play it at my friends house:P

Cell phone LIES

okay so I was using this phone that let me use internet on my desktop and I thought or at least what they told me that the phone was unlimited but guess what it wasnt and now I must return the phone wow thanks alot att now I have to find another way to get internet wow thanks alot :evil:

late night talk show hosts

wow this stupid what nbc is doing they shoudnt have moved anybody and should have left it the way it was and also conan shouldnt have to move and they should cancel jimmy fallon because he sucks and they should cancel jay leno not because he sucks just because he hasnt been good latley and should hang it up finally conan should stay he ismy favorite talk show host


these guys make me really mad because last night I was on a computer I went in a site and than it said I had trojan horses and other stuff so I loged out and than it happened the computer would not let me leave it was going to make me buy some thing some anti virus thing so now it has to be looked it by someone and will cost some cash bottomline I am mad that I have to pay for something I didnt really do darn hackers